Login or register for My Medibank to manage your cover online. #mailchimp input.email { background: #fff } Research shows that a high-sugar diet can impair the body’s ability to cope with stress, which can make you more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety. Sugary foods can also make you hungrier more quickly, due to the changes in blood glucose, so if you’re snacking on chocolate you’re likely to end up eating more throughout the day overall. The naturally-occurring bacteria in your mouth thrives on sugar. This is the things you would be reading in this article; Also, Check; 5 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Blueberries. With sugar seeming to take over so many of our lives, and causing a variety of side effects in the process, it is wise to learn about the benefits of cutting down on sugar and reasons to reduce sugar intake. One study suggested that consuming high levels of sugar can cause changes to your blood markers in as little as 10 weeks. padding: 20px 15px; When left untreated, these holes get bigger and bigger until the tooth is too small and falls out. Moreover, diets high in sugar increase inflammation in the body and could cause insulin resistance, both that increase cancer risk. Choosing a variety of nourishing foods and drinking plenty of water will help you to look and feel more fresh and vibrant. But, people who eat too much sugar make too much insulin. If you eat an orange, you’re getting vitamin C and lots of other micronutrients. Here are some shocking reasons to start reducing your daily sugar intake. Sugary foods rapidly spike blood sugar and insulin levels, resulting in increased androgen secretion, oil production, and inflammation, all of which may play a role in acne development. Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your health, but just how bad is it? Adding kimchi to your omelette not only gives it a tangy boost, it also boosts your microbiome and supports your immunity.

} You know that eating sugar is bad for your teeth, but it’s hardly going to make them fall out! You should always consult a trusted health professional before making decisions about your health care. These Top 10 Fade Haircut for men is all you need now, Top 10 Most Rated French Braids you really need to see, 10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Eating Guava, 5 Shocking Causes And Remedies Of Bad Breath, 7 Miraculous Health Benefits Of Egusi (Melon seed), 5 Surprising Health Benefits Of African Walnuts, 6 Best Ways To Prevent Cataracts As You Age. font-size: 15px; #mailchimp input[type="submit"] { In a dire situation, you could get a tooth crown to replace a severely damaged tooth. Here are some of the benefits reducing your sugar intake can provide you. Copyright © 2020 Medibank Private Limited. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why to Reduce Your Sugar Intake. High-sugar diets have now been associated with having an increased risk of many diseases, including heart diseases, the main cause for death worldwide. Instead of reaching for junk food when you’re hungry, focus on consuming fibre, protein and low GI complex carbohydrates to help your body get the nourishment it needs, and keep you feeling full and energised.