Hug the left wall of the area and as you move forward, before you exit out onto the next street, you should see a crashed and rusting shipping truck with its cargo bed tilted off the portion with the wheels stuck in the rubble to the right. Just as you exit the alley into the street you should see a vehicle right in front of you. Wolfenstein 2 - Which Contraption Should You Choose? At the top of the dirt slope, turn around and go along the right side of the hole you just exited to find, Turn around at the start and look on the seats behind the escape tube for, You'll pass through a room with a chandelier above and into the room where Hitler's audition took place in the campaign. Turn slightly left and look for Starcard #1 (4/75) in the far-left corner of the room on a pile of books. Exit the room at the far end and continue down the next set of stairs and follow the walkway around three left turns followed by a right turn and two more left turns. difficulty or higher. A short distance ahead you'll see bright light streaming from an open door on the left. Go into the 2nd door on your right (Room 8) for Record #9 (9/10), found on the curved seat inside. You should see a light ahead at the base of what looks like it used to be an elevator shaft with a ladder on its left side. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Go through the next large opening on the left and across to the far side of the tunnel, turning right up a few steps onto a small ledge along the tunnel's wall. You’ll recognize this alley from the campaign. Throw a hatchet. Swim back up to the surface and work your way to the far end of the water so you can climb out via the sloped ground. Go right into the next room, then just before the hole in the wall leading into another room look for a door to your left. Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat. You'll also unlock Across the Board once you return to Eva's Hammer now that the killboard is complete. It's in the hanger, but you have to talk to people in Eva's Hammer before you can retrieve it. Turn around and move along the side of the helicopter and up a small set of stairs to the right just before reaching its cockpit. Sprint down this tunnel, crouching underneath a low gap in some rubble, and into the next traincar. On the right side of the tracks on the first floor of the train station. Turn left (so that the center of the room is on your left) and proceed to the far end of this outer area where it dead-ends. Drop down off the ledge to the rubble below and look on the ground to your immediate left for Gold #12 (14/50). There is very little chance that you haven't already maxed at least one perk, likely for dual wield kills or overcharged kills, while doing the campaign and district collectibles. Go back out into the yard between all the buildings here and turn right to see a large gate/wall. Right beside this upgrade you can go up into a hallway of the adjacent building. In this same room on the opposite side you should see Starcard #42 (48/75) sitting in the corner of the floor beside the desk. When you exit, you'll see a red explosive round tank ahead on the 3rd of three white carts. The games uses Id Software's newest game engine id Tech 6. On a cart in the room with the laser turret on the second floor. At the top you should reach a room with another forklift straight ahead of you. Look to your immediate left in this hall as you enter for a small opening you can crouch through. Keep going all the way around this level’s tunnel (with the numbers ‘21’ on the wall) and up yet another set of stairs. Exit on the far side of the diner onto another staircase, where you should be facing a sign pointing back up to Club Kreisau. Exit via the far end of the room and go up the stairs to the left. Turn around and go just around the corner to your right in this room to get Starcard #15 (23/75) from the ground by an overturned table. From the start go straight ahead down the pipes to their end, then drop down to the walkway to the right. Near the last pillar on the right at the far end of the platform you'll see a small cart with a terminal on it. Push the button to move the nearby contraption on the floor out of the way and crawl through to reach the end of the shooting range. Turn around from here and look for a small gap at the bottom of the wall to the right, with yellow light shining inside. At the start you should see a bicycle beside a door. Reload the auto save at the mission's start or make a manual save before throwing to reload it if you miss. Here you’ll find Concept Art #25 (26/50) on the console to the right. Turn around and walk past the pool table to go down the stairs on the left. This Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Campaign Missions, Weapons, Enemies, Bosses, New Gameplay and the Ending of the Single Player. Not if you plan on doing the DLC, darling. Fighting Nazis is a tradition the Wolfenstein series has carried on for decades. Wolfenstein 2 - How to Beat the Enigma Machine Mini-Game. You’ll find an infinite grenade box here, and a table opposite it against the wall with Concept Art #33 (33/50). Drop down the ladder on your right and cross the crawl space underneath the train to climb up the far side. Two-thirds of the way along it, walk down the rubble to the right off of the dock down to a sloped shipping container partially submerged in the water. From where you land, turn Gold #6 (6/50) is directly behind you behind a desk. Climb the ladder in the shaft and go up the stairs just ahead to the left. In the rubble just to the right of this shaft is Gold #4 (4/50). Around the corner to the left, you’ll find Weapon Upgrade #9/21 on the left shelves. The numbering on the upgrades may be confusing here if you didn’t get them already as I am numbering the first 19 of 21 with the same numbers I used for the campaign walkthrough. Select Gameplay at the options menu and lower the difficulty to the easiest setting. Now turn right 90 degrees and look for a green railcar partially submerged in the water. Exit this room and go into the very next room again to find Gold #24 (25/50) on the floor under the lockers, behind a luggage bag of some kind. Go back down the stairs and to the far side of the film set area, where the family house and barn are from the main campaign. Beat the game on "Mein leben" difficulty. Turn right just beyond that barrier and right again. Get every achievement to 100% complete Wolfenstein II. Continue past this hole and around the corner to the left into the next large room. Two-thirds of the way along it, walk down the rubble to the right off of the dock down to a sloped shipping container partially submerged in the water. Continue around the corner to the right at the top of the stairs and look at the far end of this all on the ground to the left for, From where you start in the caged upstairs area, look on the back side of the metal shelving right in front of you in the center of the room for, Turn 90 degrees to the right and look straight ahead of you in the corner on a table between some chairs and a sofa for, From the start, move into the alleyway to the right that leads behind the gas station. Go through the panels and through the room past the far set of rotating panels, then look on a bench behind a railcar in the corner to your left for Starcard #45 (21/75). Go up the stairs and deal with the ubercommander if you haven’t. In Bombate’s room to your right, find, Continue forward a short distance and turn right into Set’s lab. Look on the far corner of this upper area of the cafeteria, on a table by the jukebox, for Gold #41 (42/50). At the top you’ll see a few wooden boxes. Just beside this plane is another shipping container with Gold #2 (2/50) sitting on the ground to the right as you enter when coming from the dock. Crawl through and drop down. Go back to the forklift and into the door on your left just behind it. This area has one of the large mech enemies patrolling the center and houses the districts ubercommander on the upper level. Exit the room onto the platform. Go straight ahead past the big hole in the floor, toward the Cantina (Club Kreisau). The game will reload your most recent save, but you will still have progress on that perk. From there climb onto the smaller pipes on top of it with the red round valve wheels on the end. Beat the game on "Call me Terror-Billy!" Enter the killhouse to the right and activate the lever to turn off the trap. On the counter in the office on the ground floor. Just beyond these, you will see an enemy standing on a walkway above with yellow and black stripes on its edge. This is the building we sprinted alongside to jump the gap in the main campaign. For Hail Mary, load up Venus - Transporthalle. Like Wolfenstein 3D did in 1992, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus raises the bar for modern gaming. Complete a district without tripping the alarm. Walk out onto this beam and look down to your left to see another beam across the gap on the floor below. In the corner to the right at this dead-end look behind a box on the floor for, Facing the weapon upgrade, turn around 180 degrees and go straight ahead across the walkway that goes over the room below, into the room just ahead where the 1st commander in this area spawned during the main campaign. Exit the traincar and move toward the stairs leading up. Turn around from this starcard and move down the hall. On a speaker under the light sits, Exit the lab via the far door, where you should be facing the ammo depot, with the shooting range to your left. The best way to grind them is to find a spot in one of the districts with the type of thing you need (a robot for tamper/disables, an enemy near a crawl space that you can alert with an unsilenced gun then duck into the crawlspace for the constrictor harness takedown, etc). Move directly across the street and into the doorway by the turret on the right, then look behind the desk on the right as you enter to collect Record #2 (3/10).