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Zimbabwe has relied on 'bond notes' since economic mismanagement rendered its own currency worthless

RBZ laundering probe raises politicians’ ire

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) claims it has earned the ire of several politicians it has investigated for possible money laundering, with some of them calling to express their anger. RBZ financial intelligence unit (FIU) director, Mirirai Chiremba said the way money laundering had grown in the country had […]

As Zimbabwe tries new currency, skeptics reach for the old

Zimbabwe’s 100-trillion-dollar bill, a relic of economic ruin, has been an international joke and an online collector’s item for years. But this banknote (14 zeros, if anyone is counting) is getting a warmer embrace from Zimbabweans than a new local currency the government is introducing this month. “I hear people […]

Zanu PF MPs call for Zim dollar return

ZANU PF legislators are calling for the return of the Zimbabwean dollar which was discarded due to serious levels of inflation in 2008. In his speech during the post-budget seminar for MPs at a Harare hotel last week, Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda expressed his desire for re-introduction […]