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Zanu PF dictatorship must be sent packing in 2018

The people of Zimbabwe have endured almost four decades of political repression and acute socio–economic decline and deprivation at the hands of the Robert Mugabe – fronted Zanu PF dictatorship. From being the bread–basket of Southern Africa just a few years ago, Zimbabwe has degenerated into a basket case; a […]

ZANU PF sideshows – a mere distraction

Despite intense infighting that characterises the party, the fact remains that ZANU PF is determined to win the next election at any cost. For them, there is just too much at stake and they cannot afford to take any chances. 2018 is a matter of life or death not just […]

Zanu PF factions escalate fight ahead of Mugabe rally

PREPARATIONS for President Robert Mugabe’s rally tomorrow in Masvingo are reportedly on the rails after it emerged that Zanu PF’s two factions — G40 and Team Lacoste — were yesterday still fighting for control of the event. Zanu PF youth league chairperson Kudzanayi Chipanga Zanu PF factions yesterday squared off […]

Zanu PF bigwigs press panic button

Zanu PF bigwigs press panic button

With former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) continuing to attract dozens of disgruntled senior Zanu PF officials to its ranks. Zanu PF bigwigs press panic button by stepping up its efforts to stem the tide by extending an olive branch to its disaffected members, including those currently under […]