You are required to hold a public defense of your thesis or dissertation on an ASU campus as part of your degree requirements. Note: If your defense is still pending approval by the academic unit, NO changes can be made. Special Interest Convocations and cultural convocations are a time for smaller groups to gather and celebrate students’ graduation. Due to COVID-19, graduation ceremonies will be held virtually for December 2020. If the committee required revisions, the final pass is provided after their revisions have been submitted and reviewed. Now, and later if you choose to do so. A document called the Report for Master's Thesis Defense form or the Report for Doctoral Dissertation Defense form (commonly known as the Pass/Fail form) will be emailed to your entire committee and your graduate support staff one week before the date of the scheduled defense. You must have a completed, defense-ready document for format evaluation. Please see. This fall’s ceremony will be a little different since the School of Sustainability is now part of the College of Global Futures. Your committee will indicate the defense results, any revisions needed, and sign the form afer your defense. Please refer to Formatting your Thesis or Dissertation for more information on this process. Students do not have to participate in the ceremony should they choose not to. A final pass result is assigned once the Chair or Co-Chairs issue their final signature(s) on the DocuSign Pass/Fail form. We hope you will find the information you need to prepare for graduation on this page. Complete all required exams (Foreign Language Examination, oral/written, etc.) Once your committee’s revisions have been completed and reviewed, the Chair or Co-chairs can issue the final “pass” result of your defense on the pass/fail form. Please refer to, Your defense must be scheduled at least 10 working days before your anticipated defense. To personalize the ceremony, each student has the opportunity to upload a photo, statement, and short video. You have earned this day of celebration – make it yours. For the virtual ceremony, PhD candidates will have their name read. Check your ASU email regularly for communication from the Format Advisors. November 30 – Deadline to submit or edit your photo and statement. Email; ASU to end in-person learning after Thanksgiving break, make fall graduation virtual. Grad Fair is the only time where you can order graduation packages, including regalia, at a discount. Stage Clips will provide a personal clip for each graduate that will include the slide produced by Marching Order, personal message and photo (if submitted). Please look here for additional information You and your committee chair (or one co-chair) must be present at the defense. We will celebrate and we will honor what you have accomplished online this December. Once you have submitted the request to schedule a defense through your MyASU, the request must be approved by your academic unit. If you have any questions regarding graduation activities, please contact the School of Sustainability Student Services Office at 480-727-6963 or email us at [email protected]. for permissible defense dates. We will overcome whatever obstacles might be presented. Submit final document to UMI/ProQuest. Zoom bombing can be prevented from happening in public defenses by enabling specific settings in Zoom. The following directions will provide you with an overview of the process. ASU’s faculty will inspire you to think critically and solve problems through innovative solutions for our region and the global community. Please ensure the graduate support staff receives a copy for departmental records. Complete your committee revisions and submit to your committee for an additional review.