Copyright © 2020 Birthrightof Bel Air, Inc. All Rights Reserved. listeners: [], Always Free. When a woman thinks she’s pregnant, there are many things she might be feeling: joy, excitement, fear, sadness, confusion, panic, loneliness. All Rights Reserved. From the time of the first call or appointment we ask whether we can identify ourselves as “Birthright” when calling or texting you. Call Birthright today at (636) 724-1200. We work hand-in-hand-hand with you to address your specific needs. Sitting in her Kindergarten class, five-year-old […], Volunteer Spotlight: Jeanne Murphy This is the second in a three-part series of articles originally published in our print newsletter. You have a tough decision to make and we recognize exactly that. We are here for you. We support those who want to support her. We invite you to call us: © 2018 Birthright International. on: function(evt, cb) { Copyright 2019 - Birthright of Winston-Salem, Inc. If you are pregnant or think you might be, we can offer you direction and support. Non-Judgmental Help & Support. Find out what you can expect from the first moment you contact us. It offers a range of services designed to "help support a woman's desire not to have an abortion," including referrals to legal, medical and psychological services, as well as a range of community support assistance such as financial aid. Birthright is here to provide guidance and support for those in her life hoping to help her too. For thirty-six years, longer than any other volunteer in the Bel Air office, Jeanne Murphy has been helping women choose hope at Birthright. 1330 Ashley Square Winston-Salem NC 27103 Pregnancy Counseling for Winston-Salem, NC No Appointments are necessary, walk in today, contact us or call 336-774-0456 for more information. Free Pregnancy Tests. When a woman learns she is facing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy, one of the first questions she may find herself facing is “Where can I turn for help?” In Missouri alone, there are hundreds of resources available, from financial assistance to maternity shelters to pregnancy resource centers such as Birthright. Birthright’s approach to serving you is “client-centered, client directed”, meaning the services and information we provide and the way we provide support varies for each client based on her unique needs and individual situation. Your decision today will impact your tomorrow. Along with providing love and support, we help her with essentials such as pregnancy testing, medical, housing and counseling referrals as well as maternity and baby items. Birthright began in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1968 when Louise Summerhill, a busy housewife and mother of seven children, felt something should be done to help women facing unplanned pregnancies. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Social Media Terms of Use The Birthright logo and “Birthright” are registered trademarks of Birthright International. We suggest and provide many abortion alternatives for those who are not ready to raise a child, including some of the best adoption contacts in the area. We will help you find solutions that fit with your life; plans that work for you and your pregnancy. Your confidentiality is a top priority to Birthright. Please give us a call if you would like to schedule an appointment outside our normal free pregnancy testing hours or if you would like to hear more about our services. If they are not able to directly answer your question, they will work to find a credible resource that can. Below are some criteria to take into consideration when choosing a Pregnancy Resource Center, as well as the ways that Birthright St. Charles works to meet these base standards of care for each of the women that we serve: At Birthright, we understand that you have many choices when it comes to your body and your pregnancy. At Birthright, we offer every woman that comes through our doors the opportunity to confidentally meet one on one with a master’s level, licensed social worker who has the education, experience and knowledge to address the many issues related to an untimely pregnancy.