Gary Frank (born 1969) is a British comic book artist and penciller, getting his start in British publications such as Toxic! Posted By Lou Haberman […] consequences. 5162 Views, 2 Comments, Earth One Batman Print - Gary Frank 6417 Views, 7 Comments, Action Comics 870 - Cover Corto Maltese - Flaviano Armentaro - Illustr. Gary Frank(born October 9, 1950, Spokane, Washington) is an American actor who won an Emmy Awardfor his performances on the TV series Family(which also starred James Broderick, Sada Thompson, Meredith Baxter, and Kristy McNichol). Posted By Fred Bronaugh GF: Geoff (Johns) was on me for months about it. Written by master storytellers Geoff Johns and Gary Frank--As the Doomsday Clock ticks toward midnight, the DC Universe will encounter with its greatest threat: Dr. Manhattan. Posted By Jean-Michel Anneau There are 23 Comic Art Classifieds Results. Thanks, so much for taking some time out of your hectic schedule to talk to me. Become a Premium CAF Gallery Owner & you'll be supporting CAF and also gain access to many services and features not available to standard members. View our Privacy Policy and California CCPA Privacy Disclosure. 5167 Views, 6 Comments, Justice League 0 page 16 Shazam - Gary Frank Posted By Wayne Mousseau He had a creator-owned series, Kin, which he wrote himself, published by Top Cow Productions in … Thanks, Gary. Images May Be Subject To Copyright. 5706 Views, 5 Comments, Gary Frank Superman Posted By Lou Haberman Like you said, you’re building on the work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, as a British artist is that important to you? Animal lover and fan of all things comic-book and sci-fi related. 5432 Views, 1 Comment, Hulk issue 107 page 3 by Gary Frank Posted By Fred Bronaugh or Hulk, you more or less have to leave the characters as you found them, because they still have to be around years after. 7679 Views, 25 Comments, Wolverine Origins 5 by Gary Frank Posted By Fred Bronaugh I first fell in love with his incredibly detailed pencils during his two year run on The Incredible Hulk, with legendary writer Peter David. the original Captain Marvel. Posted By PINOY SUPERBOY It’s so great seeing you here. Welcome to DC Comics News! 8660 Views, 7 Comments, Supreme Power Issue 10 page 11 Do you find that difficult? Posted By John Bamber Keep an eye on DC Comics News; for my interview with Mark Buckingham, and our sister site Dark Knight News; for conversations with Bruno Heller, lead writer and show-runner of Pennyworth, as well as with the cast of the show; including Paloma Faith and Alfred Himself, Jack Bannon. Back in the day there were comics that mainly just showed that… and they were incredibly popular, but that doesn’t last. 6612 Views, 3 Comments, Gary Frank - Incredible Hulk #110 Cover 1 #95 TITLE SPLASH PAGE ORIGINAL ART BY DAVE COCKRUM. Il a beaucoup travaillé avec le scénariste Peter David sur "The Incredible Hulk" pour Marvel Comics et "Supergirl" chez DC Comics. Posted By Lou Haberman We’ve had to make the final issue bigger than the previous 11. Let us know! You’ve been in the business since 1990, so that’s close to thirty years! When you get scripts like theirs you can’t help but want to deliver the very best work you can. SJR: Most of us are fans, first and foremost. Posted By Kirk Dilbeck (3-Wishes and Patron-of-art) 4346 Views, 2 Comments, Batman by Gary Frank SDCC 2013 GF: Expect the unexpected, and expect to get more than you bargained for. 6622 Views, 43 Comments, Squadron Supreme Cover 4 by Gary Frank En 2000, il créa seul une mini-série en 6 épisodes "Kin", publiée par Top Cow. Posted By MyFavorite ComicArt MASTERS of the UNIVERSE The Motion Picture p 8 by George TUSKA 198. He had a creator-owned series, Kin, which he wrote himself, published by Top Cow in 2000. 2015-07 Frank/Sibal: Batman Earth One Vol. Posted By Hervé DESMONS 5771 Views, 2 Comments, She-Hulk - Gary Frank Posted By John Simms Posted By Perryn Flynn GF: Thank you. My work on the issue is done and I’m very proud of it. (cause for this one, I would come back from the dead!!! He has also worked with author Peter David on The Incredible Hulk and Supergirl. We are a for-fans, by-fans site devoted to bringing you all the latest information on DC and Vertigo titles, movies, TV shows and more. That run was legendary, and your work on it is brilliant. 5251 Views, 2 Comments, Hulk 106 p 20 and 21 also alternate cover by Gary Frank 3869 Views, 2 Comments, Superman: Secret Origins Full Splash by Gary Frank GF: Some fans have been very kind and really get it. Posted By Lou Haberman Posted By Chris C See more ideas about Comic art, Comic books art, Comics. It’s seeing Geoff’s passion for the project and the characters, plus knowing his work and reading his scripts that convinced me. 3520 Views, 3 Comments, Gary Frank-Vintage Catwoman You don’t want to let him down and you don’t want to let yourself down. 4181 Views, 2 Comments, What If General Ross Had Become The Hulk by Gary Frank Posted By Lou Haberman 4330 Views, Finally Arrived !!! None of us takes that lightly, we’re both fans of Watchmen, just like everyone else. GF: It’s all part of storytelling. 7756 Views, 1 Comment, Frank Superman Secret Origins #3, pg.26 Posted By Black Adler Posted By Wallace Harrington ; KLAUS JANSON INKS)), X-O Manowar promotional illustration by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti. ), Daily Email Alerts based on your own Searches. A family man, amateur chef and comics afficionado extraordinaire. That comes with versatility. Not just action scenes, and battles, but the way your characters act and react, and your facial expressions. SJR: From my reviews you know that I was opposed to Doomsday Clock when I first heard about it, but seeing the work the entire team has put into the book has won me over. New 52 Turnaround by Gary Frank 5137 Views, 2 Comments, Gary Frank - Sin City X-MEN VOL. 7220 Views, 12 Comments, Supergirl Pin-up by Gary Frank Posted By Ivan Costa 7490 Views, 9 Comments, World War Hulk 109 by Gary Frank Posted By Lou Haberman Gary Frank né à Bristol (Angleterre) est un dessinateur de comics naturalisé américain. With DC Comics he has had stellar runs on Supergirl, and has blown the comics world away on his collaborations with Geoff Johns; Batman: Earth One, Doomsday Clock and with their complete recreation and updating of SHAZAM! Wonder Woman by Gary Frank, Wonder Woman Day 2009, Benefit for the Raphael House Against Domestic Abuse, Portland, Oregon Readers are encouraged to join our growing community of fans. 6690 Views, 8 Comments, Aspen/Fathom by Gary Frank With characters like Superman, or SHAZAM! Creating a sequel to Watchmen, one of the most revered and admired series of all time must’ve been incredibly daunting. 5717 Views, 7 Comments, Gary Frank - Superman We’re not doing this to be the guys that made the Watchmen sequel, we’re doing it because of our love of comics and these characters. We’ve seen Mr Grayson’s would-be assassin laid low... […] This article was originally published by