A blank screen might suggest an empty slate, an error, an opportunity, a loss, confinement, a boundless space, a place to build and play, or a fresh start. This project based course will introduce some of the fundamental uses for motion graphics such as the creation of compelling animated title sequences, the development and integration of visual effects/special effects, green screen, compo... IMA Number: IMA 78062 Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification, Invariant Objects in Dynamical Systems and their Applications, New Mathematical Models in Economics and Finance, Compressive Sampling and Frontiers in Signal Processing. | 1 credits. The primary goal of the course is to achiev... IMA Number: IMA 75400 Transmedia storytelling engages audiences in communal storytelling within a grand and infinite narrative with multiple heroes across multiple platforms and formats in a nonlinear storyworld, which encourages an encyclopedic imp... IMA Number: IMA 78342 | 3 credits. This workshop (with a presentation event following after) introduces spatial sound composition with multi-channel audio systems. I am writing to give feedback on IMA varsity courses. They develop, design and optimise electronic components for all kinds of production and information processes. Professional training courses in Germany are the professional activities that can be learned as part of a training relationship within the sandwich course system. IMA Number: 742.00 Improvisatory Audiovisuals: : Non-Restrictive Approaches to Making Live Visuals and Sounds in Collaborative Performance, IMA Number: IMA 78303 Students examine doctrinal approaches to intellectual property rights and their effects on technical innovation, democratic debate, cultural formation and international politics. Industrial mechanics ensure that the machine and production systems are ready for operation. November 2020. Students will write and report stories, shoot photographs and videos, and compile a portfolio of published work. As in-house service providers, they orient these systems accordingly to the requirements of the customer and operate and administer them. We use a range of approaches to assist the learning: short inputs, discussions, participatory work, games and individual activities. Teşvikiye Cad. Secretary, IMA … | 3 credits. Course work includes researching an idea, writing a proposal and treatment, developing interview subjects and/or situations for filming, budgeting, scheduling and shooting th... IMA Number: 74700 In business management they process, post and monitor transactions. spatial computing, is a “fast-changing” emerging technology. Through lectures, screenings and hands on directing exercises, this course introduces students to the skills and tools necessary for successful dramatic screen directing. Programme formats range from short courses, certificates, and diplomas, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In materials management they compare quotations, negotiate with suppliers and place orders. “All great fiction films tend towards documentary, just as all great documentaries tend toward fiction.” – Jean Luc Godard Workshopping different approaches to embedded dura... IMA Number: IMA 76600 This class seeks to use the internet and web browsers in new and disruptive ways. reenactment in cinema and in related practices (mass theatrical spectacles, battle (Click course title for a full description. As Stockhausen had put it ... IMA Number: IMA 783.16 This 3-day intensive class examines best practices and strategies for using art, culture, media and emerging technologies to advance place-based, site specific community collaborations. We hold that one fundamental element of capacity building is training. By building on, and... IMA Number: IMA course number TBD This hybrid analytical and production course examines the legal, theoretical, and artistic issues associated with intellectual property. Part 2: 4 sessions: 9am – 1pm, Tuesday, November 7 – Friday, November 10... IMA Number: IMA 700.00 Times Square Red, Times Square Blue – Site, Sound, Process, and Place Participants were able to delve more deeply into research, learn about open problems, and meet potential collaborators. Review of the history and role of small-scale alternative media. | 3 credits. June 6th –  July 30th This course investigates wide-ranging developments in AR across multiple disciplines, while exploring its potential as a tool for art, activism, advocacy, storytelling and social good. | 3 credits. Course At A Glance Course: Certificate in Basic Transfusion Medicine Course Total Duration: 5 hours and 18 minutes Medium of instruction: English Fee is Rs 5000 /- ( For Indian based Drs ) Fee is US $ 70 ( For International Drs ) About the Course Transfusion Medicine is a developing branch in medicine and […] This course will take on the question “what’s wrong with the liberal documentary” and answer it with the study of the contrary strategies of politically ambitious, post-realist non-fiction films (anti-docs, also called “can-openers” or “bunker-busters”) which strategically disrupt, crack, break or pop the lid on traditional documentary form ... IMA Number: 780.50 Saturday, April 6 and 13 | 3 credits. | 1 credits. Breaking into new areas of research and forging a new path is challenging, but programs like this one offered researchers the chance to collaborate, make new connections, and energize their research. The price of the course excludes VAT which may be added depending on where you live and status of organisation. The course deconstructs the development process in detail from concept t... IMA Number: IMA Duration: 10 Hours 04 Mins; Cancer genetics. As documentary filmmakers, we grapple with the natural, social, cultural and political phenomena we witness through the lens of our cameras. Master Class: Fashion Management . | 1 credits. The overall goals of the course in terms of non-fiction filmmaking skills can and will be met, with some modifications. Find and compare short-term courses, professional programmes, winter and summer schools, conferences and seminars at Universities and Business Schools worldwide In response to typed questions, the bot responded with Einsteinian answers, insights and, of course, promotion for the series. The course will explore various technologies and equipment such as using sensors for real-time interactivity. We’ve some great newly-written online courses, and are also making online versions of popular face-to-face courses available. This seminar on media analysis and production will consider how constructions of power are embodied in technologies and conversely, how technologies shape our notions of authority and how we actively mobilize against it. A course to explore the intersection of sound, visuals and dance in solo and ensemble situations, developing the student’s abilities to perform solo and in groups of different sizes and across art forms. Throughout the workshop, we will watch excerpts from films by Harun Farocki, Barbara Rubin, Jonas Mekas, Cauleen Smith, Naeem ... IMA Number: IMA 78320 This course will challenge traditional conceptions of the television studio by placing the “control room” front and center as a site for performance. Students will learn to use Detour, a mobile Mac application and publishing platform that enables producers to quickly and easily create GPS-triggered audio experiences. signal. IMA Number: 78201 Industrial engineers plan, examine and improve operating work flows with regard to technical efficiency and economy. Summer Programs. Maintained by Medisys EduTech Pvt. Guy Debord and the Situationist International developed the concepts “psychogeography” and “dérive” as tools for critically examining the psychological effects of urban spaces and to enable fresh perspectives. A course to explore electronic music & visuals in a large ensemble situation, developing the student’s abilities to perform in groups of different sizes, either using the tools provided in class or improving on the student’s software or hardware instrument. Duration: 9 Hours 36 Mins; Health economics. The criticism and practice of literary journalism, i.e., factual reporting rendered with the qualitative detail and vividness of imaginative writing. Saturday June 6: 10-1 pm; Sunday June 7: 10-2 pm, IMA Number: 780.48 This hands-on class explores the sonic possibilities of analog manipulations of the audio This course provides students the opportunity to work on an advanced emerging media project and participate in group and individual critiques with students and faculty from both the Integrated Media Arts MFA program and the Studio MFA program. This course examines a broad range of approaches to storytelling in the fictional narrative feature film. How does your work fit into a wider set of social, political, and historical contexts? How do you build a macro narrative across multiple digital platforms? They repeatedly check whether the dimensions and surface quality of the finished work pieces match the specifications. This class will meet on Saturday + Sunday, September 12th and 13th from 10:30am – 6pm but if it’s online, it will meet on Fri, Sat, and Sun, September 11th – 13th from 10:30am – 3pm