Recently, Rakul Preet Singh was seen Manmadhudu 2 which was released on 9th August. What you get as a result is the same film as ‘original’ with a different package instead of a ‘different’ one with the soul of the original intact. The editing is okay, looking at the content that is at hands. Apart from her, there is a huge ensemble cast comprising of many famous names. Will Be A Mass Exodus of Leaders from TRS to BJP? Ever since the new state... Dubbaka: TRS Pays Heavy Price for Ignoring Anti-Incumbency. There would be no second thoughts in agreeing that ‘Manmadhudu 2‘ is all getting its due credits because of Nagarjuna. Chaitan Bharadwaj comes up with trendy and peppy numbers. A film with a wafer-thin plotline relying heavily on comedy needs to have the writing of highest order. Politics   |   Unseen Pics of Allu Arjun at Director's Adda. Sports   |   She doesn’t bring anything fresh to make it unique but does enough of the typical stuff to make it look alright. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan unveiled the Telugu Trailer of the Multilingual film, Gamanam. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao's Jaitrayatra concluded in Dubbaka. Sambasiva Rao aka Sam (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is a Portugal resident who becomes a playboy after love failure. ట ల వ డ క గ న గ ర జ న ప రస త త ‘మన మథ డ 2’ స న మ ల బ జ గ ఉన న స గత త ల స ద . Nothing works as the writing is bland and the comedy falls flat. Why Dubbaka Loss Will Hurt TRS More Than What Anyone Can Imagine? Consult the experts! Yodasoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. TADEPALLI:Speaking about the Nandyal tragic incident during the meeting with the minority community, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy raised serious concerns over the issue. ఆమే అక్షర గౌడ. It goes well with the terrain, so there is nothing to complain really. She said that Rakul has turned an iron leg these days, implying that the Manmadhudu-2 actress brought bad luck. In this movie, she shares the screen with superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna. The prequel of the movie ‘Manmadhudu’ was a great entertainer with great sense of humour being its forte. Avantika moves into Sam’s (Nag) home. The movie seems... KCR's Defeat Needs to Be A Lesson for AP CM Jagan. Colour Photo review – A love story that falls short of... Addham Review : A mirror with very few cracks, Nishabdham Review – An okayish thriller undone by its loose ends, Orey Bujjiga Review – A worthy idea, a worthless film, Sang Rahiyo, the latest earworm by Ujjwal Kashyap and Jasleen Royal. టాలీవుడ్‌ కింగ్‌ నాగార్జున ప్రస్తుతం ‘మన్మథుడు 2’ సినిమాలో బిజీగా ఉన్న సంగతి తెలిసిందే. He decides never to marry and only dedicates his life to make love. The sensibilities of the original and its world are different. Stay tuned for ‘Manmadhudu 2’ genuine review from our mirchi9 team. Rahul Ravindra made a decent debut with Chi La Sow. That the audience will be thrilled at Telugu actors mouthing a different language? It is only towards the pre-climax and climax moments that we feel some relief when the emotional angle takes over. The deadpan, satirical, slapstick and risqué humour are all thrown in using different characters. It is one of the reasons why the title doesn’t look odd for him even at that age. How he escapes it with a master-plan involving a girlfriend for rent is what the movie is all about. Final report shortly. It is a tedious and bland outing with boring characters that test the patience of the audience.