But beware: if you use up all your minutes or data while abroad, the out-of-plan calls and data can be expensive. For example, Vodafone offer a choice of NOW TV pass, Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium subscription. EDIT: I felt it only fair to tell Plusnet directly how I felt but I have FAILED to make contact with them .. you can't reply to their emails. Normally for customer service we look at Ofcom data on the number of complaints it receives about major mobile providers, which is published every 6 months. And BT Mobile too if you do have their broadband. Online chat is disabled. This website uses cookies to give you the best experience. They just offer excellent coverage, decent speeds and that's about it. And that's kind of the point. When comparing Plusnet Mobile's plans to other providers, the data offering in its most expensive plan seems a bit small. All Plusnet Mobile plans come with a set amount of data. Useful link: Check Plusnet Mobile signal here, Better than:Vodafone, O2, Three & all others. Privacy notice: We send you a single one-time email containing only this deal and a link to buy it. And that's kind of the point. Unless you are already a Plusnet Broadband customer, the value for money represented by Plusnet Mobile's SIM plans isn't particularly attractive. It's now a requirement that all mobile networks have to let you use your plan's UK mins, texts and data at no extra cost in the EU (unless it's a UK-only plan). But we're pleased to report that Plusnet Mobile have kept their roaming simple. SIM only plans from Plusnet Mobile – key facts. Some networks have some clever schemes that do this: Our favourites are Three’s “Go Binge” that lets you stream Netflix, Apple Music and other services without using up data. Useful link: Read our full guide to Data Rollover plans, Not as good as:SMARTY, Sky Mobile, iD Mobile, Virgin Mobile, ✔ Three offer unlimited streaming dataHow Go Binge works. ✔ Extra data for Plusnet broadband customersSee your deals. Before signing up for a new mobile deal, read our review of Plusnet to see how it scored in our exclusive mobile network satisfaction survey. EE is the UK's fastest mobile network. Take a closer look at Plusnet Mobile’s Sim-only deals. If its basic SIM-only plans were more attractive, perhaps the double data and unlimited calls of Mates Rates would seem a fair reward for customer loyalty. It's the main downside to Plusnet's network. Although every other provider does not offer this too, so it's not a unique benefit to Plusnet. Plusnet email asked me to get in touch to pay my outstanding balance of £0 on my account within 14 days of have my file referred to a debt colector agency. Useful link: Full tethering terms and conditions from Plusnet Mobile's help section, ✔ Free roaming in 40 selected destinations in the EUHow it works, from Plusnet's roaming guide(opens in new window). Generally, we'd say if you want a low-cost phone contract that uses the EE network, Virgin Mobile are worth a look (you don't need their broadband). iD Mobile let you keep unused data for a month. Entertainment subscriptions: no frills means no frills! At the moment, Plusnet Mobile are purely a SIM only provider so they don't offer any phone contracts to new customers (some existing former LIFE Mobile customers may have a phone still). Home > Networks > Plusnet Mobile > Review and guide Plusnet Mobile review 2020: simple, cheap but with a few flaws The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. You can accept these tracking cookies or choose to block them. EE is still the biggest mobile network in the country, reaching 99% of the population with 4G. EE provides the network infrastructure for Plusnet Mobile, so coverage is good, especially when it comes to 4G. We particularly rate BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile's schemes because they automtically log you in when you're in range and have millions of public hotspots. If you need any help or advice, you need to get this via the Plusnet website or by calling Plusnet customer services on 0800 079 1133 (or 500 from a Plusnet Mobile). It is a SIM-only provider, aiming to provide straightforward, affordable plans, and it also offers rewards to customers who use Plusnet … report quotes from real Plusnet mobile customers on their experiences. To qualify, you just need to live in a household with Plusnet broadband active, choose your exclusive deal and provide your address so Plusnet can check you qualify (they do actually check). There's no inclusive worldwide roaming on Plusnet, you pay per minute, text and MB at these rates outside Europe. Here's the main trade-off between joining Plusnet Mobile on a cheap deal vs EE directly but paying more. Much of Plusnet's competition will give you a better deal on data. Plusnet calls this Mates Rates. Simply enter your postcode into the map and it will tell you how good EE's signal is in your area, as well as comparing it with the other providers. Again, with Plusnet Mobile this is the case of a luxury item that you don’t get with such a cheap no-frills deal. Bear in mind that cheaper roaming is the result of a European Union ruling targeting unfair roaming charges, which means similar EU roaming is available from most UK mobile providers and is not unique to Plusnet. Otherwise, if you're looking for a more familiar name, Three's 321 plan and O2's Classic Pay As You Go tariff both offer decent rates of 3p per minute, 2p per text and 1p per MB data, so are also worth a look. Roam Like at Home is included in some Plusnet Mobile plans, allowing customers to use their minutes, data and texts in EU countries at no extra cost. Recommended Provider. It's also an advantage when it comes to the speed of your data connection too. Thank you for accepting cookies for the SIM Sherpa website. We expect top speeds around the 40 Mbps mark. They told us exactly what they thought of their mobile network, from the customer service on offer to the value for money they get. We think EE will hold on to 5G as an exclusive reason to join their network for quite a long time, especially as the coverage so far is very limited and the technology is still being rolled out. You can remove any cookies already saved on your computer. To check coverage where you live, use our free interactive mobile network coverage map. In practice this means 7:30am to 10pm by phone. I am now PlusNet broadband, and PlusNet mobile, and couldn't be happier. Which? We spoke to more than 4,000 real customers from 13 of the biggest phone providers including EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. We don't store email addresses nor pass them onto any third party. Plusnet Mobile has a simple range of SIM-only plans, which are all on 30-day rolling contracts, so you can leave when you like.