Later, the professor waits for Veronica to come over. The book becomes a best-seller that has love-starved women chasing after Stanley. Georgia will do HAND RECOUNT of Presidential votes; will audit a sample of ballots, Black Wedding of the Day - Thanksgiving Inspiration: Pumpkin Spice Maryland Wedding, Neiman Marcus adds African-owned skincare brand to its premier beauty collection, Woman details her experience on why she left Tanzania. “I don’t feel like I have anything to make amends for, especially as it relates to Adrienne,” Kiely said. Kim tries to be a friend to Regina so Nikki can stir up catering business at a book club, while Professor Oglevee enlists T's help for a chili-cooking contest. It is his inner voice (or inner self). When they let her in, Nikki suggests that they let her come with them to a new restaurant. The professor runs up to Nikki’s apartment to tell Nikki that he loves her. Looking for extra income to help pay their college expenses, Kim and Nikki take jobs at a psychic hotline, and wind up being their star employees. He professor tells her that he now has a dislocated shoulder from banging it against the closet door. Andell goes to the wedding while the professor is trapped inside. Meanwhile, Freestyle Unity performs at a "'70s" party in the student union, but a mix-up has the party populated with senior citizens. While waiting for Michael to return from work, Kim receives news that there was an oil-rig explosion and Michael may or may not have made it out on time; leaving Kim to care for Alisa. Meanwhile, Nikki is romanced by a 21-year-old student. When Nikki and Andell get to the restaurant, they see Lester and another man. Meanwhile, T falls for the girls' apartment manager, Rachel, but he later learns that she once was a man. She was able to tell her story of life after The Parkers in TV One's Life After series. All bets are off as Nikki steps into the ring and goes toe-to-toe in a battle for Professor Oglevee. We worry about Harper and Robin’s relationship when he goes to New York for his best friend’s wedding and runs into a ‘would be’ old flame. Sabrina and Jason’s plan to say “I do” at her well-to-do parents home on Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t go so well once his family comes in from Brooklyn. You were either lying then or you're lying now. He tells her that he just can’t live his life without her. Meanwhile, Kim, Stevie and T open a smoothie stand on campus, but after several failed attempts at finding the right flavor, Kim stumbles upon Grandma's delicious and quite intoxicating secret formula. Later, Reverend Wright has been spending a lot of time with Nikki, which leads Nikki to believe that the Reverend is interested in her. Nikki tells him that everyone may think that he is her brother. Nikki discovers an unsavory side of Lady Egyptian that leads her to quit her job. So he takes T's advice to date another woman but it turns out he only wants Veronica. Meanwhile, Andell finds herself in a real bind with Nikki when Lurlene, her cousin visiting from Louisiana, accidentally makes a date with Professor Oglevee. Black Love Stories Not Seen on TV: BM saves his wife's life. In order to make extra money, Kim, Nikki, Steve, and Anthony try to put together a calendar of Santa Monica College "hottest hunks." The cute yet thuggish bestie of Kim was always a nice piece of eye candy to behold. Later, Andell comes over. You are the future of the party, Trump eyes digital media empire to take on Fox News - "He plans to wreck Fox. Please make it that wigwams dragging is nationally televised. She throws a party to celebrate the news. 22 Sep. 2003 Squatter's Rights. He might not have donned a suit-and-tie or fit into her “perfect man” definition, but Teri tossed all caution to the wind when she fell for Damon, a delivery man who whispered sweet nothings in her ear (in German!) Professor Oglevee believes that Nikki ruined his date with Toni. Kim and Michael make up for lost time. Meanwhile, Nikki's dream of being alone with Professor Oglevee turns into a nightmare for him after he and Veronica have a fight and she leaves with Andell to go to Palm Springs. Politics, Oh, she restocked a dress she said she was never restocking again. Jerel shows up the next day and finally proposes to Kim. As enchanted as we were with daytime television’s first, Black couple when they arrived in Pine Valley during the 80s, we were equally saddened when Jesse was the victim of a gunshot wound. Kim plays several pranks on Nikki and her friends on Halloween as she gets ready to celebrate her birthday. But before they become "Triple's A's," they'll have to settle for being "grapes," lowly pledges who won't be allowed in until they can prove their worthy. Kim tells them that it’s Shaquan. When Nikki opens the door, Johnnie is there. Nikki doesn’t want to offend Johnnie, so she talks with him a little. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. The professor goes up to the altar. Then, everyone hears the professor from outside. She gets down on one foot and proposes to her. He then realizes he’s on a date with Nikki, so he kicks her out of his apartment and becomes conscious again. Meanwhile, Nikki wins a big-screen TV with Professor Oglevee's help, whereupon ownership becomes an issue. The most well-known girlfriend is his on/off girlfriend, Veronica Cooper, who has conflict with Nikki. He is yelling at them to wait. Woody Takes her to her seat at a table in the professor’s living room. Nikki gets into the Yuletide spirit and prepares her annual Christmas tree-trimming party, but everyone turns her invitations down flat. This voice is telling him that he cannot let Nikki get married. Following an evening of drowning his sorrows after losing his job, Professor Oglevee awakes from a drunken slumber mortified due to his one-night stand with Nikki. “As far as Naturi goes, if there was ever a reason to apologize, all of that has kind of been overshadowed by the literal lies and really ugly stuff that she said about my mom and my sister. She meets a homeless woman named Wilma McCoy and later they show up at a homeless shelter where Nikki and the gang are serving their Thanksgiving dinner. With her mother near, Williams claimed Naughton called her a b***h, leading to the fight. Amber Gates, Nov 12, 2020 at 8:16 AM They find Woody sitting on a chair depressed. By some miracle, three episodes before the series finale, Nikki Parker fell for a dude who wasn't the terminally disinterested Professor she'd stalked for five years.