And to know it, you have to boot your device in safe mode. Android Repair is one of the best and highly recommended tool to fix Samsung Galaxy black screen of death issue. Launch Samsung Repair & Data Recovery program after downloading and installation. When none of the above methods work for you then you can take your device to Samsung store. Among the most common screen- and power-related issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the black screen of death (BSoD), which leaves the phone unresponsive to button presses and screen … When you confirm, click on “Next”. Turn the phone off. Detect Your Samsung Galaxy Phone. After submitting, they will check the device and repair it as required. To boot your device into safe mode, press the “Power” button then tap and hold Power OFF option, now choose the “Safe Mode” option to enter into safe mode on your Samsung phone. You can also use Android Repair software to fix the issue quickly without any problem. Fix No. The screen is completely black and doesn’t respond to touch. Broken Android Data Recovery empowers you to fix Samsung stuck on black screen and recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone with black screen, including contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, music and more files from Samsung phone and tablet, including Galaxy S7/6/5/4/3, Galaxy Note 4,Note 5 and Galaxy Ace. Simply remove the protective case and take the battery out of your phone and rest for 30 seconds. Hold down the power, or lock, button for ten to fifteen seconds. 1: Clear cache on your device. Affiliate Disclosure | If your phone is working normal then the issue was the third party apps and you should uninstall them immediately. Have you checked your Dark Screen mode whether it is enabled or disabled? Find Out 7 Solutions That You Can Follow To Troubleshoot And Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death By Yourself! Soft reset includes the taking out the battery that add extra step to cut all the power of the smartphone. Now hold “, Now on Android Recovery screen, click on “, Here you will get a warning screen, just long-press Volume Down button unless the “. What are the steps to troubleshoot this problem and possible causes. If all the above solution does not solve your problem then you are strongly recommended to try Android Repair Software to fix Samsung phone black screen of death. I can’t even get it to turn off. And Samsung has used this open source operating system to make a world class smartphones. You’ll see the window shown in the picture below. One thing that you can do to fix the issue easily is by doing a soft reset of your phone. So, those are the causes for the Samsung black screen of death issue. Well, Samsung users come across several issues on their devices and the black screen of death (BSOD) error is one of them. After that, you need to manually turn your Android phone into download mode by following the below steps: One-Click To Fix Samsung Black Screen (Recommended), fix Samsung Galaxy stuck at black screen of death, my phone is on but the screen is black Samsung, [Useful Guide]- How To Recover Deleted Voice Recordings On Android, [6 Methods] Recover Deleted Photos From OnePlus 7/7 Pro, [5 Methods]- How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Android, [How To] Recover Deleted Videos From TikTok On Android, [4 Ways]- How To Recover Deleted Data From Redmi Note 8/8 Pro, Recover Photos After Factory Reset Android Phone With Ease, [17 Ways] Fix iPhone 6 Battery Draining Fast All Of A Sudden (2019 Updated), Fix iPhone Stuck on ‘Connect to iTunes’ Screen [6 Methods], How To Restore Contacts From Gmail- [4 Effective Ways], [Best Ways] How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On iPhone, 5 Efficient Ways To Recover Data From Android Phone With Broken Screen, 8 Solutions To Fix “IMS Service Has Stopped” On Android, Now leave the buttons when Samsung Logo appears on the screen, Here you enter recovery mode successfully.