We are pleased to be a sponsor at Hilton Metropole at the NEC Birmingham. Plus VAT (20%) Add to Cart. Still Forklift Batteries. Electric Forklift Trucks. Let’s start with some basic - yet often overlooked - don’ts of forklift battery maintenance: Do not opportunity charge. They are charged by plugging the forklift into a fixed station or an “on-board” charger may be brought to the forklift itself. Most new batteries will last 1,500 cycles; a battery charged at the end of each work day will last five years. Forklift, NexSys batteries are suitable for an extensive range of vehicles including lift trucks, order pickers, pallet trucks, AGV/LGVs and cleaning machines. But for each episode of mishandling, the life of the battery is cut short. Charging systems for drive batteries need a special type of intelligence. Correct topping up of lead acid batteries is essential - too much water and the electrolyte will overflow, too little and the battery will quickly fail. Although Eternity Technologies is the newest and most vibrant Motive Power battery company in the world it derives its heritage from over 100 years of developments in lead acid battery technology. The new PZV range further enhances the IBCS product range available to the logistics and materials handling industries. To ensure that each cell is topped automatically to the correct level IBCS offer a centralised filling system called BFS. If your forklift truck battery looks like the one below, you need to look at our traction battery page. Motion Gel PZV Battery: This is a maintenance-free, valve regulated, gas recombination series of batteries. With over 30 years of industry experience IBCS engineers can service, and maintain all types of battery and chargers products. Over or undercharging this type of battery can significantly decrease its lifespan. Batteries. We are able to offer help and advice on all aspects of battery charging and our service engineers are able to repair and maintain all types of battery chargers in use today. About IBCS The 26th annual FLTA Awards for Excellence, which had been due to take place on Saturday 21st March has officially been postponed in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. Still forklift battery is one of our most searched products. As an independent supplier forklift batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers IBCS is able to provide a complete solution for all forklift battery requirements. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. IBCS engineers are all highly skilled and trained in the repair, servicing and maintenance of all types of battery and charger products. If you would like to learn more about cookies or find out how to disable them in your browser, go to: https://cookies.insites.com/disable-cookies/. We offer an extensive range of forklift batteries and chargers supported by an award winning service. Modern batteries are connected together using bolted connections but on older batteries the links between cells were welded. IBCS offers battery filling systems from three manufacturers, more information on the systems and configurations can be found by following the appropriate link below. Forklift batteries are generally lead acid or nickel iron. There are a few tickets remaining for the awards dinner on the 21st March. Water Loss Per Cycle Per Week Traction batteries are made up of several individual cells, all linked together to form a battery. Because the batteries contain corrosive chemicals that can burn eyes and skin, wear personal protective equipment to prevent contact and splashes and should include: