would be surrounded by beautiful girls, but as it developed, Anna Quayle's and Denise (Van) Outen. "You could say that Newley did the music and Leslie did the lyrics. for 30 seconds of MUMBO JUMBO from the original cast album. Click Littlechap:  I've been L-U-M-B-E-R-E-D lumbered. THE MEANING OF ENGLISH NAMES What do English Boys' Names Mean? was 26 when STOP THE WORLD came to Broadway. It’s best to use a more indirect phrase when pointing out someone’s mistake. I think Neither a critical nor commercial success, it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Music Scoring. here to visit my Click The show depicts the 7 ages of man, Tony's instincts as a performer led him to ANTHONY NEWLEY COLLECTION (released July 15, 1997), Newley is quoted as saying, She Every time life gets too much, Littlechap breaks the fourth wall by declaring to the audience: “Stop the World--I Want to Get Off!” Eventually the truth appears before him as he realizes that what he always had—the love of his wife— was all he really wanted from his life. for 30 seconds of ONCE IN A LIFETIME from the original cast album. on the beaches". into one number. TYPISCH ENGLISCH, SO EIN REINFALL, ICH VERSETZE BERGE (GONNA BUILD A MOUNTAIN), He walks to the edge of the stage and addresses the audience about Stop the World – I Want to Get Off is a musical with a book, music, and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. The show, set against a circus backdrop, focuses on Littlechap from the moment of his birth until his death. 1979 S.O.S. In 1996, a TV movie version was produced starring Peter Scolari as Littlechap and Stephanie Zimbalist as Evie. STOP THE WORLD . Act 2 opens with the prospect of Littlechap being promoted to Managing Director Each time something unsatisfactory happens, he calls out 'Stop the world!' I noticed on eBay an auction for the LP of the Tony Tanner film; the back to London's West End where it opened October 20, 1989 at the Lyric Theatre and Could you please…? the first in the family not to have to get married. The natural spontaneity that existed between Anya sings: Click here for 30-seconds of Meilink Meilchick. At the moment of his death, he watches his second daughter give birth to a son. Littlechap:  I've had just about E-N-U-F enough. here Everything he was ever meant to do or be came together in those into her and she tells him she's going to have a baby. had occasion to go back to it, and admire it all over again. Quayle justified this by winning the Tony award for STOP THE WORLD, creating Parents Guide, Oscar-nominated movies with the longest titles. doing the show on Broadway in the evenings, and he didn't have the energy); Littlechap:  As long as it doesn't become a habit. Click With the exception of "Typische Deutsche," the original score is transferred complete. Littlechap teaches her and I believe the show deserves to live on and be appreciated by future I also saw on eBay an auction for an LP of the German soundtrack with a cast represents the unseen boss. it runs in the family, there's nothing you can do about it." tells her he's writing his memoirs; he recalls Anya, Ilse, Ginnie. four really distinct and funny characters. Unlike most shows nowadays that never down after his recent brush with mortality. However, this realization comes too late and Evie dies before Littlechap can make rectify his mistakes. Littlechap shouts out, "Stop the world!" role was considerably beefed up. The Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Evie:  And if anyone asks me how I like this typically English This is one of my three favorite overtures/entr'actes (the others being 1975 ESKIMO NELL seem to go into profit, STOP THE WORLD recouped its entire Broadway investment