In addition to a warm scarf, you’ll want to bring a cozy hat and a good pair of gloves. Still true. But if you don't want to look frumpy; it might be worth your while, to pay a little attention to what you pack in your suitcase. . You’ll stick out as a tourist for sure. Rome is one of the places I think everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. Chunky, giant, belongs-in-a-gym tennis shoes? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please see our, 30+ Important Rome Travel Tips You Need to Know. I adore wearing dresses in Rome: they’re fashionable, they’re easy to make into a put-together outfit, they’re simple to pack, and they’re fun to wear. And of course you can wear exactly what you want. You’ll need a converter (which is both heavier and more expensive than an adaptor) in order to use them. Change ). Besides that, Italians generally tend to … If you click through a link on Lone Star Travel Guide, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I went to Rome in November, so I had to take into account that it would be in the 50’s-60’s (Fahrenheit) with rain being likely. Here are some tips for everyone else. A good tip would be to take a nap after lunch and go back out at 4 pm. If you opt for sandals, go with something a bit more support, Consider packing a light jacket–I usually bring. Join us here to see what we’ve been up to lately--or to start planning your own adventures! ❤️ . They don't look so great and spell tourist but if you carry one of those fold in a pouch kind and just wear it when it pours. You'd never guess, for example, that behind the stately-yet-subtle facade of the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj sits this gorgeous (and practically empty) art gallery . My Italian friends worry when they see tourists in May in strappy dresses and sandals, “What will they wear in July and August?” they ask aghast. Italians are fashion fundamentalists and follow the rules about seasonal clothing with almost the same rigidity as they do about food. August in Bradford kicks off with Yorkshire Day celebrations. When deciding what to wear on your feet in Rome, think comfort: you’ll be walking a ton, so make sure any shoes you bring are well broken in! They wear traditional suits dresses and knee length skirts pumps and hose. copyright © 2009-2020, All rights reserved. I wouldn’t bring a particularly thick one, but a lightweight trench coat like this is an easy way to look fashionable and pulled together during late fall in Rome, and will keep you warm during the cooler nights. Leave the heels at home, and resist the temptation to break in new, beautiful Italian shoes during your trip to Rome if you can. what to wear in Rome Italy or maybe what not to wear? Rome is the eternal city not a surfy paradise. You will be walking to most sites. Winter may be over, but you’ll still want a jacket during a spring trip to Rome: consider something simple and easy to pack like this, and opt for a neutral color–you can never go wrong with black! Rome has a nice Mediterranean climate, but you will still need to pay attention to the season for what to wear in Rome Italy. If swimming in a public pool you will need a bathing cap. The Life In Rome site offers you many wonderful pages about the Eternal City.