In another series of our comparisons, we are going to put two monsters up against each other in a fight that seems - just by seeing the names of the combatants - destined to be an epic clash. With one year prep I am going to take Iron Man for the win every time. Just because he's intelligent doesn't necessarily mean he has the wisdom to withstand a psychological attack from someone who specializes in crushing spirits. The game could be checkers or parcheesi or poker, the difficult part will always be the actual opponent, not the vessel for the challenge. Superman’s powerful punch inflicted critical damage to his opponent’s armor to the point of breaking it into fragments. Fiction Horizon is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. He has the power of hypnotism which he often used to hypnotize people to obey his commands, to erase specific events, and to keep his real identity secured. @joygirl: Yes! Joker is impressive, and he is known throughout Gotham to be freaking deadly! With his Engineering skill, he is capable of building and repairing anything he fixes his mind into. Iron Man. It's just unfair. Kids and even grown-ups adore them for their exceptional and unique abilities. Moreover, he has a particularly high level of intelligence and mental capabilities such as absorbing an enormous amount of information and the ability to understand and speak any language. They had the same level of challenge vs. each other and therefore no handicaps were had. The Joker is aware of Tony's presence and capabilities, but not his identity or his base's location. Anyway,I give the tactical advantage to Joker. DC... Fiction Horizon is a place where you can learn, find news, updates, and all kind of lists related to fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, comics, games, books. The strongest villain that Batman maybe had to defeat was Joker, because of his psychotic personality, but Iron Man could take Joker down within minutes. Moreover, that is irrelevant if Joker poisoned his food beforehand. It's always shown. This clearly shows how Superman’s extraordinary strength can easily outclass Iron Man’s armored suit. Superman’s super-breath can cool down anything into sub-zero temperatures, commonly known as Freeze Breath, and generate powerful winds that can move massive objects and completely extinguish a fire. The Hulk is one of the most popular characters in the MCU (we're going to pretent like Smart Hulk never happened) and his story has more depth than some of the other heroes' stories. It's not like Tony played three games while Reed only played one. More so, his immunity to all human diseases, viruses, illnesses, and all types of radiation, except for the red sun and kryptonite, is one of the advantages he has. Thor holds back, like Superman does, in battle with lesser opponents. Forum settings mean a featureless environment. Depending on the type of weapon he uses, the range varies from tens of kilometers up to a planetary distance. Joker may even die. Through this ability, he can cross far-away galaxies and other universes. Although some fans are still proving their points about who would actually win between these two superheroes, it is obvious that this fight is one exhilarating battle. Batman vs Iron Man: Neil deGrasse Uses His Science To Answer Who Would Win Posted by Cesar Moya under Nerd News Fans love to fight off their favorite superheroes and even more if they are the counterparts of the most famous comic book brands, Marvel and DC. If he was lazy, he could just sit in his tower, in his suit for a year. If you want to see other ‘Who Would Win‘ scenarios follow our link. Not only that he can jump from tall buildings to another in a single leap, the ability to fly and defy gravity is also one of his specialties. Not exactly an accurate representation of Iron Man's abilities. It's not like he will just sit there awaiting an attack, Joker publicly announced he wants to kill Stark, will Stark just ignore it? Due to being adaptive to Krypton’s heavier gravity, Superman’s muscle power and abilities are sustained by solar energy. He has one year prep, he can do more in a year than Joker can due to resources, and is smarter than Joker, he wins. Put Tony Stark in Bruce Wayne's environment. Don't give me the Thor holds back BS, he was not holding back in that fight one single bit. And there are different kinds of intelligence. Apparently, Iron Man is reliant on his super armor and without it, he will undeniably face defeat in a fair and all-out battle against Superman. @joygirl: Yes but you brought up Joker beating Ra's like it compared to Tony beating Reed. Whenever his guard is down... @joygirl Joker beating Ra's in a game of chess doesn't exactly put him on the same standard as Tony. But he'd find a way to make it out alive. If the threat comes as soon as Tony arrives, then the time of the attack is irrelevant as they have an exactly equal amount of prep-time. Given the scenario,I am not even sure if Batman could win. I'm not saying Stark will ignore it. In the new crossover artwork posted on Twitter by Byrne, he illustrated how Superman can easily destroy Iron Man’s armor. dagmar_merrill. I get that he's cunning and all that, but this is a mismatch. New 52 Joker is possibly immortal, but it's still a problem that he doesn't fight guys in power armor for a living. Follow 12701. @joygirl: Honestly, pyrogram is right, Tony is not just a mechanics genius, he's a tactical genius as well. Some powers and abilities of Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, include his remarkable skill in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. It's just unfair. Moments later the Joker would be in prison or dead. @joygirl: They are feats of intelligence and preparation, you need to be intelligent to do those things, and I said Stark is smarter, not necessarily more tactical (which Joker could be argued to be his superior). @dondave: I still think it's not a big enough difference to matter but I'm getting bored of debating this. 99% of the Joker's survivability is centred on Batman stubbornly refusing to ever kill anyone, even if killing that person would save hundreds of lives in the long run. He possessed super speed which makes him move faster than light. His armor can emit sleeping gas which is released through his palms’ gauntlets that can put people into a deep slumber for hours. Joker's not going to attack the suit, he's going to attack the man. Who wins? The most common Joker myth is that he can't handle people who will kill him, and while it isn't true it will still hamper him slightly (just because he always has training wheels doesn't mean he can't ride without them, so to speak). That's not likely to happen. Energy absorption is also one of the special features of his suit, which is apparently the other way of firing the omnibeam. Just see The Dark Knight film for what happened to the previous Commissioner when the Joker wanted him dead.