However, this is the first battle to include a Marvel Comics character. Cameo(s) You're ruthless to humans! show actual feats. I'm the father of the Gods, Barbie, mind your manners! Change to GoW III Kratos and we have an actual debate, Kratos loses unless you switch to the previous incarnation. 3:02 I'll put your cross-dressing neck in a noose! The Oracle shoulda told'ya. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With such a long history, fans tend to have questions about Kratos, concerning his background and facts about his characterization. Interest in a character always returns when a new entry in the series is on its way. I got feats of Thor killing a planet buster, what do you have? As of right now I think they’re pretty much the same person. The only MCU Thor he has a chance at defeating is the weakened one that fought Iron Man in Avengers 1. Flip more middle fingers at you than a hundred-hander! He has enough strength to shatter metal, plow right through stone, and he and Baldur were breaking the land apart in their struggle. 95 Kratos, and the series as a whole, has received wide praise for him being an amazing character who fans find extremely engaging. The credit for actually designing Kratos goes to Charlie Wen, who was the director of the visual development of the first God of War. We are going to ignore the writer? Who's next? Cory Barlog, director of 2018’s. Behind the Scenes of Epic Rap Battles of History pt.3. In fact don’t answer that, your previous answer may as well serve for this one. That’s right, Kratos has featured in his own series from DC Comics. You think the Underworld scares the ruler of the skies? So make like your daddy and swallow my babies. Other information @ready_4_madness: There’s nothing at all to discuss if you think Kratos can regenerate his head, from being bisected or lost limbs. Zeus vs Thor According to developers that confirmed on twitter, titans of Gow verse are the ones that ruled after prmordials and according to them, titans were as powerfull and prehaps even more powerfull that primordials. This is the fifth battle to feature a misspelled title card. Kratos would easly crush mcu thor. Previous Rhymes colder than the frosty balls of your, Send you deeper underground than the depths of your, Take your little tool away, you're just a blond. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Beat information The God of War creators were unaware of this fact but consider both versions as pawns of the gods. When I first saw the trailer for god of war I was like “Kratos is just unworthy Thor now” Zeus vs Thor is the forty-eighth installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the third episode of Season 4. The only piece not made from Lego in the battle was the pixelated Frost Giant's testicles, made from sticky tack. This is the second battle to feature a rapper(s) without a body actor, after, Not including the recording sessions or green screen cuts, this is the second battle to have more than one, This battle is the second to feature a three-dimensional ERB Logo, after, There are two pieces of Lego in this video that are from the Lego, The "Immortal Throne" that was shown on Zeus'. Kratos was also nominated for the Character of the Year at the 2010 Video Game Awards, winning for “Biggest Bad*ss.”, NEXT: Dreams: 10 Awesome Games You Need To Try. The character has been through a lot, from his days as a warrior in Greece to the Nordic lands in the latest game. Ah yes because as we all know, healing from stab wounds is the same as regenerating lost limbs, a severed head or a body being split in half. However, Athena tries to stop Kratos from fighting Zeus in order to save Olympus. This blond shit talker is soft as Betty Crocker! (Woof!). Then again, Thor isn't immune to piercing weapons either, and many if not all of Kratos' weapons (Chaos Blades and ????? For example: Valkyries were shown to kill him in two-to-three shots. SN: God of War is so dope, I can’t play nothing else right now. Gameplay allowed players to catch Hermes mid attack, it’s clear to me that two were tagging each other consistently throughout the fight. I'll be boozing on some ouzo at the beach with Loki! I'll sail with the conquerors. A few comic fans, who aren’t gamers, are surprised to learn that DC’s Kratos is based on an older character. Aswell as not taking the statments to the account. As a child, Kratos was voiced by Antony Del Rio. Kratos' healing helped him recover from that fast however he has never shown the ability to regenerate limbs or from being cut in half which is what will happen with Stormbreaker. However, Kratos is immortal in the sense that he can’t die of natural causes and. There’s been a discussion over who between Thor from Marvel Comics and Thor from God of War is stronger due to their hulking frames. I'll be the first to put it in writing! This is the first and so far only battle to be fully animated. Ironically, while Kratos saves Prometheus from his fate in, , the mythological figure was responsible for chaining Prometheus as told in legend. You decide!" @supermanforever: Ok, where are your sources? Mount OlympusAsgardAncient GreeceThor's Viking shipThe UnderworldValhalla. You're history! All characters were portrayed by Lego Minifigures. You'll need a lighter for your ship 'cause a Viking just died! By the time I'm finished whipping you with wits and rhymes. Given that the games are ranked so highly by critics, there’s always an interest over whose brainchild the character of Kratos was. @socajunkie: exactly he can heal from the damage just like I said, for example the stab wound he ends up with, at the end of GOWIII would kill anyone else but he survived it. You're Thor skinned dick cheddar, smegma! While the Greek gods of the God of War games aren’t nearly as powerful as the Olympians seen in Marvel Comics or other media, Kratos still has an impressive kill list. He's been a writer for The Gamer, Screen Rant and CBR since 2017, contributing 100+ articles for a variety of topics. This is the second battle where the thumbnail was changed, after, This is the first battle where something was visually censored, in this case, the, This battle had the second most locations (without counting reused footage), with seven different locations in total, after. : The 10 Most Iconic Archetypes, Ranked, 10 MCU Characters Who Are A Better Match For Doctor Strange Than Christine, 10 Moon Knight Storylines Every New Fan Should Read, 5 Ways Star-Lord & Captain Kirk Are Similar (& 5 Ways They're Different), Final Fantasy 9: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Beatrix, 10 Marvel Heroes That Would Make Great DC Villains. Kratos wins here, too brutal for Thor. You're ruthless to humans, I'm pooching on this God of the douches. For his portrayal of the character in 2018’s God of War, actor Christopher Judge earned the BAFTA Award for Performer, along with the title receiving the award for best game. This is the first and currently only battle to be made from Lego. So by statments Gow greek gods are way out of thors league. I bask in the sun, you chose the land of Christmas! Valhalla-atcha boy and we'll flyte it out. Location(s) ", When you get to River Styx, tell your three-headed bitch I say "hi." Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter His height has been a topic of debate, as the stature of half-brother Hercules in God of War III raised questions if Kratos might be extremely tall himself. better go check Asgardianbronys work on this topic. However, Kratos is immortal in the sense that he can’t die of natural causes and becomes stronger after resurrection, given that he survived being impaled by the Blade of Olympus. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. His father is well-known to be Zeus, while his mother was a woman named Callisto. You call yourself mighty but you're not to my liking. Too far gone and low key dissing my argument by putting it down to IW hype doesn’t exactly make me want to continue this. He’s also guest-starred in a lot of other gaming franchises, including. @socajunkie: nothing that has pierced Kratos, has successfully killed him. Itfeatures the Greek god of thunder, Zeus, against the Norse god of thunder, Thor. First according to mythology and 2nd according to comics. He has dealt with piercing objects on multiple occasions before, the circumstances shouldn’t be different here.