The list of best countries to start a career is likely to see a drastic change in the coming years driven by economic and aspiration factors. The relatively better HDI with strategic safety attracts young talents to start a career in various sectors. However, while globally only 60 percent are satisfied with their work-life balance, 68 percent of expats in Costa Rica are happy with this factor. Whatever is your career choice, you will find the best possible environment to flourish. Germany earned the No. Switzerland also has the highest annual income for expats at $193,006. Living in a foreign country can be challenging — and even a bit frightening — but it can be a lot easier if you live somewhere with strong job security, a safe environment, and a rich, fun social life. The Current And Prior Year’s Employment Growth Rates. A British expat definitely appreciates the “generally laid-back and friendly lifestyle”. Nobody is bound by the busy life.” However, only three in five (60%) are generally satisfied with their job, which might be due to low career prospects and lack of job security. Job security, wage growth, safety, and a good quality of life are important factors when choosing a country to settle in. As you can see, Germans work hard and play hard too. Only 39 percent state to be happy with the former (vs. 53% globally) and 47 percent with the latter factor (vs. 57% globally). This isn’t only far above the global average (51%), but also the highest share out of the top 10 countries with a great work-life balance. I am a Social and Emotional Wellbeing worker and am wondering if there are work opportunities in this field in any of the European countries? However, the full ramifications of leaving the EU has yet to fully be determined. Based on a consensus from these sources, the final choice of countries was judged editorially, as was their position on the list. More liberal Legislations and democracy give a lot to people who want to have the career and professional development they want in the country they want to live and have a happy life. At the top of this list for a second year in a row was Switzerland, noted for its high quality of life and excellent employee resources. Easy, fast and convenient! After studying German language and literature, she traveled around the world for a couple of months. Sophie Ireland is the Contributors Editor at for CEOWORLD magazine, where she covers hiring trends, money, the future of work, and lists and rankings, and all things related to professional success for readers. In 2019, the President announced a technology visa that aims to attract international talent and make France the best country to work in for a skilled workforce. Keep up to date with our news articles and receive them directly in your mailbox by subscribing to our newsletter. From building a social circle to finding out more about the culture and history of your new city, learning the local language can make your whole settling in process a whole lot easier! If you are prepared to work hard and work long hours, the financial reward and opportunity to advance your career is worth it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why exactly three-quarters of expats working in New Zealand are generally satisfied with both their work-life balance and their working hours. The best countries to work abroad are affordable, safe and offer job opportunities for foreigners (or at least reliable WiFi for virtual entrepreneurs). Frankly, nobody is in a position to predict the future of the job market, but the trend indicates work culture will definitely change in favor of the remote working model. Robust Economies For Sweden, the high salary is balance with the high living costs found in the major cities of Stockholm and Malmo. There are a number of countries which have growing economies and they need professionals to help fill their needs for the good of the workforce. Do you know where you want to work? In the rest of the top 10, there are countries from Asia that include the expat friendly and highly advanced Singapore & Hong Kong, from the Middle East the recently developed United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and from the rest of Europe; Norway, Austria and the United Kingdom. Required fields are marked *. (For the few countries where subway data was not available, bus fare was used instead.). What is most noticeable is that a record 72% of expats working in Sweden say that the working conditions are far greater than what they would find back in their home country. Home » The best countries to work in for 2019! Warm Regards, Even more difficult is trying to find it when you are not in the given country. With another 66 percent rating their job security positively (vs. 57% globally), it might not come as a surprise that three-quarters of expats in Malta (75%) are overall satisfied with their job — this is the highest share out of the featured countries, together with the Czech Republic and New Zealand. The market-based economy with very high HDI ranking is diversifying fast according to shift in demand and allowing human resources to explore opportunities with the highest freedom.