Founded by David McCandless, author of two bestselling infographic books, Information is Beautiful presents data and information into beautiful, visually stunning infographics and visualisations. PRWeek's pick of the best PR and comms campaigns from October ended up with more than 1,500 votes in total. The coronavirus has had a massive impact on creative PR campaigning, but what have been the biggest changes and how are creative comms chiefs adapting? Send us tips for campaigns we should cover. Uncover what people want to know around your client’s industry with Answer The Public, which will reveal every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keywords. The paintings come with cards that inform women how to ask for help if they find themselves in these tragic situations. Campaign author: La Fabrica Creativa. style, they show decidedly contemporary scenes: a man on a Segway, a woman with a traveling suitcase, a boy with a soccer ball, another one on a skateboard and a woman pushing a stroller. British fashion brand Boden has ditched the catwalk for garden leaves to showcase its new Autumn/Winter collection. Agency TBWA put these two together for a series of memorable print ads.There is a modern twist to these Japanese fan illustrations: although done in ancient ukiyoe painting style, they show decidedly contemporary scenes: a man on a Segway, a woman with a traveling suitcase, a boy with a soccer ball, another one on a skateboard and a woman pushing a stroller. Single malt whisky brand Old Pulteney has created a video that seeks to capture the tranquillity of its coastal home town for viewers at home amid the coronavirus lockdown. During key Real Madrid matches, the footballers’ moves on the pitch were translated in real-time into moves on Xbox, encouraging viewers to impersonate real footballers via an Xbox console. This can be offset by creating full marketing campaigns with this new style to unravel a new identity, instead of just embedding a logo on abstract illustration. This Italian institute does more than teach languages - it helps mediators prepare for the linguistic challenges that negotiations between parties of various educational levels have. They say there's no such thing as an original idea any more. However, Xbox’s competitor ‘PlayStation’ had paid a fortune to buy all the marketing rights for the game. A sensitive topic approached in a completely new light, the campaign is hard hitting and communicates its message well. DDB Prague took McDonald’s signature meals and a pile of dirty dishes and combined them in a series of visually striking ads to “show the benefit of McDelivery service together with the insight that people just don’t like dirty dishes”, according to Creative Director Gert Laubscher.The three ads depict a lump of kitchenware stacked and arranged so that they resemble a Big Mac, french fries and McSunday - three instantly recognizable McDonald’s products.These print ads create a sense of intrigue and get the word out about delivery service in a very striking fashion by making familiar objects appear new and different. Cow creative director Matt Wilcock talks us through the campaign. Using lettering in various sizes can create a distinct effect and give advantage to certain messaging parts you’d wish to highlight. LADBible teamed up with Plastic Oceans Foundation to urge governments around the world to wake up and address the plastic crisis affecting our oceans. The experience of swimming through plastic was at the heart of 'Swimming In It' for The Big Bang Fair. They succeeded because they didn’t try to sell a product as something that it’s not. Marmite created the Marmite Gene Project – an experiment aimed to discover whether we are born lovers or haters for the brand, and give Marmite-hating parents a reason to reach for our jar again. Reddit is a great place to look for inspiration for themes for your content, by seeing which topics are the most highly rated (or debated). The marketing team worked with Droga5 to produce the video which pushes a new community hub. In alignment with breast cancer awareness month last October, the foundation decided to centre its campaign on one of the most photographed and recognisable statues in Dublin. 19 Aug 2020 . In a stand against domestic violence and against violence towards women in general, Miami Ad School has created a print ad campaign for Amnesty International by using famous artwork. The campaign resulted in 100+ million views of the film (17 million via fan and influencer sharing). #7 LinkedIn goes on tour with pop-up pub – The Linked Inn. This video ad campaign was designed by The LEGO Agency and BETC Paris for vertical formats such as Instagram TV.“The Robbers Try to Steal the Bank But Do They?” is an odd-ball suggestion for the name of the blockbuster movie produced by kids and is also campaign’s tagline. Most importantly, the business repositioning resulted in an increase of commercial followers in new markets and service areas by over 250% and brought them a record-breaking $23M in revenue and another Top 100 Roofer ranking. Paddy Power launched a ‘Save Our Shirt’ campaign, calling on brands to stop sponsoring football shirts – including… It was so well received it won a Cannes Lion award and placated angry chicken fans too. Entrants had to tell the brand how they enjoy their fish fingers for the chance to win. Campaigns around food always grab our attention and when KFC launched their new fry recipe, we were all ears. EloQ campaigns were effective and they helped Holiday Inn build its reputation in the local community and turn into “Saigon best-connected hotel.”. Famous Campaigns is an independent blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR and marketing stunts and campaigns. Find out the winner below... Jeremy Page, director at KWT Global, offers advice on fostering a creative environment among PR pros. Browse the best social media campaigns, examples, ideas and social media marketing projects including contests, games and similar applications from leading brands in 2020. “Or a bucket?”. Today, we list the top creative directors and their favourite campaigns … Find out the winner below... What gets Edelman Deportivo creative director Indy Selvarajah's creative juices flowing? Visitors were challenged to find the “hidden” pieces of Ikea among the antiques. The best creative PR Campaigns, Publicity Stunts and Brand Activations of 2018 By James Herring on Sunday, December 9, 2018 Twelve months ago we took on the challenge of firing out a daily blog that captures the very best in head-turning brand activations from across the globe. They rebuilt the Wirefox brand and reached their goal in three months. PRWeek takes a close look behind the scenes at a successful campaign. New initiative by Karmarama highlights independence of young adults. Campaign author: M&C Saatchi. One lucky winner will receive a bridal package that includes a pepperoni wedding dress, a bouquet of dough balls, a honeymoon in Chicago and a six-tier pizza wedding cake. PRWeek's UK Power Book reveals the PR pros who lead the way in their respective areas. The examples we’ve looked into use design to extend the advertisements’ emotional, commercial and cultural notions. Covid-19 can be a catalyst for your omnichannel retail strategy. In our latest interview with a leading UK PR creative, former PRCA Creative Group chair Nick Woods talks to Stuart Hehir, creative director at Pegasus. The movement of images will be present in all facets of design in 2020 - and marketing is no exception. Their approach is in teaching the culture of a country - besides the language itself - which allows students to understand the customs, contexts and backgrounds in which to use the language. On 23 May 2014, a fire ravaged the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, destroying the interior of a legendary art school and all the art and history it once held. Campaign author: Wirefox Digital Agency Birmingham. The ads were appearing as wallscapes, as hanging street banners and as digital display on bus stops and train stations. One of our team will be in touch as soon as possible. Where does 3 Monkeys Zeno creative director Stuart Yeardsley find his inspiration? Snaptivity drove social sharing among consumers by developing unique technology to identify, measure and capture emotional spikes and reactions at the live sports matches in the UK. Browse through our selection of best print design here! 300 ‘Flybraries’ hit the runways stocked with over 60,000 children’s books in seven languages ready for children and parents to pick up, read and then leave behind for the next easyJet passenger. The design of these campaigns is an integral part of the message - it’s not there just for the sake of aesthetical appreciation. In Australia the cereal giant has temporarily made the packaging for its most popular varieties black and white, in a partnership with Crayola, encouraging consumers to ‘colour and win’. But what makes good design in advertising is: In this article, we will take a look at some of the best marketing campaigns of 2020 whose design and messaging are exciting, enticing and persuasive. We examine how things have changed – and ask whether we now need a different, bolder approach. This is the gist of campaign’s tagline “You won’t learn English, but how people talk in England.” which emphasizes the difference between knowing the language and how indigenous speakers actually use it. The ads were appearing as wallscapes, as hanging street banners and as digital display on bus stops and train stations.Campaign author: Most Likely To. Such typography, akin to headings, will better stand out against abstract backgrounds and will make powerful statements. LADbible With Plastic Oceans International: Trash Isles. 8 best and worst social media campaigns. As a result of the campaign, Nike won awards including Cannes Lions, seven yellow D&AD Pencils, Campaign Big Award, The One Show – Gold Pencil and a Webby award. at the tech giant's floating 'Dive-Thru'. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, faces one of his own most iconic overs as a bowler in a new film from NatWest. The ad nailed KFC’s tone of voice and toed the line between genuine and cheeky. If granted, this would force other nations to clean it up. One campaign that has stepped up how brands utilise out of home campaign was the Marie Keating Foundation’s #TakeNotice campaign. KFC Russia launches Bucket Hat. Foodpanda, a restaurant and a mobile food delivery marketplace, counted on the help of Midas PR Group to generate a 20x higher volume of food delivery orders. I have a confession to make. To mark the occasion, Stylist Magazine creatively took on the subject and published a special issue that generated plenty of discussion online. The campaign also aligned perfectly with the magazine’s Visible Women campaign which ran throughout 2018 and sought to draw attention to women who history has overlooked or who hadn’t been offered a platform before. Questions went unanswered and KFC bred an air of mystery around the impending announcement. Richard Branson has been spotted bartering with Israeli locals to celebrate the Virgin Atlantic's new flight route to Tel Aviv. 'A once-in-a-lifetime experience' - Behind the Campaign with Bocelli: Music for Hope, 'Out of the rot grow beautiful ideas' - What Inspires Me, with 3 Monkeys Zeno's Stuart Yeardsley.