Integrate your video into your company’s onboarding plan by coordinating with other human resources team members. You must understand how parental leave laws vary in states where your business is located to plan how your video messaging will need to change for each location. In Europe The European Union sets the minimum period of paid leave at 14 weeks, with a mandatory leave of at least two weeks taken immediately before or after childbirth. 1) yes, both parents can be on leave concurrently, whether it is maternity/parental or parental/parental 2) the max EI the family will get is for 52 weeks. There are many cases, for example where one parent has a more successful career, where decisions about childcare can be made in an informed way without the need for both parents to spend time at home. Indeed, policies that redistribute the responsibility of unpaid care work among different care-givers can prove beneficial both at the level of the household and for the wider economy. Do you offer paid leave or unpaid leave, or both? In Sweden, for example, parents are allocated 300 days of paid leave, of which 90 days may not be transferred to the other parent. DebateWise. The experience of becoming a new parent can be confusing for employees in the workplace. Should the Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools. Here are a few tips to achieve that balance: Vyond protip: Create your parental leave policy video in no time with our free Vyond video template. In most European countries, as well as Canada, Chile and Uruguay, paid paternity leave is substantially shorter than maternity leave. “This could involve returning to work for part of the time and then resuming leave at a later date,” ACAS explained. But by the time they decide to become parents, employees may have trouble recalling some of the policy information that they learned. Forcing equal leave encourages both parents to develop the necessary skills to care for a child, such as changing nappies, preparing food or bathing. Viewers need to understand specific details of your parental leave policy that visuals can’t fully communicate. This career interruption often reflects the personal choice of women to spend more time with their young children. Forcing both parents to spend a period of time with the newborn child is a necessary means for overcoming such expectations: it strengthens the claim that both parents should care for children. Forcing equal maternity and paternity leave would underscore equality of parenthood: under the status quo, mothers are often expected to be better parents and the burden of childcare is more likely to fall on women. While there are federal laws that regulate parental leave policies across the US—the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Pregnancy Discrimination Act—each state also has its own unique regulations. Stay informed on unique parental leave regulations in your business’s locations and you’ll know how to adapt your message for each of your employee bases. Besides providing a detailed perspective on leave regulations globally, we grouped countries with similar leave systems to allow for a better understanding of this complex topic. Equal leave can also allow the father to bond with their new baby more, a little amount of only tow weeks is not enough time to spend with your new baby. Studies show that children who witness domestic violence at a young age are more likely to be the perpetrators of domestic violence as adults: this suggests that the relationship between a child’s parents affects their relations with the other gender in adulthood. The reasons for this phenomenon are diverse. In most European countries, as well as Canada, Chile and Uruguay, paid paternity leave is substantially shorter than maternity leave. Often, people are unsure about their companies’ parental leave policies, and they might even feel scared about asking for the time off, for fear of losing their jobs. Lower employees’ anxiety by clearly explaining your parental leave policies. All rights reserved. This leads to greater equality within the workplace, reduces inequality within the home as a result of breadwinner dominance, and improves equality between the genders in society as a whole. Forcing equal maternity and paternity leave will not improve society as a whole: firstly, it is not evident that equality within society will improve. That is why some legislations are now reserving non-transferable periods of paid leave exclusively for fathers. If your business has multiple locations, you may need to plan several versions of your video based on state regulations. A summary of the core information of your policy, An invitation for the employee to reach out with any questions they may have. Yet, even with leave policies for both parents in place, mothers take most of the shared leave entitlement. The Family Medical Leave Act protects your job when you go on leave, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get paid. Here is a step-by-step plan for reviewing current regulations and adapting your messaging for different laws: Vyond protip: Our studio’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to adjust a single video for different states. Forcing parents to take equal leave would emphasise the fact that parenthood is a joint enterprise between the two parents, both of whom are equally important. Secondly, this policy will increase parental leave at the expense of those without children. In the weeks and months after watching your video, employees will remember the key details of your company’s parental leave policy. If parents separate, judges are more likely to place children with their mother. Undoubtedly, the provision of paid leave for mothers is vital for a child’s long-term health and well-being. To communicate this information, your video will need to feature text. Take notes on three key policy factors—eligibility, duration, and compensation—to identify the most essential details. The share of countries guaranteeing paid maternity leave is now at 96%, albeit with differences in length of leave and levels of pay during leave. Interested to learn about parental leave regulations across the world? Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places? Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy. Explain that you would like to show this policy video during the section of onboarding that teaches new hires about company benefits.