A roller-coaster in a glass, this blanco tequila has a pungent nose, textured with earthy, dried fruit notes. Try it in a Negroni in place of gin. It’s a very agave-forward tequila with nice florals and spice and a good balance of alcohol that doesn’t overwhelm. . You can use this tequila anyway you like. It works as a great shot or the perfect mixer. (Actual bottle size is 1-liter and retails for $30.). Average price: $46. All this to say: Tequila isn’t quite as simple as other beloved drinks. This bottle is perfect for sipping neat or adding an extra dimension to (baller) Margaritas. With an almost-maple hue, this reposado is darker than most on the market. By Christopher Osburn, and Brooke Sager. For many of us, the best chance to try this will be a pricey pour from a local agave-centric bar. “It’s light bodied, slightly fruity with hints of pineapple and mild pepper, and a great value.” This tequila still has enough flavor to intrigue when sipped neat or on the rocks.Price: $24.99 for a 750ml bottle, This tequila hovers somewhere in between a blanco and a reposado. Altos, part of the Olmeca house of spirits, is the tequila connoisseur’s tequila. This reposado shares the pale gold hue of a rich Chardonnay. Cinco de Mayo may come around once a year, but every day is a tequila celebration if you live in the United States, as the category is showing juggernaut growth. A good tequila doesn't have to be expensive (Espolon) ... (with all the black triangles) really sticks out, and 10% of net proceeds go to help save abused and abandoned animals. We’ve also focused almost entirely on silver and reposados as those are the bottles that fall into the $10 to $30 price range. There’s a nice balance of agave, spice, and sweetness at play here. Pour each bottle into a pitcher and mix for delicious margaritas! This añejo tequila spends 18 months in American white oak casks before it’s charcoal-filtered to remove the color. We asked some bartenders and industry gurus for their favorite wallet-friendly tequilas for sippin’ straight or margarita mixin’-- and each one rings out at under $30. Tanteo offers a range of infused tequilas from chipotle to habanero to jalapeño. White petal aromas lead to sweet but not cloying flavors, followed by dried fruits and a gentle spiced finish. #lanesville#lanesvillepackage#lanesvillepackagestore#lps#margaritas#tequila#tresagaves#springishere#summeriscoming#livelikethelocals#greatfriendsgoodtimescoldbeer, A post shared by LanesvillePackageStore (@lanesvillepackagestore) on Apr 22, 2018 at 1:26pm PDT. The palate enters well rounded and full-bodied, before a tingling spice lingers on its lengthy finish. There’s a wonderful depth to the nose of this tequila, which has layers of floral, spicy, fruity, and vegetal aromas. The palate continues in similar fashion, with salted caramel and brown butter notes adding depth. #adelizzirefreshyourlife #community #people #food #drink #subscribe #iscrivetevi #vantaggi #esclusivi #news #novita #flash #ristorante #pizzeria #bar #enjoy #follow4follow #like4like #instalike #instafollow #instagood #tequila #jose #cuervo #josecuervogold #josecuervo #tequilajosecuervo #josecuervotequila #josecuervoespecial #tequilagold, A post shared by Adelizzi Refresh Your Life (@adelizzi_refresh_your_life) on Feb 17, 2018 at 12:15am PST. Lunazul is a very easy-to-drink tequila. Toasted to a fantastic year! Or, mix it into the best tequila soda you’ll drink. What makes this the best cheap tequila on the list is that it’s not at all bad. Much like the blanco, Elvelo’s reposado comes in hot on the alcohol scale, clocking in at 44.5 percent ABV. This is another great option for those who typically enjoy expensive whisk(e)y or Cognac. Average price: $40. The nose is unmistakably tequila, but also evokes other complex, aged spirits. It’s a young tequila with more depth and weight on the palate than you’d expect; upon sipping you'll find notes of tropical fruit, a slight smoky aroma, and a white pepper kick at the end.Price: $28.99 for a 750ml bottle, Tres Agaves Blanco is an unaged and organic tequila made with 100% agave in the Tequila Valley, Mexico -- it’s one of the most awarded super-premium USDA-certified organic tequilas on the market, and it still costs less than your last impulse Amazon Prime order. 旨い #ニューボトル #テキーラ#tequila #sauzagold #sauza, A post shared by ラモちゃんラモチャン (@roramo) on Dec 19, 2017 at 12:26am PST. Average price: $53. First, this is a 1-liter bottle! Oh, and, again, it’s really inexpensive. May I present to you Katrina's TequilaTini!! There are pronounced flavors of agave, pepper, and vanilla in each sip. The distilled spirit is the pure essence of roasted agave with little to no hard edges. Costco’s Silver Tequila wins the best price for taste by a country mile. 1800 Reposado is a blend of oak-aged tequilas. Don't worry, these tequilas are under $30. Milagro is a very easy tequila to drink. So maybe mix it with some soda water or mix it into a nice Paloma cocktail. In 2018, the agave distillate led our spirits category in both volume and value growth, according to Nielsen, while last year, the IWSR reported that America had retained its crown as the world’s top market for tequila imports. That dose of agave is accented with bark spices and floral notes and a hint of citrus. Twice-distilled in stainless steel pots, this blanco matches mineral aromas with the pleasant salinity of juicy green olives. Exotico’s Reposado leans into the aging and oak. 16 Best Cheap Tequila Bottles Under $30 Right Now Music The liquor inside has briny, slightly dusty aromas with a faint hint of cloves. You haven't had a #martini until you've tried Katrina's #Martini, A post shared by Katrina Hamel (@mixikatrina) on Mar 12, 2017 at 11:43am PDT. Its unflavored blanco expression doesn’t break that mold (at least in spirit), with a nose that opens like a jar of spicy pickled cactus. This blanco’s aromas are intense and concentrated, with a nose that starts off spicy before perfumed floral notes enter the fray. Great taste at a great price, and if you buy the combo pack the mix is free! The palate is fiery (read: spice not booze) with a pleasant undertone of oaky sweetness. The finish is clean and long- lasting. It’s one of the easiest blanco tequilas to drink on the list, so don’t hesitate to take a shot if you want. Make yourself a tequila and soda with some Topo Chico and lime or mix up a tasty margarita. Tonight kicks off trivia!!! You’ve been warned. Since I can be a bit picky sometimes, I had to formulate a list of the best tequila for margaritas. This is another tequila that’s almost too easy to drink straight from the bottle. The palate is remarkably smooth, but also spicy and layered, with an exceedingly lengthy finish. Average price: $90. Sauza is also almost always cheaper than Cuervo, which is a solid bonus. So, let’s dive into some of the best cheap tequila bottles you can buy right now across America. It’s pricey, but this is one of the best blancos on the market. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of Cazadores. The price tag says it’s a sipper, but the flavor profile screams “mix me in an Old Fashioned.” Average price: $126. It also pairs amazingly well with the minerals of a cold Topo Chico. So, you’re getting a great deal on that end alone. It works perfectly in a traditional margarita with fresh lime juice, but feel free to add pressed ginger for a spicy kick.Price: $27.99 for a 750ml bottle. Good, cheap tequila is what makes a great frozen margarita. Overall, with Cazadores as a base, your margaritas are gonna pop! Average price: $35 for 750-milliliters. #wayfarercm #cazadorestequila, A post shared by The Wayfarer (@wayfarercm) on Apr 17, 2018 at 5:03pm PDT. It … Average price: $69. It's difficult to find a good quality, 100% blue agave silver tequila with a price tag that doesn’t make your credit card start to cry, but here’s one that totally fits the (not too high) bill. This is nuanced, thought-provoking añejo at its finest. Lunazul blanco is smooth, balanced, and unaged, allowing the pure agave flavor to lure you in on its own. Second, this is just a really good tequila for the price. If you’re whipping up cocktails, the smoothness and dryness of the spirit allows you to control the drink’s sweetness level -- from a boozy fresh tequila tonic to a fruit-forward tequila sunrise.Price: $28 for a 750ml bottle, Proudly marrying tradition with innovation, Mi Campo Reposado is a 100% blue agave tequila aged over a three-month period in California wine barrels. Aged for upwards of 18 months in French Limousin oak barrels (best associated with Cognac production) this tequila’s aromas could well be those of a blanco or reposado. First, you’re getting a 1.75-liter bottle for around $18.99 (depending on your state’s taxes)! Their Reposado is aged for seven months in oak which whittles off the harder edges of the alcohol. At 12 bucks a bottle, this is exactly that. Made with 10-year-old agave from Jalisco, the spirit is aged for 28 days in new French Limousin oak barrels -- not quite enough time to make it a reposado, hence it’s plata (“silver”) nomer despite its pale gold hue. “You can find notes of butternut scotch and rose gold on the nose, which help to make it irresistible in cocktails.”Price: $21.99 for a 750ml bottle, This 18-month tequila gets its dark amber color thanks to time spent in oak whiskey and other toasted barrels. This is a lively añejo that hits all the right notes. The nose is fruity with a spicy kick that evokes grappa. This novel process delivers a smoother and more complex profile that tastes far beyond its price point -- aka, it’s a millennial’s dream spirit, perfect for sipping or mixing up a paloma without bruising the wallet. This affordable reposado pours a pale wheat color, with sweet aromas of agave syrup, vanilla, and brown sugar. 摯友給我的聖誕節禮物瓶身好酷炫 #milagroreposado #xmas, A post shared by Sam Fu (@bsunnysam) on Dec 24, 2017 at 7:21am PST. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now. It finishes with a honey sweetness and pine resin bitterness. El Destilador is neither overly sweet nor too harsh, two flavor notes that tend to plague blanco/silver tequilas. My favourite shade of blue. Average price: $23. Aging aside, the juice of the agave piñas (their root bulbs) is often twice distilled to help take the alcohol edge off. Average price: $19. A wonderful pink-gold hue makes this reposado inviting from the get-go. “Corralejo Tequila is one of my favorite go-to tequilas,” said Jason Rodriguez, bartender at Grand Banks in NYC. The nose is floral and spicy, there are  some tart berry notes, and just a hint of olive brine. There’s a distinctly roasted agave hit up front that fades into an almost briny olive flavor. This is another blanco that begs (and deserves) to be sipped neat. There’s a light caramel profile to the palate, making it an approachable option for those who mix their Margaritas on the sweeter side. Even tequila’s sister spirit, mezcal, can be made with a vast array of agave plants across Mexico, but to be called “tequila” a bottle has to come from blue agave in Jalisco. Exotico Reposado Tequila is the best. It’s got a nice hit of roasted agave with spiciness and sweetness from the aging. Sweet aromas lead the nose of this rich golden reposado, with vanilla and baking spices followed by vegetal, dried pineapple leaves. Average price: $51. The vegetal bite of this tequila’s aromas immediately capture one’s attention, followed by fresh flowers and grapefruit peel.