This recipe is basically curd based. Add little milk, if need be. Yes, you can use powdered sugar but adjust its quantity accordingly. If with fan (like microwave convection also) then it will get properly baked with perfect browning on the top. If you want a brown top then may switch on the top rod in the last 5 minutes. by Samira | Aug 11, 2018 | Cakes n Bakes | 17 comments. Zebra Cake is a type of Marble Cake with a difference that the pattern is more defined and the stripes are more aligned. Divide the batter into two halves. After making the flower pattern, keep the baking pan in preheated pressure cooker. The cake you see above is my second attempt and I'm happy with the visuals, but, you need to know that zebra cakes in general, are mildly flavoured and their true virtue is their striking appearance rather than rock-my-foodie-world flavour. Keep it on a wire rack till completely cool. But the cake got burnt at the bottom. Now, you can keep it in the oven as it is or may make the flower pattern. While baking, take care that only the bottom rod is on and the top rod is off only. You will mix the batter just until the flour is moistened and there are no lumps then divide the batter equally in two bowls. Just wanted to ask, why is vinegar added in the end? Thanks for sharing ……keep sharing…. Tap the tin to remove air bubbles if any. Then in the centre of this white batter put a ladle of cocoa batter. Today I thought of trying zebra cake. Patience is the key while pouring alternate spoons of the two batters. Let me try what you said above. On this put the white layer. Then in the centre of this white batter put a ladle of cocoa batter. This cake has all the healthy ingredients except white sugar. I tried this cake very easy to make and very very tasty & yummy…… If the batter is too thick then adjust consistency by adding little milk. After each addition, lightly mix using cut n fold method. Hi , tried your recipe and it turned out perfect. In a fix! In one bowl, add cocoa powder and mix lightly. Take thick curd, oil, sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl and whisk for 3 to 4 minutes till sugar dissolves and everything comes together. If your curd is loose then keep it in a strainer for a few minutes. I ... Start Preheating oven at 180 degrees. Sifting not only removes impurities but incorporates air in the flour which in turn makes the cake light. You must try it’s a very easy recipe with wonderful outcome. To the other half, add vanilla essence and give it a final mix. Out of the oven and cut in half to get those beautiful spirals. The batter should be of ribbon consistency. Never ever beat the batter vigorously after adding flour. Thank you! I never tried this recipe before and after reading this amazing post I think I must give it a try. To make the flower pattern, take a toothpick and slide it lightly from one. Sift wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt at least thrice. serve this cake with anything you want, a cup of tea will be the best for breakfast or brunch. After 10 minutes, loosen the sides of the cake using a butter knife and invert the cake on a wire rack. Tweaking with the batters may yield a more flavoursome cake, but you will almost certainly trade off visual impact for "wow!" What Is The Difference Between Curd and Yogurt? Or, take a platter, arrange slices and pack with cling film. Your email address will not be published. Hi samira, i tried this recipe n it came out amazing specially the look. Normally, vinegar plus milk is used (as buttermilk) in egg less cakes but this seems to be for a different reason, since milk is already mixed in. In fact, the pattern came out better because of white sugar. MOIST FLUFFY EGGLESS N YUMMY CAKE…. If without then the cake will get baked but not get brown from the top. Place it in the preheated oven at 180 degree C and bake for 40 to 45 minutes. In that case, everything will remain the same except the quantity of milk. You can make this with all purpose flour or a mix of two flours. You can very well replace it with brown sugar or jaggery powder but then it will be simply chocolate cake only. Will be waiting for many more different quick n easy recipes soon . Thank you for ur suggestion. Striking stripes of Chocolate and Vanilla give us the feel of Zebra and hence the name Zebra Cake. You can have Zebra Cake just like that with a hot cup of milk or coffee or top it off with your favorite icing to give it more exotic look. Can you please suggest in this regard. Can it be avoided. This is done so that the cake does not get soggy from the bottom because of heat. Will keep you posted. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Stay Tuned! Vanilla Essence 2 tsp (If using Pure Vanilla Extract then 1 tsp is fine). You will see a beautiful pattern like above been made. Once done, bake in a preheated 350 degrees Fahrenheit oven for 30 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. If you post your creation’s pic on Instagram then remember to tag me #samirasrecipediary. The recipe of this Zebra Cake is more or less the same as my earlier cakes. I made this for my son Shivang’s friend Somesh Mathur who liked my Malai cake a lot. In one bowl, add cocoa powder and mix lightly. This eggless zebra cake can also be eaten by anyone, it’s fun to make and amazing to eat. Thank you so much for your kind words. Very little milk and only 1/2 tsp vinegar is added. Ovens are of 2 types with and without fan. As it is said that eyes eat the food first, this saying fits perfectly here. Similarly, draw lines from different corners towards the middle. I tried this recipe as its eggless but hesitating at first bt the result was just awesome…. Start pouring the two batters alternatively. flavour. Would have loved to see the pics. Once a smooth batter is formed, add Baking Powder and Baking Soda and gently incorporate it in the batter. In the first one add in vanilla and mix and in the second we will sift the cocoa powder and whisk it together. Yes, the quantity of milk varies depending upon curd consistency, water absorption capacity of flour etc. 1st time it came out well but top was cracked ( I had switched on top and bottom rods for pre heat as well as baking). Now, you need to keep a check 25 min onwards. Thanks for liking it. This is because, if beaten hard. You can use coconut sugar or any other sugar as well. Do this and you will have perfectly baked cake with an even top. Once the cocoa batter is ready, prepare an 8-inch round tin by applying butter in the pam then line the bottom with a parchment paper. So, do not leave the cake for long in the oven. Take your baking tin and pour one spoon of vanilla batter in the centre of the, Now take one spoon of chocolate batter and pour it in the centre of the vanilla. Sift cocoa powder in one of the bowls and mix well. What purpose does vinegar serve? Hi Simpreet… Thanks for liking it. On this put the white layer. Now comes the fun part. Happy Baking. For chocolate flavour, add cocoa powder at the sifting stage only and proceed thereafter. Once baked take it out and let it cool down for few minutes then loosen the sides with the knife and then de-mold it by turning it onto a plate and then flip it again onto a plate. Similarly, keep on putting the alternate layers till both the batter gets used up.