InProduction’s extensive experience in Event Seating and modular components allows us to accommodate various rates of rise and either ground-start or grandstand-style risers with elevated first rows—all of which includes ADA accommodations including access ramps. It is likely that you will only use these games once or twice a season and then forget about them in storage. Modern Event Seating & Sleek Lounge Furniture. Legacy Events & Rentals. A pre-fabricated structure is a great option because it minimizes the time you spend on the job site as well as the amount of costly labor to install. 804.798.2000, 11065 Leadbetter Road Whether you need elevated seats on sidelines or over existing theater seats, we've got options for any layout. Indianapolis, IN 46217 A pre-fabricated structure can give you added flexibility as it can be moved…, Features The Bravo chair is a fully upholstered high back seat that is more comfortable than any folding chair on the market. Goodyear, AZ 85338 Las Vegas, NV 89115 From metal folding chairs or corporate events to beautiful custom chairs for formal events. Lavish Event Rentals offers designer event seating, lounge furniture, bar stools and event chairs of all shapes and sizes for your Miami event rental, wedding rental and corporate event rental needs. When using elevated seating risers, special attention must be paid to serve both access and safe exiting, while retaining the required audience capacity. ... Make a statement with this over-the-top style of seating. 631-845-0449, 6855 Presidents Drive Our experience includes everything from motorsports to swim meets to indoor theater and performance-style seating. There has been an explosion in elevated VIP seating sections for ticketed events. Monthly rate $16 Each Landrum, SC 29356 With our premium "Super Bleachers" we've provided options of events from 100 to 10,000 attendees. Event seating rental is a core part of our business. Fit to Seating Space Curved arrangement is a versatile solution 3D model…. InProduction Event Seating delivers highly functional and customizable solutions for concerts, conferences, corporate gatherings, and other events. The RTS system has also been used for press platforms and camera positions in stadiums and arenas. Suite 500 InProduction offers premier temporary stadiums for large sporting events including soccer, ice hockey, football, baseball, and more. © 2010-2020 Lavish Event Rentals LLC. 305.731.2203 | [email protected]. We can build bleachers on flat ground, or elevated depending on the terrain and sightline requirements. 317.610.3050, 1205 S Shamrock Ave, InProduction designers have worked closely with stadium architects early in the development phase to ensure that concourses will accommodate our supplemental seating solutions. To accommodate these growing needs, InProduction provides a modern, code compliant theater-style “tip-up” seat. To find out more about our event accessories rental, browse our gallery below. InProduction Dinner Risers solve all these problems through thoughtful design, specialized equipment and careful installation. Available with optional tip up armrest and cup holder the Bravo Chair is the only floor seat that provides an experience that rivals a fixed luxury or theater style seat. Contact us for chair and bleacher rentals, wedding equipment rentals, outdoor game rentals, and so much more! These bleachers are made of 100 percent steel and are too big and too heavy to be worth the time to try to vandalize or steal. Theater seats come in a variety of fabrics and finishes. 214.821.8706, 6501 Bluff Road From metal folding chairs to beautiful custom chairs for formal and corporate events. Welcome to Event Rental Ltd.! Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium is an excellent example of our ability to deliver world-class supplemental stadium seating for large events, and InProduction has provided supplemental seating for the two Super Bowls that have been held there. While most theater seats look the same, there are a variety of custom options available. For more information check out our VIP Seating Rental Options. These can go to 48" heights and placed together to reach a total of 96" with a resting platform where necessary. 4320 Winfield Road InProduction’s innovative designs were originally developed for use on golf courses in Great Britain and were installed for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Dallas, TX 75226 Orlando, FL 32809 Copyright © 2019. InProduction Event Seating delivers highly functional and customizable solutions for concerts, conferences, corporate gatherings, and other events. Tip-Up Seating Options InProduction provides tip-up chair seating for tip-up stands and chair risers, as well as grandstand seating of any size and configuration depending on the needs of your events.. A unique feature our tip-up grandstands is the ability to provide continuous seating around corners, enabling us to completely surround playing fields and arenas. Box Seats We are pleased to offer the Box Seat 901 all polymer stadium chairs with self-rising seats. Suite 500 The new…, For over 20 years, InProduction has been the industry leader in high-capacity, high-quality temporary seating. The whole design of the system is aluminum top to bottom, with some galvanized hardware. Plush Event Furnishings is a specialty event furnishing company offering unique and high-end rentals to event professionals. It was a collaboration with a club that believes their team can play pro ball on this field, which offers everything from VIP boxes to stadium seating for 6000 fans to an air-conditioned press box. Ashland, VA 23005 Chair Rental prides itself on being Colorado’s event accessories rental hub. InProduction recommends taking into account several considerations when choosing theater seats for your venue. Orlando, FL 32809 Contact Us about your idea to work with our team of professionals. We make planning your event simple and easy. 800.999.5278, 4001 East Side Avenue The understructure of this bleacher is built using galvanized steel and allows for a span of 25’ + between columns allowing you to utilize the space below, to put locker rooms, concession areas, merchandise booths, or restrooms below the grandstand. Unused space between the existing seating and an on-field stage or elevated playing surface is transformed into premium entertainment seating with enhanced sightlines. From folding plastic to resin to fan-backs to padded banquet chairs, our chair rental service is perfect for events from 10 to 10,000. Many stadiums and arenas are designed with strict seating capacity, but also have open concourses in the end zones where supplemental seating can be added based on demand. For elevations over 24", switch-back style ramps with resting areas are utilized. InProduction’s Aluminum Angle Frame bleacher is built out of aluminum angle extrusion and is a cost-effective solution for bleacher seating at your venue. Bleacher systems are available in both wooden and aluminum seat boards. A black, 20" width seat sits on a modular understructure allowing us to build over uneven terrain in different setups for any type of event. For more information check out our Audience Riser Rental Options. Seating | Tables | Bars | Misc. Allow Chair Rental in Denver, CO, to provide you with everything that you need for your special event. Achieving effective sightlines with dinner theater seating can be almost impossible on a flat floor. Grandstand seating systems are available in both wooden and aluminum seat boards. St. George Events is your Southern Utah stop of custom chairs. 804.798.2000. 804.798.2000, Large Scale Alto Portable Seating Details. Especially in the summertime, it is a great idea to host a garden party or children’s party and play all of these classic yard games. Whether you need Event Seating for a stadium or a parking lot, InProduction has the Event Seating solution you need to execute a top-notch event. Simply put, Please Be Seated is more than just your average event rental company. Our elevated, tiered entertainment seating arrangements can be configured for 100 to 15,000 portable seats, and can be combined with flat-floor seating to provide event seating for nearly 50,000 event participants. When event planners and their clients would plan out for events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, gala, and fund-raising events, they would make sure that they will choose the best venue. From the organizer's perspective, NUSSLI grandstands impress with … Commack, NY 11725 At Chair Rental, we have the best dance floors, carpeting, drape tables and linens for your fashion show, dance party, or fundraiser. Home » Rentals » Concert & Special Events. This not only maximizes space, but can provide you options for increasing revenue. Eames Plastic Side Chair Wire Legs – White, Eames Plastic Side Chair Dowel Legs – White, Eames Plastic Arm Chair Wire Legs – Black, Eames Plastic Side Chair Dowel Legs – Black, Eames Plastic Side Chair Wire Legs – Green, Eames Plastic Side Chair Wire Legs – Yellow. This bleacher is designed for the person that is budget conscious, but would like something aesthetically pleasing for their school or event venue. We have everything from linens, chairs and tables, bubble machine, to concession items such as a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, and ice cream machine all the way up to bounce houses and slides! With our current inventory we are capable of furnishing up to 90,000 bleacher seats for your event. 631-845-0449, 6855 Presidents Drive They can be as finished or unfinished as you require and can even utilize amenities such as bathrooms and kitchenettes. All Rights Reserved. Sale & Rental Of Seating For Any Occassion We provide the highest level of comfort to your venue or event’s audience, combined with the perfect view of the action. We offer our seating systems for rent or, upon request, for sale as well, either for one-time occasions or for recurring events. Floor surfaces can be carpeted for indoor events and fiberglass for outdoor events. For more information, check out our Bleacher Rental Options. Product Specs 100% steel construction Galvanized members Perforated seat boards and perforated anti-slip floorboards Powder coated seat boards available Tamper-proof hardware Steel…. Lavish Event Rentals offers designer event seating, lounge furniture, bar stools and event chairs of all shapes and sizes for your Miami event rental, wedding rental and corporate event rental needs. Who doesn’t love to play outdoor yard games? Benches are $25. Most seating equipment companies design and manufacture the seats based on a specific set of standards for quality and comfort.