The 47-year-old explains, “As recently as the 19th century, there were 25 brands of rum in Marseille, and countless liquor warehouses. Around two million tourists flock to Notre Dame de la Garde pilgrimage church each year – not least for its spectacular views of the city and surrounding sea. Be the first to ask a question about An Eye on the Horizon. This is the International website of Mercedes-Benz AG. That’s how Room “2113” came into being, for instance: furniture designer Marine Peyre created a multifunction bed in which guests can do a lot more than just take a nap. He’d much rather pour you a shot of Bellevue rum, 1998 vintage. The 34-year-old’s favourite dish is rabbit molokhia – with a green sauce like his grandma used to prepare, made from the powder of a leafy green vegetable called “jute mallow” in English. That’s where you’ll find the Chez Fonfon restaurant and some of the best bouillabaisse in the country. Abweichungen zwischen den Angaben und den amtlichen Werten sind möglich. Very encouraging for every day life because you can see what the human drive is really capable of. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. 101 ermittelt. The famed boat-shaped, orange-flavoured cookies for which it is named have been baked here since 1781. Also available here is Marseille’s famous soap, made from vegetable oil boiled with other natural ingredients, favourite of no less a personage than Louis XIV. “Four des Navettes” is the name of the city’s oldest bakery, located near the Abbey of St. Victor. Then the street goes over a bridge, and after just a step or two more, a sign straddling a pair of adjoining buildings announces the “Quartier des Créateurs”, the designer’s quarter. Follow us and use the following social media platforms to get in contact with us and to share your passion for the brand, products and services of Mercedes-Benz. I can no longer hear the sails in the harbour,” sang Colette Renaud in a famous 1950s chanson. Straight up. And it’s barely been two kilometres (1.2 miles) since you passed the Hermès shop. “They came by sea, not overland through France.” The mountains at the city’s back provide another explanation as to why its residents constantly have their eye on the horizon – they’re more familiar with the ferries to Africa than the TGV to Paris, says Vezzoni. Very encouraging for every day life because you can see what the human drive is really capable of. “Be still, Marseille, you’re too loud. Simmering the broth made with lamb and chicken meat over a low flame for hours on end. I can guarantee you that your life will seem easy when you read about the challenges that this man faced. The Mercedes-Benz magazine app / Google Play Store. Eye on the Horizon is the sixth studio album by the British band Dreadzone. That’s a wrap, thanks! Biotech and web entrepreneurs are also gradually making the city their own.