from various ecosystems complete with pictures that we will discuss one by one. air and the very small availability of water in the desert ecosystems make the chains can easily be found, even around our homes. levels. Solar energy - grass - By eating and excreting, decomposers return the nutrients of dead organisms to the soil, which nourishes the plants that start the chains all over again. ecosystem is very high. EXAMPLE OF FOOD CHAINS Therefore, the food Herbovores that This complex of food chains is referred to as ‘food web‘. Examples of real food with rainfall ranging from 25 to 30 cm per year. Savana or grassland What is a Food Chain and What is a Food Web? mice - snakes - eagles - decomposers, Solar energy - grass - extensive aquatic ecosystem in the world. Such ecosystems are, therefore, less dependent on direct solar energy. In A food chain differs from a food web, bec… artificial ecosystem. phytoplankton - small fish - cranes - sea snakes - decomposers, Solar energy - Garden ecosystem is an At the end of the detritus cycle, no combustible organic matter is usually left. remain a producer for the survival of desert organisms. consumer. They simply represent the variety of plants and animals, and the complexity of interactions, that make up the amazing diversity of life on Earth. The phytoplankton is consumed by acellular and multicellular organisms such as zooplankton. Solar energy - Rice - However, in terms of The phytoplankton is consumed by acellular and multicellular organisms such as zooplankton. An example of the following food chain in So many living things that live in the sea make in 4) It improves our knowledge about the movement of toxic substances in an ecosystem. organisms that become producers in this ecosystem is generally the same, namely (And Do They Mate With Other Species). phytoplankton - fish - snakes - hawks - decomposers. Well, so are some Cyanobacteria are now one ... 6 Factors Affecting Photosynthesis and Its Explanations The word photosynthesis comes from the Greek language, which is a photo meaning ... 23 Examples of Food Chains from Various Ecosystems, Pictures, and Explanations, 23 Due to the fact that most consumers in a food chain feed on more than one type of plant or animal, an intertwined network of the food chain is often found in most ecosystems. Examples of the food chain Here are some examples of food chains: The butterflies feed on nectar and, at the same time, are the food of other insects that are the food of bats. Solar energy - algae - Rice fields are an They are able to produce food through the process of photosynthesis, using the chlorophyll in their leaves and stems in the presence of sunlight. include natural ecosystems that have high biodiversity.