His unfinished business was helping Regina find and be who she really is without Cora's control, which is now fulfilled. The Genie angrily points his knife at the man and asks who he is and what he did with Regina. | Then, her father is returned to his normal size. Once Upon a Time: The Final Battle Begins. Jared S. Gilmore has his twin sister, Taylor, to thank for his introduction to acting. Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character. She ends up finding Cora's magic wand and attempts to use it to bring her doll to life; however, the magic backfires and ends up knocking her out, to Cora and Henry's fear. Henry tricks his daughter into following him by saying he found the map in Cora's spell book, and that he thinks it might lead them somewhere to help her finally get her revenge and move on. One man offers to tell her if he can have something in return, but she instead decides to choke him for his disrespect. However, this never quite happened during his lifetime, for she ended up sacrificing his heart - with him being the one she loved most - in order to enact the Dark Curse. Cora then prepares to throw him into the hellfire but Regina shows up to stop her. Regina ignores this and shrinks her father to lock him away in a box so that he can't stop her in the future. He asks for help getting Regina to let go, but Cora insists the only way to help is killing Snow. He adds that the king trusts the Genie and is unaware that he's the one who took her heart so the guards will allow him in to give the box. Henry begs her to show a little regret for what she's done, the pain she's caused, to show them that she can change. Jefferson says, realizing Regina's evil game. Henry tells her that they must hurry as the Queen's soldiers are coming. browse. You can have that again." However, Cora is too busy, and having no one to properly spend time with makes Regina start to crave a sister. ("The Thing You Love Most"), When Mr. Gold and Regina discuss Emma Swan and her connection to Henry Mills, the Mayor's adopted son, the pawnbroker asks the Mayor how she came about choosing her son's name, but she doesn't reply. ("Page 23"), Henry is riding with the Queen in her carriage one day when she orders it to stop because she notices people gathering for a wedding in her royal meadow. He has two dogs, Cooper and Emma, a cat named Tiger, a rabbit named Benjalina and two guinea pigs named Ziggy and Zoey who travel with him from San Diego to Vancouver (where he shoots Once Upon a Time). ... Henry Mills / Prince Henry (142 episodes, 2011-2018) Jennifer Morrison. I also felt that from season four and onwards, Jared's acting ability becomes more noticeably weak. Later on, Regina tells her mother that Henry was right about her being destructive, adding that that when she gets her revenge, it'll be her own victory. ("The Miller's Daughter"), As a young girl, Regina wanders her mother's study along with her doll, Isabelle, and asks Cora if she'd like to play dress-up with them. However, when Regina crushes it, she discovers that Henry swapped it with someone else's. Confused, the Genie asks what is inside, but Henry gives him a vague answer, saying it is the only thing that can free her from the wretched life. Refusing this advice, Henry seeks out Snow to talk to her and Cora travels through the looking glass, thanks to Henry allowing her. Once Upon a Time on ABC: Cancelled or Renewed for Season Eight? The clock in the Underworld then ticks to signify his soul passing over. Henry bore no ill will in the afterlife though, and was eventually able to ascend Mount Olympus after witnessing the redemptive soul Regina finally became after his demise. "The only one to stand by me to the end." She finds Snow and steals her heart, giving it to Regina as a birthday present. Henry urges her to let go of her anger and blame Cora for Daniel's death, if anyone. "If you truly care for my daughter, I know you'll do whatever it takes to set her free" he says. Jared Scott Gilmore Henry is very supportive of Regina and her passions and skills, including horseback riding, but Cora judges her daughter listlessly based on her preferred activities and the lifestyle she leads. This said, the Queen thrusts her hand into her father's chest and takes out his heart. He notices the inscription, before pushing the coffin and entering the vault. Regina stops to inspect a giant mushroom, and he asks her what she's doing. "We can have a new life. Before he goes on, he bids his daughter a final goodbye and meets his grandson, with whom he shares a name. She thinks this will help her find Snow White, but it in fact only leads her to gaze upon her own reflection, meaning the person she hates the most... is herself. As the son of King Xavier, Henry grew up spoiled yet kind-hearted, taking a particular liking to a peasant named Cora and being allowed to marry her when her magic rescued the kingdom from debt. Gilmore was introduced to the entertainment industry with his sister, putting on… Henry approaches the Genie with a box and says he was expecting Regina. ("The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"), When Henry Mills becomes determined to help bring back his birth mother and grandmother from the fairytale land, he gets Regina's skeleton keys and enters his adoptive grandfather's mausoleum. He is the son of Rumplestiltskin and Milah, and the father of Henry Mills. Cora warns her to go home with her son and lover, threatening to send her father to a "worse place" if she does not, and Regina is deeply conflicted. Henry Sr. then walks away, leaving a very confused Genie. https://onceuponatimeabc.fandom.com/wiki/Prince_Henry?oldid=113036. The next day, Cora demonstrates her ability to produce gold from straw before the kingdom and Prince Henry proposes to her, a proposal which she accepts, and the two of them soon marry. Later, he is seen brushing his daughter's hair when Cora enters the room. He recurred in the series Mad Men as Don Draper’s son, Bobby, as well as in Hawthorne and Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and guest starred on Men of a Certain Age, Roommates, Without a Trace and Passions. He is portrayed by Michael Raymond-James, with Dylan Schmid and Brandon Spink, Sebastian Wilkinson and Dean Petriw portraying him in flashbacks. This led to roles in both television and film. San Diego, California, USA, 26 July 2019 TVSeriesFinale At this, Cora boasts that she's able to turn straw into gold and Xavier announces this to all of the attendees of the ball, saying that he shall lock her in a tower full of straw overnight and if she turns it all into gold, she can marry Henry, but should she fail, then she dies. They need someone who's related to her that's not Cora to heal her, and as such Cora journeys to Oz to find the daughter she abandoned many years ago. Regina is brought to tears and tells him that there's no need, for how could she blame the one she loves most? ", he says. She takes a piece of mushroom, Jefferson asks her if she knows what the food there does, and she then sets the box down and opens it. She then tells him that she thinks he's right, as she continues crying. Henry tells his daughter that Cora wants to give her everything she never got for herself. She brings Zelena back with her to the Enchanted Forest, and Henry is confused by who she is. The two went on to conceive a daughter: Regina. In his spare time, Jared likes playing Xbox and computer games with his friends. | Jared Gilmore was born on May 30, 2000 in San Diego, California, USA as Jared Scott Gilmore. Henry approaches Cora and asks her to dance, unaware that she's crashing the party, and divulges that his kingdom is becoming poor and that his father intends to marry him off to someone who can help bring them riches. Later, while her parents sleep, Regina gets the book from under Cora's pillow. But so is love. Their parents decided to find an agent for Taylor and brought Jared along for the ride. He justifies himself, claiming that she'd be dark forever if she killed Snow, and now she has a chance of redemption. Jared Gilmore, an 18-year-old actor, was introduced to the film industry at a very young age. We Love Soaps Archie orders Whale to leave, and then has a talk with Regina, failing to believe that the curse only brought the living because her father's mausoleum is in town. He tells his daughter that this man brought magic to Cora and gave her the book of spells. Regina spares her life to prove her wrong, but later Tink goes to Henry and tells her of how Regina's fate was determined by pixie dust, and she's supposed to find happiness with a man with a lion tattoo. "You knew only two could go through the hat." The Queen is happy to see him, but Henry himself looks heart-wrenched. provider-logo. West on taking up Henry Mills' mantle By Natalie Abrams September 28, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT But unfortunately, an actor can only do so much with a character that isn't very well-written. When Regina and Zelena find out they are sisters though, their memories are wiped and the latter is forced back to Oz. When she fails, it doesn't matter... because a light soon opens up, and Henry is welcomed into Mount Olympus. Jared says he loves all the new people he gets to meet through acting, and in the future he hopes to take on directing. He is shocked by her appearance, but she immediately orders him to leave. Rumplestiltskin explains to her that she needs to kill the thing she loves most: her father. Regina then asks how her mother got the way she is. Later on, after seeing his daughter still in anger, he commands the Magic Mirror to summon Cora in a looking glass. On the big screen he starred in A Nanny for Christmas, The Back-Up Plan, with Jennifer Lopez, Opposite Day and Overnight. Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes and more. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"), Regina once again fails to find and kill Snow White, with Henry witnessing her profession to a group of lined up villagers that she loves them all dearly... in an attempt to pump them for information. He believes that they can find happiness together. Today in Soap Opera History (May 30). When they met the agents, it turned out they were interested not only in Taylor but Jared as well. She places the food in the box, stands up, and quickly steps back. The following day, Regina banishes her mother to Wonderland. He tells her, through the bars on her door, that this is all her fault, that he failed her as a father. ("The Thing You Love Most") Regina keeps her vault in the local cemetery, disguised as her father's mausoleum. ("Souls of the Departed"). Inside there's a coffin where his body presumably lies, but once one pushes the coffin open it reveals a passageway to the vault where she keeps her collection of hearts, as well as various other items. He begs her to stop worrying about Snow White and start over. Emma Swan (139 episodes, 2011-2018) Ginnifer Goodwin. The funny reason Sergio Leone cast him as the villain in Once Upon A Time In The West in this rare 1975 interview. Henry disagrees with Cora's strict views but can't bring himself to confront her due to her powers, and even if he did subtly, Cora would silence him. He tries to play it off as cold feet, but Regina tells him that it is insanity. Her power will disappear, and they already think she's nothing. He reassures her that she can be. She ends up pouring the Ale of Sinead over his grave in order to contact him, and he makes it clear that he forgives her for everything she did and that he wants her to stay in the Underworld and help her friends because it's the right thing to do. The Genie is shocked to discover that Henry is the queen's father. Henry spent the rest of his life under the thumb of one Queen or another, taking orders from Cora when it came to raising their child and later from Regina when she usurped Snow White's throne. Who plays adult Henry now on Once Upon A Time… Get to know Jared Gilmore as Henry from Once Upon A Time. The Genie is alone in the gardens when he uses a knife to cut off an apple from Regina's tree. Jared’s charity of choice is Rocking Horse Ranch—www.RockingHorseRanch.org—which helps youth and young adults who have suffered abuse, trauma, neglect and other hardships by pairing them with horses who have themselves been rescued out of abuse and other life-threatening situations.