Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any content and photos without express and written permission from this blog’s author is strictly prohibited. Unlike many Hong Kong-style French toasts that are smothered in syrup, Si Yik’s kaya French toast is sweetened only with the star ingredient—kaya, a coconut and pandan-flavoured spread. If you find yourself in Cheung Chau, you will not want to miss out on this classic Hong Kong-style French toast on steroids. Hathaway is off to a promising start with a clear direction in offering heritage components in all their food offerings, yet maintaining a standard in both their menu and interior aesthetic. Hong Kong-style French Toast is prepared with two slices of peanut butter or coconut jam-smeared milk bread, which are dipped into a batter of eggs and vanilla essence, then pan-fried or deep-fried in oil until golden brown. Often touted as the city’s best Hong Kong-style French toast, Man Wah’s version uses a very thick bread so you get two textures at once: crispy on the outside and very fluffy in the middle. Using a 2-beans-blend (Columbia, Brazil) from Homeground Coffee Roasters for their espresso-based drinks such as Black (Double Espresso $4, Long Black $5, Iced Black $6) and White (3oz $4, 8oz $6, Mocha $7), my cup of 8oz White ($6) was smooth, medium-bodied with a slightly acidic tone. 7. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: @tinaststytravels (Instagram), Photo credit: @littlemissfoodaholic_ (Instagram), Photo credit: @tastylicious_hk (Instagram), Photo credit: @albertchoi430 (via Instagram), By Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, Copyright © 2020 LOCALIIZ | All rights reserved, 5 best spots for Northern Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong. Required fields are marked *. Fry the sandwich in the oil for about a minute, then flip the sandwich over, being careful not to splash any of the hot oil. Join our mailing list for news, discounts & more. The French toast here is equally dependable and delicious — expect a crispy yet fluffy slab of toast, drenched in buttery and syrupy goodness. Little Cove Espresso, Shop 1 and 2, G/F, Siu Yat Building, Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung, +852 9572 8560. Tagged with: french toast, homemade, Hong Kong Foodie. Soak the peanut butter sandwich into beaten eggs. Remove the french toast from the pan and drain on a towel. The classic Hong Kong-style french toast combines thick-sliced white bread, eggs, and kaya coconut jam, all deep fried and topped with an indulgent amount of butter and sweetened condensed milk. Very few people can resist the allure of French toast. 11/12/2012 08:47am AEDT | … Check out Humans of Hong Kong, our newest video series focused on telling Hong Kong stories! 4. 7. Many come for their fusion baos (包, Chinese-style buns), but their French toast ($68) is an absolute must-try. 2. The desserts menu is only available from 11am onwards, with offerings of The Queen’s Conserve ($16) which is a Kouign Amann; An Ode to Travelling Plum ($14) which is fruity with Guava and Sour Plum Sorbet; and Seri Muka ($14) which is Kueh Salat with Pengat Pisang Sauce. We’re here to save you the unnecessary calories and guide you through the eight best places to get your fix of Hong Kong-style French toast! Instead of the usual peanut butter, binding together the two pieces eggy bread is a slather of hazelnut paste. Set the sandwiches aside, then beat the eggs and milk together. Since the Seri Muka ($14) has similar ingredients as the Pengat Pisang French Toast ($28) I had earlier, I decided to go with The Queen’s Conserve ($16) instead. The drinks are considered more reasonably priced, with options such as Coffee ($4 – $10) and Tea ($8), Cold Pressed Juice ($8- $9) and Bespoke drinks ($12). Always served fresh and piping hot, the rich peanut-butter filled toast is fried to a deep golden brown, maintaining a crispy exterior even as the thick slab of butter and syrup melts on top. greetings from Argentina! All Rights Reserved. Header image courtesy of OAAG (via Shutterstock). Kicking off this list, we have the quintessential Hong Kong classic. Since the Seri Muka ($14) has similar ingredients as the Pengat Pisang French Toast ($28) I had earlier, I decided to go with The Queen’s Conserve ($16) instead. Your email address will not be published. Only 6 items are available on their Brunch menu with Asian elements incorporated within each and every one. This scrumptious treat is an adaptation of the western style french toasts. Elephant Grounds, various locations including: 8 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 2778 2700. 3 tablespoons milk As you move through the tutorial below, the keys are to use thick-sliced bread, to avoid over-battering the bread with the egg mixture and to wait until the oil has reached the desired temperature before starting to cook. While this old-school cha chaan teng located in the heart of Mong Kok is most known for their egg tart and pineapple bun, we think their French toast ($20) is equally a show stopper. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why settle for one dessert when we can have two on one plate? (Header image credit: Joseph Gonzalez/Unsplash), For your daily updates on all things luxury, follow us at @lifestyleasiahk, New Eats: Sri Lankan street snacks, The Upper House’s first Farmer’s Market, and more, Coa ranks No.