They probably have a better life in Zone Mortalis, but price escalates quickly, a squad of 3 in Ordo Reductor with 2 power fist can tell his own. This OPTIONAL Reductor-exclusive version of the Onslaught FOC can be seen as a RoW within a RoW. At the beginning the force used to be divided between the three ordos of the Mechanicum: the footsloggin MCs of the Legio Cybernetica, the more complete Taghmata (vanilla) and the extremely limited Ordo Reductor. Still, you can always opt to play a 'Relic Hunt' mission at the beginning of every campaign phase to acquire FREE relics, where your war zone-assigned character must be deployed. As for their weapons, Mauler bolters kill (and Pin) infantry very well, however Multimeltas aren't as great a choice on this unit. Any clever opponent will just avoid being in rapid fire range!More useful for being able to basically rapid fire at full range imo. They also cause difficult/dangerous terrain for anyone climbing out of whatever transport you just wrecked... you are using them on Land Raiders/Spartans right? There's other ways to ID it too, like a Praetor with a Combat Augment Array who made their Paragon Blade roll a six and beheaded your Thanatar (somehow, or more likely impaled its cortex, the Mechanicum didn't bother giving them necks). - hence you will often not have a Conversion beamer Destructor squad unless you're absolutely terrified of scatter and want to reroll to wound. Augments may also be a thing. The Sergeant can swap their bolter for one of the below: -Combi-weapon: You can sneak in a one shot special weapon in almost everyone’s army. Quad-gun, because you wanna be an Aegis-line apparently (this is the most expensive option). While most automata can function reasonably well without cortex control (either they stay way back and don't get distracted by nearby enemies, or it doesn't matter because you want them to attack whatever's convenient), a focused, controlled beeline to fortifications is what this guy needs to do, and if you lose control of him that's essentially 300 points down the drain. Something to keep in mind is that despite the Powerfist the Destructors don't do all that great in assault, this is because they're locked at 2 attacks base and can't get that boosted to 5 like the Castellax can, they're not bad, as in they'll hold their own against tactical squads and the like, but dedicated assault units will mulch right through them and dedicated tarpits will render them useless. Pretty useful as Magi (and especially Archmagi) have much higher Leadership than battle-automata, making wounds that ignore the battle-automata's usual advantage: their high Toughness. In a campaign you're only allowed one character with a relic, which you'll be stuck with for the rest of the campaign, so be sure of your decision. Twin-linked Volkite Culverins can give you some reasonably priced anti-horde abilities, or just put out a healthy amount of S6-Deflagerate. There are only 3 models with 1 wound, one of which has a 3+ save, another T5, and the last one is dirt cheap and full of upgrades, all of which have access to FNP. The Apocalypse Launchers have uses: the Barrage 4 firepower and AP3 allows you to kill Marines in cover quicker than standard blast weapons and then there is Titan dueling. The Legio Cybernetica is a Taghmata variant that focuses on robots. The biggest benefit to going Arch- is probably the point of BS, but the boosts to the rest of your stat-line certainly don't hurt. A S10 AP1 close combat attack is mostly wasted on infantry, being not at all any more effective than the base S8 AP2 that a normal Thanatar would have. It is possible to improve their shooting by buying them Induction Chargers, giving them an extra shot with the lock's, at a flat 15 points, a ten man squad with these costs 50 pts and puts out 20 shots, compared to a 60 points for the same number of shots if the squad doesn't have the Chargers. Everything comes at you gets cancer, everything that stays away gets Beamed. It also adds +2 to its strength when ramming fortifications. Mostly you will face Space Marine Legions when playing Mechanicum, a way to deal with their heavy armour is a must. As for the other "1-in-X can equip Y" items, they're pretty self explanatory. disembark from a transport that turn. How often are you really going to get to pump out those shots? This isn't that handy: Battlesmith is probably just as likely to go off, but if you really need to heal that Castellax, or don't have a reason to use any other Rite (and can shoot more than once), then you could use this. Cortus Dreads can very well kick its ass for cheaper. Cpoyright © 2012 heresy30k. Sisters of Silence options whilst cheap, will feel misplaced in a list if you're not careful (Infiltraiting Bolter squads will likely be best bet if you're just taking them for Tax purposes). Watch entire Marine formations wilt when given a double rad-shower, even when hidden in the heaviest of fortifications. The Vultarax are still strong but not that broken as before the update. divert lots of resources to hoard up on relics, Wrecker Armourbane Conversion Beam at full range, back from the dead and into Ongoing reserves,, +1 to their Initiative, Move and Charge distanses, and re-roll of failed hits in assault, assuming your opponent can dish out more damage than you, they have a 50 man unit with 3 attacks each and Rending,,000/Tactics/Questoris_Knight_Crusade_(30k)#Questoris_Knight_Armiger_Talon,,000/Tactics/Questoris_Knight_Crusade_(30k)#Mechanicum_Knight_Moirax_Talon, T6 W4 IWND FnP(5+) and six S5 AP2 attacks, both Nope'd a Primarch's retinue AND tarpitted him, you lose 1 HQ, 1 Troop, 2 Elites, 1 FA, Fortifications and Allies, That's your Ordo Reductor list right there,,000/Tactics/Mechanicum:_Taghmata_(30k)&oldid=720898. He also has his own Cybertheurgy power The Rite of the Beast, which is cast with a -2 Ld modifier and affects every Battle-Automata model in the targeted unit (, He may also purchase his special Xanathite Abeyant, which works exactly like a regular Abeyant, except it also gives him an extra attack and a Photon Thruster, which can be fired in addition to all other shooting attacks, aka, He also may take The Homonculex - his own customized Arlatax Battle-automata which simply gets Paragon of Metal for free but if Anacharis dies it is removed from play alongside him (and since Scoria can be a, Do note that if you take him on his abeyant, his base size is. Irradiation Engines are worthy of special mention here, the Macrocarid being one of only two units in the entire Heresy that can mount them. Where this guy really takes the spotlight is in attacks on Fortifications. If you are playing massive Apocalypse games with ranges over 100" these are perfect for smashing down other titans void shields and exposing them to your Belicosa Volcano Cannons: those Laser Blasters are no use if out range and will lose the extreme distance battle to the launcher-equipped Warlord everytime. weapons in your army, otherwise keep it at home.