In fact, two films inbetween these - Route Irish and It's a Free World - where largely ignored all together. Loach portrays this reality throughout the film by using aspects of real life stories. It first appeared at The Independent. Connect » Keep up to date » Blog » The real Daniel Blake. |, June 1, 2017 He said: “Staff were humiliated by what they were forced to do by management. Even if you left aside the political commentary, you'd still find that Loach has crafted a genuinely touching human drama. That’s the problem with politically correct portrayals of the working class, they don’t show the reality of them drinking foaming beer while singing sea shanties and screaming “woooooor” at a buxom wench while exchanging their kids for a scratch card. If they pass one with no legs they’ll say: “He’s got loads of legs at home. Within the space of a few hours of my request, my inbox was filling up with story after story: the reality of a system failing vulnerable people. But Young isn’t intimidated by that. | Fresh (167) Please click the link below to receive your verification email. So Loach should have made a feel-good film about a man rejected for disability benefit, in which he falls in love with his dialysis machine and the two of them go and live by the seaside renting out canoes and never sponging off the taxpayer again. It's not too dissimilar from last year's "A Man Called Ove" in terms of characters and plot, but the two films diverge in focus. Ultimately, this is a story about dignity, self-respect and injustice. The girlfriend of ex-Rangers ace Andy Halliday has been ramping up the glamour while enjoying some time at her Glasgow pad. Rosie Ramsey was so delighted to receive a signed copy of the book Clanlands from Outlander's Sam Heughan. In I, Daniel Blake, the lead character gives a helping hand to a sanctioned single mum ... What is infused in this story is that we are not creating monsters, the monster is the system. When Daniel's work coach tells him he must work harder to find a job or be sanctioned, Daniel spraypaints "I, Daniel Blake, demand my appeal date before I starve" on the building. Johns makes it all bearable. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. However, his retirement lasted just over a year before he stated his intent to come back and make a film on the British welfare system and the Tory government's barbaric treatment of the most vulnerable people in society. “We have been round festivals and had Spanish journalists telling us this was the film of their crisis. But judging by the reaction from festival audiences and juries around the world their new film, I, Daniel Blake, just might be the most important of them all.