It uses additional vowels and consonants that are not found in other languages that also use Devanagari. Varhadi (Varhādi) (वऱ्हाडी) or Vaidarbhi (वैदर्भी) is spoken in the Western Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Marathi (English: / m ə ˈ r ɑː t i /; मराठी, Marāṭhī, Marathi: [məˈɾaʈʰi] ()) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken predominantly by around 83 million Marathi people of Maharashtra, India.It is the official language and co-official language in the Maharashtra and Goa states of Western India, respectively and is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. For example, the word 'रंग' (colour) is pronounced as 'ranga' in Marathi & 'rang' in other languages using Devanagari, and 'खरं' (true), despite the anuswara, is pronounced as 'khara'. When two or more consecutive consonants are followed by a vowel then a jodakshar (consonant cluster) is formed. Marathi distinguishes inclusive and exclusive forms of 'we' and possesses a three-way gender system that features the neuter in addition to the masculine and the feminine. Marathi gained prominence with the rise of the Maratha Empire beginning with the reign of Shivaji (1630–1680). The new grammar stuck, which led to the unique flexibility of vowels lengths – amongst other anomalies – in Marathi. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? Marathi employs agglutinative, inflectional and analytical forms. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Translations of the Bible were first books to be printed in Marathi. P.L.Deshpande(PuLa), Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar, Maharashtri was often used for poetry and as such, diverged from proper Sanskrit grammar mainly to fit the language to the meter of different styles of poetry. Major poet composers of Powada and Lavani songs of the 17th and the 18th century were Anant Phandi, Ram Joshi and Honaji Bala. The eyelash reph/raphar (र्‍) is produced in Unicode by the sequence [ra र ] + [virāma ्] + [ZWJ] and [rra ऱ ]+ [virāma ्] + [ZWJ]. Baburao Bagul (1930–2008) was a pioneer of Dalit writings in Marathi. These translations by William Carey, the Commissioner Linguistic Minorities. [60][61] Gradually with other writers like, Namdeo Dhasal (who founded Dalit Panther), these Dalit writings paved way for the strengthening of Dalit movement. To simplify administration and revenue collection, the sultans promoted use of Marathi in official documents. Know Refurbished in Marathi Marathi: The Language and its Linguistic Traditions - Prabhakar Machwe, Indian and Foreign Review, 15 March 1985. An IPA chart of all contrastive sounds in Marathi is provided below. The most important hagiographies of Varkari Bhakti saints were written by Mahipati in the 18th Century. The contemporary grammatical rules described by Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad and endorsed by the Government of Maharashtra are supposed to take precedence in standard written Marathi. Like many other languages, Marathi uses distinct names for the numbers 1 to 20 and each multiple of 10, and composite ones for those greater than 20. The first half of the 20th century was marked by new enthusiasm in literary pursuits, and socio-political activism helped achieve major milestones in Marathi literature, drama, music and film. Notable examples of Marathi prose are "Līḷācarītra" (लीळाचरीत्र), events and anecdotes from the miracle-filled the life of Chakradhar Swami of the Mahanubhava sect compiled by his close disciple, Mahimbhatta, in 1238. Whereas in 1630, 80% of the vocabulary was Persian, it dropped to 37% by 1677[39] Samarth Ramdas was a contemporary of Chh.Shivaji Maharaj. He also founded the popular Marathi periodical of that era called Kesari in 1881. This day is regulated by the State Government. [citation needed] Marathi is also spoken by Maharashtrian migrants to other parts of India and overseas. Clip fonts are in vogue on PCs even today since most of the computers in use are working with English Keyboard. [91] Prior to these Marathi equivalents, words from other languages were widely used, which was unacceptable to Savarkar. Native Marathi speakers form 6.86% of India's population. Marathi is one of several languages that further descend from Maharashtri Prakrit. [8], Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra and co-official language in the union territories of Daman and Diu[4] and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Encyclopædia Britannica 2007 Ultimate Reference Suite. However, the Marathi language from the era is heavily persianised in its vocabulary. “I did not mean it” etc. [9] The major dialects of Marathi are Standard Marathi and the Varhadi dialect. Marathi was used in court life by the time of the Seuna kings. Further re-organization of the Bombay state on 1 May 1960, created the Marathi speaking Maharashtra and Gujarati speaking Gujarat state respectively. Some examples are given above. Krishnadayarnava and Sridhar were poets during the Peshwa period. It is written from left to right. Use this free dictionary to get the definition of friend in Marathi … For example, 1,234,567 is written as 12,34,567 and read as 12 lakh 34 Hazara 5 she 67. Delivered to your inbox! [89], Over a period of many centuries, the Marathi language and people came into contact with many other languages and dialects. In English, we use the verb “To Mean” e.g. The phoneme inventory of Marathi is similar to that of many other Indo-Aryan languages. [88] Numerous scholars have noted the existence of Dravidian linguistic patterns in the Marathi language. With 83 million speakers as 2011, Marathi ranks 10th in the list of most spoken languages in the world. For example, 21 is read एक-वीस (1-twenty). Marathi borrows a lot of its vocabulary from Sanskrit. Gāwḍi, A. M. Ghatage & P. P. Karapurkar.