I renewed my license online and checked the online Licensee Lookup database and it still does not show that I renewed, is something wrong? Pin Number : Please Note: If you received a Renewal Notice and you have your PIN number you may enter that number here and then press Request Renewal Print below. Although this is a Department-wide initiative, the Divisions impacted at this time are Professional Regulation and Real Estate. To Protect the Residents of Illinois This is a Google search of IDFPR.com, at the bottom of the search results page there will be numbers for the pages of results. Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation What if my profession’s application renewal and contact information update process is still paper only and the Department’s website will not allow me to renew or update my contact information online? Instructions on this process may be found at the Department’s website at: https://www.idfpr.com/Renewals/defaultSSL.asp You may also obtain your license by going to https://www.idfpr.com/GetMyLicense and send them either a printed or electronic copy. You can read it by clicking here. Be sure to look out for your profession or business! https://www.idfpr.com/Renewals/defaultSSL.asp. Only active, non-expired license(s) will be listed. To Enhance Commerce in the State for the Benefit of all its Residents Only professions eligible to renew online may take advantage of this renewal method. You must submit an email address on your initial application in order to receive an electronic copy of your license. The Division of Real Estate created a summary of the changes the state will see effective for the next decade. After logging in, the resulting page will provide the PIN number to the licensee. Effective immediately, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) will no longer issue paper renewal notices and licenses. If submission of contact information updates is not an option for your profession on the Department’s website, then you may submit them to the Department via paper as you have done in the past. License renewal periods will remain the same. A PIN is not needed for an individual licensee to renew online. Don't have an account? governance to create an ideal regulatory environment that (1) allows economic growth to flourish, and (2) effectively optimizes consumer choice. Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation320 W. Washington, 3rd Floor Springfield, IL 62786, Copyright © 1997-2020 Iron Data Solutions All Rights Reserved My employer is requesting a photocopy of my license, now that paper licenses will no longer be produced, what should I do? What kind of information will the online license verification provide? Welcome to the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) The mission of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Professional Regulation is to serve, safeguard, and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public by ensuring that licensure qualifications and standards for professional practice are properly evaluated, applied, and enforced.