We are a small family based operation that focuses on natural, sustainable living and raise CVM/Romeldale sheep. Catskill Merino is a woman-owned, small farm in the Hudson Valley of New York. 1 rr black oebr registered and 1 white qr ram lamb. Very nice fleeces. ... Tel: 419-722-7230 | 44804 | OH | 06/20/2020  He is going to ... Tel: (520)485-5241 | 84738 | UT | 10/31/2020  Add meaty thickness to your flock. Both are black very cute,healthy, vaccinated and OEBR registered. | More Information, WANTED SUFFOLK OR SUFFOLK CROSS EWES F1, F2 and F3 gens available. | More Information, FOR SALE DORPER RAM Each year, the Merino grows a dense, finely-fibered fleece with a staple length of  2.5 to 4 inches long. 4 suffolk cross lambs-2 ewe, 2 weather 303 503 4004. Sexes. Most parasite resistant sheep breed! Our focus is on superior fiber. Registered fullblooded Dorper Rams. This is a 4H breeding ewe, ready for lambing! Search Merino Sheep For Sale Grid List. They are often referred to as the “mother breed” of sheep because they are an ancient breed that has unique lambing potentials and incredible motherly instincts. We are almost out of purebred Babydolls but due to a cancelation we have a few Babydoll crosses available. We started with a mixed flock of romneys and other breeds, and at one time we had over 250 sheep in blankets. | More Information, FOR SALE PUREBRED TEXELS AND FINNSHEEP Ewes are $350.00 and ewe lambs $300.00. All twins or triplets. | More Information, SHEEP FOR SALE. Once you submit your order, full  details for payment will be sent to you by email  or sent via text using the phone number you are to provide . $275 each. Sign Me Up Farm News Sign Up Form. Beautifully marked purebred harlequin ewe lamb with gorgeous blue eyes. | More Information, BRED EWES FOR SALE 110 ewes, 15 lambs and one ram. Davidsonville, Md... Tel: 4433369016 | 21035 | MD | 08/29/2020  All were born February - March 2020. Oldest is 6 years old and youngest is 1 year old. I'm selling because I am reducing my flock number due to the need for pasture restoration on my little farm. They are often referred to as the “mother breed” of sheep because they are an ancient breed that has unique lambing potentials and incredible motherly instincts. Between 2 and 5 years old. Ewes, March Lambs and 2 grown Rams.... Tel: 9012864609 | 38028-9727 | TN | 08/05/2020  | More Information, DORPER EWES The cheapest offer starts at R 400. Running with rams.... Tel: 717-372-2397 | 17219 | PA | 06/29/2020  Finnsheep Ewes also available. 734 260 4350... Tel: 734-260-4350 | 49240 | MI | 11/02/2020  Our merino sheep are some of the top in the nation with several rams winning Supreme Champion Ram several times each year. Our focus is on superior quality wool for hand spinners. Our experts will call you on your preferred time. Price is between 10% and 30% below the estimated market price for similarly classed vehicles. 2020 lambs for sale. For more info text or call 231-four68-4seven7seven... Tel: 2314684777 | 49625 | MI | 10/13/2020  Merino sheep lambs for sale South Africa. That year we added 3 colored ewes to our small flock of sheep, in addition to the horses, cows, chickens, ducks and turkeys and of course children. | More Information, PAINTED DESERT SHEEP FOR SALE Breeding 4. Very Nice.... Tel: 7173722397 | 17219 | PA | 10/29/2020  Running with rams.... Tel: 7173497599 | 17219 | PA | 06/24/2020  $300 each $500 for both call or text for p... Tel: 3302411699 | 44256 | OH | 07/23/2020  | More Information, MULTI PURPOSE SHEEP FOR SALE Merino sheep lambs for sale South Africa. Images Copyright © Mendenhall Wool Ranch and/or Banner Publications Unless Otherwise Noted. Merino 4. Intensive grazing is used to manage the grass. Explore 11 listings for Merino sheep lambs for sale South Africa at best prices. If interested call at (724-422-2133)... Tel: 7244222133 | 15670 | PA | 04/11/2020  | More Information, HEAVY BRED REGISTERED HEREFORD COWS FOR SALE $1000 For Sale: I am looking at possibly selling my Kathadin/dorper cross sheep flock. 75 Katahdin/Dorper ewes running with rams. $250 each. Excellent way to promote parasite resistance into your flo... Tel: 517-214-7848 | 48872 | MI | 08/24/2020  We have breed ewes and lambs for sale and we also have commercial sheep for sale. | More Information, FOR SALE: JACOB RAM | More Information, GRASS FED SHEEP FLOCK WITH GUARD DOGS Black or white lamb's wool: $12 per pound... Tel:  | 17202 | PA | 06/06/2020  Below is the list of the sheep that I'm selling. | More Information, HARLEQUIN EWE LAMB Will wether one if you are interested in ... Tel: 5704907248 | 17772 | PA | 11/30/-0001  The staple length is between 6 – 10 cm and they have a micron count of 24. Registered Twin and Triplet ram lambs available. Includes 4 free pictures! Thank you for stopping by to learn more about us. all weened 4/20... Tel: 8646847075 | 29360 | SC | 04/21/2020  Order By. Excellent confirmation and fleeces. | More Information, BABY SOUTHDOWN WETHER & RAM LAMB BLACK REGISTERED 70 females and 25 males of Dorper sheep and 50 males and 62 females of Merino sheep available... Meat Merino sheep for sale. I'll take 800 for all three sheep... Tel: (478) 279-0501 | 30457 | GA | 07/07/2020  150 Dorset/Rambouliett ewes. Weight: Average Weight 45 - 100 LBS each Very big and healthy cows goats sheep and lambs available for sale at amazing prices. | More Information, FOR SALE BABY DOLL SHEEP Thank you for choosing this service. 1 Reg Dorper Ram $800, 1 breeder Dorper Ram $350, 2 Breeder Dorper Ewes $350 ea., 3 Katahdin Rams $200 ea. | More Information, RAMBS FOR SALE 2019 2020 $120 | More Information, KATAHDIN LAMBS , EWES AND RAMS FOR SALE Our livestock are very healthy and have been vaccinated.