Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC. The Banshee from the grey rock comes To wrap the world in thrall. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! You'll receive your first newsletter soon! I have another source, 'True Irish Ghost Stories', which refers to her as a banshee (fairy woman). For more information on the meaning of Sheevra (the class of fairies called siabra) and Eevil (Aebinn or Aibell, the banshee) read the page at this site: Mythology : Gods, Goblins, and Phantoms. 'God forbid it's not that sort I'd be liking to see. My child-o, the pale half-moon, Hath brimmed her cusp in dew, And weeps to hear this sad sleep tune, I sing, my love, to you. I'm not sure if the Starry Boig is an actual or imaginary place name. I heard say, before the great ship was wrecked off Port-na-Spania, he was known to have decoyed the vessel in and that when he 'ticed it on the rocks he flitted away to his own berth up there and clapped his hands, and the echo of that clap pitched yon rock out to sea from the headland, as you would pitch a marble.' Did you know that he lectured at Fordham Uni (NY) for ten years in the 20s and 30s? The injustice (he hadn't partook in the fighting, only supporting the Republicans verbally) and harsh prison regime sickened him of Irish politics and he emigrated to NY in 1925, earning a living teaching Irish lit and culture at Fordham Univ. Curly Jim Musgrave. Too well it was proved to be a curse', added the boatman; and then he went on to tell of the ruin of the neighbouring colliery by the fall of part of the cliff above its works. My baby-o, my child, my joy, My love, my heart's desire, The cricket sings you lullaby, Beside the dying fire. The lyrics are beautiful: “From the wide rollin’ plains, cross the Rockies blue range, wherever the proud eagle flies, a lone coyote croons to a full lover’s moon, a Montana lullaby” 2. There is a curious fissure in the cliff-face near Beann--mor (Fair Head) in the Co[unty] Aondruim [Antrim]. They were the driving force behind the movement. Since first posting this page, I have received emails from grateful readers who were searching for an understanding of these lyrics. Questions about your PRWeb account or interested in learning more about our news services? Music Video. El Gringo De Ramona Linda . He had a mystical nature (as evident in Gartan). Overcast has been teamed with Nashville producer Russ Ragsdale since his first recording project in 1993. Mrs. S.C. Hall has recorded a typical one. Top Songs By Curly Jim Musgrave. About Ken Overcast, writer of Montana Lullaby: "Montana" Lyrics by Charles Cohan Melody by Joseph E. Howard Tell me of that Treasure State Story always new, Tell of its beauties grand And its hearts so true. Dusk is drawn, and the Green Man's thorn Is wreathed in rings of fog. Written by Overcast and fellow Montanan, Wylie Gustafson, Montana Lullaby became "The Official Lullaby" of the State of Montana" when Governor Brian Schweitzer signed HB594 at a well attended ceremony in his office. Album . For further information on this interesting lady see Douglas Hyde's "Literary History of Ireland", also, Dr Joyce's "Irish Names of Places". My baby-o, my child, my joy, My love, my heart's desire, The cricket sings you lullaby, Beside the dying fire. Then it went up the cliff and stopped where that fallen pillar rests. Both were from Belfast, Hughes being a Protestant (Methodist) and Campbell a Catholic.