It can be difficult to make a decision between the Navy vs. Air Force. One of our favorites happens in August when they do the CPO induction and you see all these ridiculously cheerful people out doing car washes to raise money. OMK provides resources and content to young adults who are thinking about joining the US Armed Forces, but don’t know where to begin. My own nephew enlisted in the Navy (and recently reenlisted) and found a place in the world to do good work. Officers in the army arnt put on nearly as high a pedestal as navy ones. Some waves in the ocean can easily reach 30-40 feet in height during stormy weather, which means you’ll have lots of up-and-down motion. TRICARE comes in different plans including: The military provides a primary care manager (PCM) for each family member. Conclusion: Navy vs Air Force Pros and Cons. Another difference between the Navy and the Air Force is their National Guard and Reserve components. As far as the lifestyle - It depends... but plan on 630-5 Mon-Fri with about 7(or so) 4-day weekends a year. During any given year, about 40% of the personnel who are serving in the Navy are assigned to a ship or submarine. Operational commands consist of combatant commands that have primary duties of operations and exercises. This provides support and protection for ground troops below. The Navy is one component of the Department of the Navy, (the Marine Corps is the other component). But even with similar career fields, the responsibilities of those specific individuals are different. If your orders place you in an area where there is a high cost-of-living expense to manage, then the Commissary receives subsidizing funds from the government to help you manage your budget better as well. The differences include the following: While there are many more, we believed these 7 differences between military and civilian life are the most essential and will provide the most value for you, our veteran readers. There are 12,323 pilots, 3,265 navigators, and 1,306 air battle managers that are grade lieutenant colonel and below. Below we will discuss what the Navy is, what the Air Force is, details about them both and 5 key differences between them. This is why it is important for service members to consider their separation from the military a major life altering event. Just as important, is the differences between the two branches. Although military housing varies by rank, location, and family situation, most new members start their military careers on base, according to Today’s Military. For the Air Force, E-5 and above positions are competitive, and individuals must apply to open positions. Most of these positions involve remote tactics and surveillance instead of direct confrontation in a battlespace. These professional job titles can be found throughout the United States and even abroad. But I count myself lucky, lucky, LUCKY that I have spent my entire adult life loving on the Navy. New Chief season. When a service member stays in for 20 years, they will receive a pension of 50% of their base pay. Component commanders control numbered fleet commanders. However, employment in the military is dissected into divisions such as brigades or wings. In the Navy, you can put your mind at ease. Each branch of the military carries its own set of values and principles, but overall, the military, as a unit, is built on a foundation of: The military ingrains and adopts a heavy framework of teamwork and mission first mindset on its members. Military members can contribute to their retirement savings by using a Thrift Savings Plan. Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The pay scale for enlisted personnel the Navy, as in all branches of the military, depends on a sailor's rank, or as it's called in the Navy the sailor's rate, as well as his years of service. In the Navy you don’t have to share a mess room with the dirty enlisted scum. The Navy has multiple aircraft carriers in the Atlantic, Pacific, 5th Fleet, and 6th Fleet. The Air Force has rigid guidelines that you must meet educationally if you want to join that branch of the service. Most Navy fighter pilots will fly the one-seat or two-seat version of the Super Hornet. The US Navy is a multiple force threat that has the ability to mobilize at a moment’s notice. You may receive more allowances in the Navy than the Air Force. Speak with your recruiter about how you could contribute to see where you might be a good fit. You must also obtain a score of 65 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). It’s a shopping option that offers the equivalency of a mall without the requirement to pay taxes. Groups make up wings, squadrons make up groups, flights make up squadrons, and squadrons consist of sections. Or that unfortunate sleet storm that pummeled all the balloons. You will find a massive support group waiting for you. Wings, or Numbered Air Force, generally report to commands. For me, one of the first differences I noticed was in boot camp. Of the 328,049 members, 63,902 are officers and 264,147 are enlisted. Additionally, a civilian employer may offer tuition assistance where the employee pays for the classes and the company provides reimbursement. Oceanfront property. Like all branches of the U.S. military, sailors in the Navy are eligible for comprehensive health care coverage and life insurance. Active duty military members can get dental care at dental clinics on military installations. Really. 10. Both the Navy and the Air Force have reserve components. When you combine that problem with the fact that you could be staying in a small space with 5,000 or more people, then it can become a very uncomfortable experience. Not only do our own sailors develop miraculously good superstar looks when they don the spanky white version of their uniforms, this trick works for actors, too. Archived. In Navy towns like Norfolk, San Diego, Jacksonville, and Bremerton you can't walk a block without running into someone with connections to the Navy. The Navy and Air Force are both Military branches that fall under the Department of the Navy and Department of the Air Force, respectively. The logistics branches were all gone in the top 30 (out of 120) in my class. Posted by 8 months ago. World events will usually dictate much of how your career will go in either branch of the military, which means your individual aspirations need to have some flexibility to them. 7. That makes it a lot easier to form relationships, create lifelong friendships, and have a support network in place when your family needs to manage your deployment. They have 59,574 Selected Reserve and 44,101 Individual Ready Reserve. Their capabilities include air strikes with their multiple aircraft carriers and large air force. To some, military life is one filled with conflict and war, while civilian life represents freedom. There are over 141,000 civilians who work with the Air Force as well. There's a lot of people like you that only want to join the Army for non combat arms branches at OCS who get their hearts broken when they get stuck with Infantry, Field Artillery, and Chemical. That means there's a lot of really high highs... and a lot lot lot of really low lows. The military has its own set of laws that service members must abide by called the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The training to become a fighter pilot in the Navy is shorter than training in the Air Force. Top 10 Reasons the Navy Is the Best Service, Biden’s Military Brain Trust Includes Former Navy, Marine Corps Top Leaders, Navy Debuts Cleaner-Burning Tugboats in Washington State, 4 Lessons from Bill Nye for Military Kids, Amazon Prime Announces Big Military Discount for Veterans Day,'s Guide to the Best Military Gifts of 2020, Jump In on These 7 Virtual Military Events over November 2020, Sesame Workshop for Military Families: Elmo Talks About Feeling Shy, Adorable: Seals Stow Away Aboard Coast Guard Boat, Museum Educator Builds Navy’s New Zumwalt Mega-Destroyer Out of LEGO, Army Wife, Mom of 5, Heads to NYC to Fight COVID-19. The USAF also has space operations that allow for missile warning, GPS, Space Situational Awareness, and to protect communications. The Big Turnaround. Related Article – Air Force Reserve Benefits. The active duty components of each branch fall under Title 10 of the US Code, but that may be all that is similar between their command structures. 2. Related Article – Navy Jobs List: A List Of All 71 Ratings In The US Navy For 2020. Depending on your AFSC and duty assignment in the Air Force, you might find yourself spending seven months out of each year deployed in areas where the risks of conflict are quite high. is it true statistically RAF recruits last longer, why is this?. Navy and Air Force aircraft fly over the USS Kitty Hawk during a photo exercise.
, © Empire Resume Career Services | Ogden, UT, USA |. They are organized using squadrons that are based on job function. The next moment there is this huge, grey vessel slipping across the ocean like a mist. The Rainier is the first of a new class of tugboats delivered to the Navy to meet new EPA standards for emissions. Even some of the awards you earn can help you to gain a competitive edge in this area. We know the Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force are great, too. The Navy offers several special operations forces that may be possible to join. I might have been born Air Force. There are fewer educational requirements to get into the Navy. Because you are serving in the military, there will always be a risk that you’ll receive orders to go into an active combat situation. Most people find themselves drawn to one specific branch of service because of what they like to do. When a person enters military service, they become a part of something that’s bigger than themselves, much like a fraternity or sorority. There are the SAR Swimmers, the Navy EOD, SWCC, and the Navy SEALs. Lower promotions generally occur automatically based on time in service or time in rate, while higher ones will include a minimum time requirement in addition to testing requirements. Can anyone shed some life on which branch to join? The US Air Force is responsible for creating a superior air and space enforcement. Sailors have more fun. Required fields are marked *. Some of the most common Articles of the UCMJ include: For more information on the Articles of the UCMJ, review another governing authority of the military justice system Manual for Courts-Martial. Air Force members protect the ground, air, space, and cyberspace. Air Force pilots aren’t learning how to land on an aircraft carrier. Even though their responsibilities differ, they will work together when needed. Both branches of the military have stations that dot the coastlines. These demographics do not include Guard, Reserve, or Academy members. I recently visited an Army recruiter and he highly encouraged me to submit an OCS packet. The Air Force requires specialized roles more than the Navy. Continue reading for more on Navy vs. Air Force. This is a McDonald’s. There are a total of 290 deployable combat vessels in the Navy, along with 3,700 operational aircraft. You will begin receiving your benefits on the day that you make that decision. In the civilian world, a 401(k) or employer sponsored contribution plan is a benefit provided by companies. If you feel like you’re going to need some structure with your military career, then the Navy is a better choice when comparing it to the Air Force. Fighter pilots in the Navy are not the same as fighter pilots in the Air Force. Additionally, the Air Force has the 72nd Air Base Wing out of Tinker Air Force Base. The military educational benefits offered are one of the most attractive benefits the military offers, according to It is comprised of active, reserve, and guard units. All rights reserved. One of the most beautiful moments of a Navy homecoming is that instant when the ship slips over the horizon and into view. I am primary interested in finance & logistics. You’ll find that there are several special discounts that are frequently run to help you manage your budget more effectively. And even at it's ripe old age of almost 238, it's still looking good. 8. The Air Force makes military service feel like a regular job.