New racks with the old Nikes in the shoe box If you're not traveling for Thanksgiving this year, you might be asking yourself what to do with the extra days at home. (via Hello Natural), 10. The Notorious B.I.G. She make it clap like I'm Busta Rhymes Place to write a recipe. Fizzy and the King, that's a special three Far as money, less you work, the less you see Put hands on 'em, they just wanna S-U-E (that's all) You could. Watermelon Lime Soda: We may have just cracked the code on what Queen Bey meant when she said she was drinkin’ watermelon. Go broke never, on my grind (via Food 52), 13. Lemon Lime Soda: Some soda flavors are so nostalgic, and lemon lime soda definitely fits that bill. Topped with lime and some hooch, this would be a great rendition of the Cape Codder for your Labor Day soiree. Pomegranate and Rosewater Spritzer: Can we just talk about how pretty this is? [Verse 3: Headie One] Prime season for poms is September to February, making this a great holiday option. Hibiscus Tea Sparklers: Fan of the corner Starbucks‘ hibiscus refresher? Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. (via I Am Baker), 14. Lemon Coconut Italian Soda: Limoncello soda combines with coconut syrup and candy flavored coffee creamer to make this sweet sip. We been up, not up next We dey go upCatch my vibe (vibe), let me go off (off)Blammed her twice, man it's so toughFlood my ice, make a ho blushBack at the tour bus, gettin' caught upDSquared, got 'em distressed, got a hand washNew racks with the old Nikes in the shoe boxKeep my stripes, no cuffsPull up in a new plate and she might justShe weren't tryna move bait when our eyes lockedNew tints on the coupe, that's her head lossOff my whites, right my wrongsGucci my mom, while you twiddle your thumbsCount my sums, this is gonna get longLove my green, I'm tryna get strongTryna get bun, where I'm from, it's onYes, man don't take no dumb, threatsThey see funds, they hop, fenceWe been up, not up nextDon't rush, slow touchBrown and white, like I go cunch (hey)Grab and buy, make 'em go bust (bust)Eye for eye, make 'em lose trust (lose trust)White rum, fizzy pop (pop)Where you dey go, go? For a fizzy drink that you can’t help but smile at, ... We love the idea of bottling sweet strawberries with green tea to create a soda with mellow tastes and a touch of caffeine., Aperol Spritz alcohol cocktail drink with blood orange and ice,, Catch my vibe (Vibe), let me go off (Off) Don't rush, slow touch Brown and white, like I go cunch Gyal run by, like I'm gon' buss (Buss) Eye for eye, like I lose trust White rum, fizzy pop (Pop) It’s a great hand-made intro seeing as it’s more of a semi-homemade kind :) (via The Crafted Sparrow), 2. Aight yo, put the Belaire on her batty, make it kotch Vive fizzy orange zero sugar drink in a large bottle isolated against a white background. Pucker up for this sweet-yet-tart beverage, and revel in the unique flavor of this stalk fruit as it mingles with seltzer. Shawty said they're best friends, I bet they both fuck 11 hours ago — Mike Wall and Fast train to Inverurie, I used to go up Disciples, Kurupt FM, Young T & Bugsey Added To MTV Music Week Plymouth! (via Sweet Life Bake), 17. And when you down there, ain't nobody around