Creamy things, like Greek yogurt, crème fraîche and heavy cream, give the dessert its mouthfeel. Pile it high in chilled glasses, which you can hold in the freezer while you whip cream to go on top. Nobody left a written review here, but I can assure you the recipe got great feedback on social media :]. Remember, we use evaporated milk in the original recipe due to the low water content, so using a nut milk changes things up quite a bit. Join The Stack Pack below to get my recipes a day before they’re released, along with other special announcements and exclusive giveaways! But do rush: At room temperature, it’ll go from soft to soupy in 10 minutes. But that’s fine- just get your protein in elsewhere! No problem Amanda, don’t worry about it! Although not currently fulfilling the job of parent, her eight nieces and nephews keep her, and her reluctant partner, practiced and on their toes. I added some Oreos to the food processor in this one to spice it up, but obviously that is optional. I’ve stumbled into a recipe that is officially a staple in my diet. Using this method makes it very easy to break the mixture up and add it to the food processor once frozen, but you can also use an ice cube tray if you prefer (admittedly, I don’t own one). There’s something about a soft serve that just reminds us of being a kid again, so we are loving this Super Simple Soft Serve Ice Cream recipe. Cut the corner of the bag using some scissors and pipe into your cone or bowl. I LOVE soft serve ice cream, but without an ice cream maker, it’s not very easy to make your own. Although, you will need the special help of a soft serve ice cream maker to make this delicious frozen dessert. Senior Writer Run the food processor on low-medium for about 30 seconds or so, until everything blends up into a mixture that looks like pebbles. Hi! I had my dad try this and he said it was incredibly good. While this isn’t quite the same soft serve, it was still quite good! But I want to show you what I chose to use, and how the end result turned out…. Unlike regular ice cream, which requires some combination of muscle, machinery and time, this soft serve whips frozen fruit and a little dairy into a dessert that can — and must — be eaten instantly. If you use the dairy free version, you only need to take the nutrition for the can of the coconut milk you use, since the other ingredients do not add any calories. A few questions: 1) Are the nutritional stats for the dairy-free version or the dairy version? Oceana holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Writing and Indonesian, and has used her interest in languages to create a career online. It can stay there for up to 30 minutes before losing its freshly churned allure. Recipe: Strawberry and Sesame Swirl Soft Serve. 3) Stevia should work just fine- any sweetener should work for the flavor. I love soft serve, so I dove into the ice cream just as is. Step 1: Mix together the milk, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt. Bananas don’t need much more than this, while berries and cherries routinely take at least two teaspoons per cup. It starts with the kind of fruit that’s fragrant enough to withstand freezing. Now, keep in mind that coconut milk has no protein, so there’s not going to be any protein in your ice cream. Freeze until semi-firm (4-5 hours depending on freezer) and then when ready to serve take the bag out and massage it until it’s soft all over, for about 1 minute. I made one version without the mixture fully frozen (it was still pretty soft) and the final ice cream was way too loose. Recipe by Chef #482014 Very similar to soft serve ice cream found at restaurants, fast food places and various stores. Soft serve—around since the 1930s—tastes best when the flavor is light and the texture is rich.Achieving both means using a lot of milk proteins but relatively little sugar. The issue with nut milks is that they are very much water based. She’s also the resident blonde at, where she shares her, slightly dented, wisdom on photography, relationships, travel, and the quirks of a creative lifestyle. Step 2: Pour your mixture into a large freezer bag and seal it tight without any air, then let it fully freeze. Literally just like the real thing with 1/3 of the calories. I highly recommend just freezing it overnight to be safe. Make your own with some kind of combination of protein powder and ice. It’s going to be crumbly and not quite ice cream… yet! You may need to change the amounts based on the size of your ice cream maker/turner! Like all of summer’s ephemera, it should be inhaled while it lasts. To Make Coffee Soft Serve: Add 1 T espresso or instant coffee powder and increase sugar to 1 cup (optional) at the time of cooking. Using a spoon or silicone spatula, fold through the softened ice cream until the two are well combined, and then pour/spoon this mix into a large, resealable freezer bag.