In the United States, at the end 70s XX century, the ideas constituted for individualism associated with the autonomy of individuals contributed to the transformation not only in the sphere of freedom in politics and economic, but also in the sphere of ethos. Generally speaking, individualism is a concept which argues that a “human being should think and judge independently, respecting nothing more than the sovereignty of his or her mind whereas collectivism believes that some sort of group rather than the individual that makes the fundamental unit of political, social, and economic concern” (Collec... ...Individualism and Collectivism between Eastern and Western Cultures... Individualism and Collectivism between Eastern and Western Cultures... and Collectivism Individualism and Collectivism Individualism and collectivism have become one of the leading conflicts in politics in the United States of America. Some forms of competition between people are extremely undesirable in collective societies. These ideals are also promoted by the religion of Islam. The discussion that follows will demonstrate the necessity by comparing and contrasting both torts. Take a look at the differences between Eastern collectivist values with those Eurocentric Western values of individualism.Individualistic Values: Asian societies are known as collectivist in nature, where one’s sense of identity is based on the “we” factor—where your allegiance and sense of purpose is tied to your family, village, and the larger community. In this way Protestantism strengthened the belief that every individual is unique, and is responsible for his actions. In this regard the external circumstances: lack of opportunity to move, punishment in the form of prison and as the highest form — servitude are the causes of the absence of the freedom. Lukes, S. (1990). Fake illness. However, human rights in Asia are interpreted as the right of groups rather than individuals. He has to prove that he is one of members of his community. They wouldn’t be so successful if they didn’t know how to put themselves first. There are many instances in which establishing a claim in private nuisance does not require proof of negligence and it, therefore, remains necessary to maintain the tort of private nuisance distinct from the tort of negligence. As Americans we have to protect ourselves because our government thus far has not been doing that for us. One person of community tries avoiding conflict with other members at all.