Mouthwash is an effervescent relic manufactured by the Eridian. The 39% elemental bonus from Bone of the Ancients is as good or better than Mouthwash’s AR bonus, and has Action Skill bonuses that could be quite beneficial. Toothpick and Bee are doing 50% more than otherwise expected because Toothpick is a fire weapon against fleshy skags and bandits. And real formulae. (never played scarlet dlc). Queen Sandworms seem to have a guaranteed drop during the quest that has them spawn, otherwise I believe normal Sandworms have a chance to drop the Toothpick or its partner shield, the Retainer. This is on normal difficulty with level 75 Toothpick and Mouthwash, 74 Retainer. With real context. *I can confirm extra 5 multiplier vs skag crit zone. Wow! Adding a level 74 Bee with +786890 amp damage, my best damage with Mouthwash and the Siren mod was 5716k, which is 848k more than normal (4868k). So I did a second test, this time from a greater distance so only one projectile is hitting at a time. Elemental Type Modifier depends on weapon element vs target type (e.g., fire vs flesh gets a bonus, corrosive vs shield gets a penalty). Bee upkeep utility of the Siren mod over the raw damage potential of the Cat mod, bee (AMP shield) without inertia ? Cat does 5.4% better than Siren on Toothpick with phaselock up, so that’s 21% better including fire rate (realistically 13% better) . If his program helped you out and let you go crazy in Borderlands 2 then be sure to send a few bucks his way on his Patreon or by using the Epic Support-A-Creator Tag “GIBBED”. Save the game by toggling your Badass Rank on/off. Odd - just assumed it would regardless of Dahl (Hornet for example). If you have the toothpick + the other 2 set items equipped, you get a 50% speed boost and a 200% or so damage boost on the DLC raid boss (not including each items bonuses). Neither of these last two facts are affected by Mouthwash; that’s just base Toothpick behavior. With the Siren mod giving an 80% reduction in recharge time (assuming 10/5 in Ward), the Bee is actually much faster (1.46 delay plus 1.42 recharge time for 2.88 total compared to Retainer’s 0.43 delay plus 5.89 recharge time for 6.32 total). The bonus is 250% more than expected. This time, I went to normal mode, Dahl Abandon, shooting level 37 to 39 skags near the fast travel waypoint. Title +104% damage without phaselock to low health enemy, SMG. Mouthwash is an effervescent Relic in Borderlands 2 Reborn. Source However, Toothpick has an inherent damage bonus of +250% which is multiplicative to everything else. Toothpick and Bee: 863k (+590k) If using Toothpick, Bee is less important for damage (Toothpick does 62% of the overall damage before skills come into play; as much as 69% of the damage with Wreck and Reaper). (never played scarlet dlc). Realistically, I’m probably getting a 5-10% boost in dps with 10/5 vs 5/5 Wreck. All of these comparisons are with a full skill tree (well, as full as possible at level 78). 1.65 × 5 is 8.25, which is pretty close to the 834% calculated above. I really don’t know what the middle number is though. Amp damage is multiplied by elemental weakness just like gun damage is (didn’t know this). With 10/5 Wreck, Toothpick is about 4.0 seconds (25.0% boost over base, 17.5% over 5/5), Sandhawk is about 3.2 seconds (40.6% over base, 15.6% over 5/5). Pimpernel Bandit Crit: 1125k (+300%) Bearcat with Mouthwash and Siren mod: 534k (22.8% increase from Mouthwash; 81.6% increase from base). Cat does 18.5% better than Siren on Sandhawk with phaselock up just on the damage bonuses, so that’s multiplicatively 36.3% better including fire rate (realistically 27% better) . I’ve got a Bearcat I just picked up to test the base AR damage. The bonus damage is 7.7% more than expected from the Bee card. I play Maya with a Gaige partner, just wondering who it’s best for, thanks! That’s an insane difference. The spread pattern from emptying one magazine with the wild accessory on the right, other accessories on the left: If your Toothpick has problems hitting anything smaller than Dukino’s mom it must have the wild accessory, I’d farm for a new one. Toothpick is an effervescent assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Dahl. Dedicated drops are items that can only be farmed at one or rarely more sources that have the item assigned to them. The bonus is 250% more than expected. If you’ve got large bonuses to AR and/or gun damage, elemental pushes ahead even farther.). With Mouthwash, it’s 634035 Toothpick, 1027480 total; +78% over base. The Toothpick bonus is +200%, which is additive with the AR damage bonus, and both are additive with the “gun damage” bonus on the Legendary Siren class mod. I’d think with all those pellets, it would be amazing for Gaige. Damage = 182k × (1 + 2.5) × (1 + 2.5 + 0.475 + 0.34) A Blood of the Ancients relic gives about +50% health and +70% ammo capacity so an AR ammo version might be a lot better than Mouthwash. Sandhawk in about 4.5 seconds. It’s just the
HTML tag wrapped in BB Code. Paradise Found Toothpick with Mouthwash: 2219k, 3328k, 4438k (247.8%, 247.8%, 247.5% increases) That’s nigh unusable with that attachment. I found that the wild accessory (+damage +fire rate -accuracy) gives huge accuracy penalty to Toothpick that renders the gun awful. If there was splash damage, I’d think one of the shots would have killed him. With the Siren mod, best case is +247.5% relic, +104% skills, +351.5% total. My impression was that Dahl weapons don’t typically have splash damage, but I’m not seeing anything in game with Toothpick. (Though as I think about it, I think it’s just the unlisted pellets, and the exact increase probably depends on how big the target is.). Bee card damage: 786890, Toothpick and Bee: 863k (+590k amp damage) Now you will be able to hand in the quest again. Skag Bonus probably applies to other enemies as well, and I’ve just never noticed. Borderlands 2 close Games videogame_asset My games When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Testing Pimpernel versus some bandits, it’s only 4 times damage on a crit. Fight for Sanctuary World Drops are items that drop from any suitable Loot Source, within the DLC, in addition to their other sources. +0% damage without phaselock to low health enemy, AR. What did you do in your most recent session, PT3! The third number is double the first number, which looks like it’s counting both pellets under a single damage value. Toothpick does much better damage when Bee is down (. Based on testing, it looks like AR and gun damage are additive with each other, and both items are working properly with AR damage. Damage = Card Damage × (100% + 250% Toothpick Bonus) × (100% + 250% Mouthwash Bonus + Assault Rifle Bonus + Gun Damage Bonus), For example: Real testing. Under that, says, "Increases Toothpick damage". New rainbow rarity (effervescent rarity). Go to the location where you hand in the quest. Comparison is Toothpick and Mouthwash vs Fire Sandhawk and Winter is Over. However the Queen sandworms have a 100% unique droprate, as well as the Uranus and a few other bosses (Uranus is the only easily farmable boss Ive seen). Pimpernel and Bee: 1068k (+787k amp damage) Mouthwash is a mission reward, I believe from the final main story mission. I went to the target dummy in Sanctuary and got some numbers. Pimpernel and Bee Bandit Crit: 4272k (+300%) Toothpick and Mouthwash: 951k (+248.4%) I also played with the Legendary Siren vs Legendary Cat mods. Pimpernel Skag Crit: 5626k (+1900%) Next, I shot some crits on his head with Toothpick (no screenshots because I was feeling lazy). Mouthwash is still +200%, additive with AR damage. In Borderlands 3 Quest Reward Items are rewarded after or during a quest. Weirdly, Toothpick does 16.7% less damage on a crit than a regular hit. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. none +117% [Element] Damage for elemental status effects applied to you. Bearcat only: 294k With 5/5 Wreck, Toothpick takes about 4.7 seconds (6.3% dps boost), Sandhawk is about 3.7 seconds (21.6% dps boost). (As I recall, elemental bonus damage is multiplicative with the other bonuses, so 1.39 × 1.34 = 1.863, which is higher than 1 + 0.475 + 0.34 = 1.815 by a bit. Increases Toothpick's damage. It will also have the modpack and author who designed it, if relevant). This item can be bought from the Seraph Vendor in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Toothpick and Mouthwash and Siren mod: 2028k, 4056k.