Deliveries to the EU are now possible, so those already placed will be sent shortly. Our youtube channel is filled with our pro-tips, most asked questions, exciting new plants and plant tours! Welcome to our website, still a work in progress. We support the International Carnivorous Plant Society and our own local New England Carnivorous Plant Society... We hope you will too! We sell Venus Flytraps (Fly Traps), Pitcher Plants, and Sundews. We started as a backyard nursery in Knaresborough, and moved to the beautiful village of Scampston in 2015 to enable us to grow the nursery. Unpacking and setup. The 2018 season has been great for our displays, taking part in several RHS Flower Shows as well as our local Harrogate Flower Shows and the Great Yorkshire Show. 21783 301-824-0133. , Bits + bobs still going strong on the nursery !!! Be sure to check out the Picture Gallery (lower right) for more images of these … We specialize in sales of many types of carnivorous plants, some difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. The leaves form a water collecting barrel where insects are trapped and drown. More plants for sale at eBay. When we started up, our shows were mainly in Yorkshire, but we have now gone further afield. We are very lucky though, having the time to watch them grow. ☺️ ... See MoreSee Less, Drosera scorpiodes with the next generation of baby scorpions + Dm 'Black beauty' not going dormant just yet !!!! Live arrival and satisfaction is guaranteed on all shipments throughout the USA. Carnivorous Plant Books. , Tackling the show plants greenhouse!!!! We are Canada's source for Borneo Exotics Nepenthes! We also provide care information on how to grow Carnivorous Plants. We provide a complete line of low-cost, high-quality carnivorous plants … We offer a wide variety of pitcher plants, venus flytraps, sundews, butterworts, orchids and other tropicals. We are a small, North-Yorkshire based, nursery, and we grow, display and sell Carnivorous Plants at Shows and Fairs. Brocchinia reducta is a carnivorous bromeliad with a tall, tubular, erect whorl of light green waxy leaves that are very slippery to insects. Pinguicula emarginata “Taquito” BARE ROOT, Mexican or Tropical Butterworts (Pinguicula). Most of what is happening in the world passes us by, while we work on the nursery, do water runs, pack boxes, and simply walk around our stunning plants. Some of the most Bizarre Plant Forms & Adaptations can be found in the World of Carnivorous Plants! Orders placed for UK delivery are currently running with a dispatch time of … Support CalCarn and show your love of carnivorous plants. Predatory Plants is your specialty carnivorous plant nursery offering an enormous selection of Venus fly traps, sundews, butterworts, nepenthes, sarracenia, pitcher plants, and gardening supplies. We are happy for people to visit the nursery, but strictly by appointment only, please. The USA's premier carnivorous plant nursery. Here the plants often grow surrounded by grasses and other carniverous plants. Carnivorous Plant Nursery is the leading provider of engaging educational materials that use carnivorous plants to promote environmental stewardship. Carnivorous Plants in Nashville on ALL SEEDS AND T-SHIRTS SHIP FREE IN THE U.S.!!! 8 RHS gold medals so far …. We have achieved gold awards all season and are particularly proud of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold medal at our first attempt! Specializing in Nepenthes Pitcher Plants, Sarracenia Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps (Dionaea), Sundews (Drosera) , Butterworts (Pinguicula), Heliamphora, Cephalotus, Utricularia, Darlingtonia & more! In 2019 we did it all again, achieving another Chelsea gold, as well as a 2nd Best in Show at the Great Yorkshire Show, and many other gold medals. Email: [email protected] Visitors are welcome by appointment only.