Younger babies are challenged to beat this. There are records for running, sleeping, eating, and contenders surpass the impossible daily. Record: Most Baked Beans Eaten in One Minute, Using Chopsticks. It was made for the band Chic, who have been belting out hits since the late 1970s and setting world records for displaying massive balls — er — disco balls since 2014. Current Holder: Dalibor Jablanovic in Serbia held 31 spoons on his face for 5 seconds. Consuming the most number of M&M chocolates: This may seem somewhat easy and more of a pleasure, especially to those who love chocolate. We've found five easy world records to break that might actually get you a few free beers (or at least a nod of genuine admiration). You want to break a record? Record: Most Ice Cream Scoops Balanced on One Cone. In one minute, Bertoletti managed to peel eight entire bananas and then eat the tangy fruit inside. And maybe you could even set the record for eating the most Peanut Butter M&M’S while standing naked in Times Square, which would probably only be like, 10 or 15 minutes before New York’s finest took you down with extreme prejudice. It was set in mid 2015, and look — it’s impressive. The app is used in 181 countries around the world – but the UK is one of its most popular places for matchmaking. DON'T MISSCould over-50s be in lockdown LONGER than everyone else?Golf courses open: When will golf courses reopen in UK?PE activities to do at home: Eight PE activities to do in quarantine. And you’re probably never going to own the world’s largest collection of stamps or bake the biggest cake or grow the biggest pumpkin. Current Holder: Abhinabha Tangerman from the Netherlands kept two balloons in the air for 1 minute 9 seconds in Leiria, Portugal in 2018. For the 2020 edition, Guinness World Records expands its book with new records that highlight the trends and technologies of our day and age. Record: Keeping Two Balloons in the Air Using Head. Or the tallest. There's a world record for just about everything, and your name doesn't have to be Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt to break one. These records are all impressive at first glance, but then you realize that all you need to do to surpass them is spend money. Record: Most Juggling Tricks in One Minute with Three Balls. GWR AT HOME. Get 8,500 bears for good measure, and then get yourself some counseling sessions, because that’s a bit crazy … but still a record. Check out awe-inspiring photos, incredible videos and news stories about all the latest record-breaking action from around the world - especially for kids. You could set the record for the fastest mile run while wearing a cowboy hat and bathrobe and carrying two Greenwing Macaws. Hey guys! Two (2) 20-minute Play Pass cards or 45 tokens (for non-Play Pass stores) Chuck E. Cheese Appearance. 12. One thing was missing, however — a time limit. Nay, this is a record that’s not only within the realm of possibility to beat, but one that might just earn you the kind of bragging rights your years warming the bench during high school football games failed to satisfy. Record: Most Baked Beans Eaten in … What about breaking a record? Chefs cook an omelette during a Guinness World Records attempt for the world’s largest omelette in Ankara October 8, 2010. "Don’t give up if you think you can do it!”. Inflate two balloons and test your children’s coordination, seeing how long they can keep both balloons from hitting the ground without using their hands.