If the player is in the mid-range, then she will fly into the air a bit and do a head slam at the player. Dodge backwards, then dodge sideways before the slam. When she is close to 50% health use a bolt/fire paper and when she is about to enter her second phase smack her head to hopefully stagger her, interrupt her long Aura attack and get a visceral attack. Move away when this happens. The damaging aura she summons during phase 2 consists of tiny stars which rotate around her like fireflies. I often can only get a single R1 in cause I stay relatively far in order not to die (if you get hit with the tentacle+head-slam, it will either damage you for all your hp if all hits connect or outright kill you). Oddly enough, this aura also damages her and can even kill her if you wait long enough. Ebrietas also possesses a set of skeletal wings that grant her limited flight. Even if you don't have the Godhammer, staying to her right side will make the fight significantly easier. Once you manage to wail on her sides, move along with her as she rotates and shifts. At about 50%, the boss goes bananas. Mensis Scholar Damian- Wields the Threaded Cane, Loch Shield, Choir Bell, Augur of Ebrietas, Blacksky Eye and A Call Beyond. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The belly slam attack, which is more common should you focus her chest, is a great opportunity to put some damage into her. This part of the fight was when I used the most blood vials because I got a bit aggressive (you get kind of bloodthirsty once he gets to 30% hp). No matter what items/weapons/build I'm using. What you wanna do is stay a medium-range away from her (just out of reach of her tentacles) and circle her. Stay at medium range and just run to your right as much as you can. Causes high damage. Killed it no diff. I only used the regular 2 cannon shots, but if you keep your bullets at +5, you'll be able to use more (Cannon takes 10 shots...you have 25 if you +5 yourself (20 normally), use cannon, then +5 yourself again..rinse and repeat...Although, I'm unsure if it will subtract from the +5 or the actual bullet count. Only then did it finally get its aura and laser beams ready. Soft-mention: it's not worth attacking her when she head-slams with her tentacles cause it's hard to hit any sort of R2 on her tentacles, or even head, without possibly retaining damage with getting in, then getting out. When her hands collide on top of her head, roll towards her (3 to 4 rolls are enough just stay in the orbit while evading). If she charges when you are at close range there is very little to do but to stay still and take the hit from her head to avoid getting one-shotted. I'm on NG+1 on one account and NG+6 on the other. Get in orbit and slowly close in. Terms of Use and On the second attempt and onwards she will not be idle until attacked, but it is possible to sneak up on her, like with most normal mobs. A hand attacks in a wide area in front of her, followed by a grip.