What Can I Do With a Russian & East European Languages Degree? Access dozens of courses from multiple disciplines, including anthropology, criminal justice, geography, history and political science, in order to understand the causes of war, security strategies of states and the rise of new and challenging security threats in a constantly changing global environment. This doesn’t mean that you need to work in research roles when you obtain a Ph.D., but rather that two of the primary focus areas within Ph.D.’s are to prepare the next generation of educators in a discipline, and to support students in the creation of original research in the form of a dissertation. You’ll have opportunities to meet and network with other students, get involved with the community, grow your interest, and develop résumé-boosting skills and experience. At the doctoral level, admissions standards are often similar to that of master’s level programs, yet slightly more rigorous. What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainability? For example, you may broadly study women’s issues and then narrow your personal research focus to wo… Most individuals with researcher as their title will hold a master’s or Ph.D. within global studies. Required and elective courses will vary, depending on which concentration you choose. Providence, RI 02918 USA Learn more about Global Studies Major courses, Learn more about the program and how to be admitted, Learn more about Temple’s Honor Societies, Learn more about Temple’s student clubs and organizations, Learn more about your options for studying away, Middle States Commission on Higher Education. With that said, the most common route to entry in a master’s in global studies degree program is through taking a GRE standardized test, obtaining your undergraduate transcript, and submitting a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and a resume. The Global Health track is one of five tracks available in the Global Studies Major. The department emphasizes pedagogical approaches that involve students in active learning activities, experiential education, community involvement, and in educational self-awareness. Dedicated advisors at the Joyce K. Salzberg Center for Professional Development in the College of Liberal Arts are available to guide students through their academic careers and with their career paths beyond Temple. The Global Studies Society provides educational and professional development for students and the opportunity to build a social network to support them throughout their career. Knowledge of a local language, regional politics, or the dynamics that created a situation in which aid is needed are particularly valuable for humanitarian aid workers. And global studies majors don’t just think on a large scale. degree in Global Studies. Well, you may just be a great fit for a degree in global studies! International studies is primarily concerned with state actors and their interactions on behalf of their nations. For students who want to move the field of global studies forward, there’s hardly a better way to accomplish this than by joining the ranks of global studies researchers. Learn more about the center. Upon successfully “defending” a dissertation in front of a panel of peers as well as completing a comprehensive exam, students are granted a doctorate within a discipline. It offers a transdisciplinary exploration of globalization and its effects upon communities, environmental sustainability, and the dignity of all living things. Global studies is an interdisciplinary major; this means that as a global studies student you can tailor your major to your own unique interests. Global Studies at Providence College is committed to the idea that a better and more just world is possible. For questions regarding the Global Studies Major, contact the following staff member. As with many aspects of our lives, culture and what society we are from plays a large role in determining what conditions will create the best incentives for our work and wellness. Danielle K. Scherer is the assistant director of the Global Studies program.Phone: 215-204-4283Email: [email protected]. ), Natural Science Courses (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc. While millions of students have succeeded in online learning environments, and online learning is an enabler of continued education, students who have not taken online courses before should be sure to consider some of the pros and cons of online education before “jumping in.”. REQUIRED CORE COURSES, LOWER DIVISION (4 units)ANTH 205, Introduction to Global Studies and Overseas Research (4), REQUIRED CORE COURSES, UPPER DIVISION (12 units)ANTH 325, Global Studies Research Methods (4)ANTH 415, Senior Seminar in Global Studies (4)ANTH 490x, Directed Research (4)orANTH 491, Directed Research for Honors (4), Humanities Elective CoursesCOLT 102g, On Location: The Place of Literature in Global Culture  (4)COLT 250g, Cultures of Latin America (4)COLT 264g, Asian Aesthetic and Literary Traditions (4)COLT 303, Globalization: Culture, Change, Resistance (4)COLT 379, Nationalism and Postcolonialism in Southeast Asian Cinema (4)COLT 382g, Zen and Taoism in Asian Literature (4)COLT 445, Europe and the Writing of Others (4)ENGL 250gm, The African Diaspora (4)FREN 347, Race, Gender and Power in Francophone Literature  (4)HIST 180, Introduction to Islamic Civilization (4)HIST 300, Approaches to History (4)HIST 324, Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union (4)HIST 384, Popular Culture in the Middle East (4)HIST 333, Korea: The Modern Transformation (4)HIST 369, Aztecs, Mayas, and other Indigenous Peoples of the Americas (4)HIST 372, Modern Latin America (4)HIST 376, U.S.-Japan Encounters: War, Trade, and Culture (4)HIST 413, The Age of Revolution (4)HIST 456, Race and Slavery in the Atlantic World (4)       HIST 470, Spanish Inquisition (4)PORT 250g, Cultures of Brazil and Lusophone Africa (4)REL 315, Thought and Life of Islam (4)REL 316, Women and Islamic Tradition  (4)REL 330, Themes in the Religions of South Asia (4)REL 331, Religions of East Asia (4)REL 334, Religion and Colonial Encounter (4)REL 332, Religions of Japan  (4)REL 415, Seminar in Buddhism (4)REL 417, Seminar in South Asian Religions (4), Social Science Elective CoursesANTH 235g, The Changing Pacific: Culture, History and Politics                   in the New South Seas (4)ANTH 250g, Race and Sexual Politics in Southeast Asia (4)ANTH 273g, Shamans, Spirits and Ancestors: Non-Western Religious Traditions (4)ANTH 301, The Global Performance of Healing (4)ANTH 314, The Nature of Maya Civilization (4)ANTH 327, Anthropology of the Middle East and Islam (4)ANTH 328, Culture Change and the Mexican People  (4)ANTH 330, Culture, Gender and Politics in South Asia: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan (4)ANTH 333, Forms of Folklore (4)ANTH 335, Comparative Muslim Societies (4)ANTH 336, Health, Gender and Ethnicity (4)ANTH 373, Magic, Witchcraft and Healing (4)ANTH 327, Anthropology of the Middle East and Islam (4)ANTH 335, Comparative Muslim Societies (4)ANTH 345, Politics, Social Organization and Law (4)ANTH 425,  Peoples and Cultures of Latin America (4)ANTH 460, Economic Anthropology (4)ANTH 410ab, Ethnographic Field Methods and Practicum  (4)IR 210, International Relations: Introductory Analysis (4)IR 305, Managing New Global Challenges (4)IR 308, Globalization: Issues and Controversies (4)IR 309, Global Governance (4)IR 310, Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies (4)IR 323, Politics of Global Environment  (4)IR 358, The Asia Pacific in World Affairs (4)IR 361, South and Southeast Asia in International Affairs (4)IR 362, The International Relations of the Contemporary Middle East (4)IR 364, The Political Economy of Latin American Development (4)IR 367, Africa in International Affairs (4)IR 371, Global Civil Society: Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics (4)IR 439, Political Economy of Post Communism (4)IR 463, Islam and Arab Nationalism (4)POSC 120, Comparative Politics (4)POSC 248, International Human Rights (4)POSC 250, Critical Issues in Comparative Politics (4)POSC 255, Cultures, Civilizations and Ethnicities in World Politics (4)POSC 260, Global Ethnic Politics (4)POSC 351, Middle East Politics (4)POSC 352, Politics of Southeast Asia  (4)POSC 355, Politics of East Asia (4)POSC 358, Politics of Sub-Sahara Africa (4)POSC 363, Cities and Region in World Politics (4) POSC 365, World Political Leadership (4)POSC 366, Terrorism and Genocide  (4)POSC 377, Asian Political Thought  (4)POSC 453, Political Change in Asia (4), REQUIRED CORE COURSES, LOWER DIVISION (4 units).