The grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant that is claimed to increase blood flow in the body. Grape Seed Extract is a mixture of tannins and procyanidins (chains of catechins) that appears to exert anti-estrogenic effects and may enhance blood flow. 3. 16.2.7 Grape Seed Extract. Taking grape seed extract or proanthocyanidin, a chemical in grape seeds, by mouth seems to reduce symptoms of CVI such as tired or heavy legs, tension, and tingling and pain. Similar trials for this same condition have studied a grape seed extract dosage of up to 300 mg daily for 3 weeks which then was decreased to a maintenance dose of between 40-80 mg daily. Grape seed extract side effects can cause some of the same standard side effects that many of the organic supplements cause. Test your body’s response when GSE is taken with and without foods. It is high in procyandins and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats but has very little micronutrient content other than a modest amount of vitamin E. Although sold as a health product, GSE has very little research behind it to back up the claims made by manufacturers. Additional research is needed in this area. Unable to minimize the effects of gynaecomastia, with only tamoxifen citrate. Ultimate Guide on How to Lower Your Estrogen Levels!!! Grape seed extract is an aromatase inhibitor and a suppressor of aromatase expression. After that I'm using Triazole (supplement) which so far seems to be giving a good result by blocking estrogen. 2. ... AIs are a type of drug that reduce estrogen levels by fighting your aromatase enzymes, which takes testosterone and converts it into estradiol. GSE works by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone in the male into estrogen. Grape Seed Extract Side Effects. 60,61 Does Grape Seed Extract lower estrogen? However, other studies have used a grape seed extract dosage of as high as 720 mg once daily for conditions such as poor blood circulation. 2003 Dec 1;63(23):8516-22. Grape seed extract may improve some symptoms of liver disease. Grape seed extract may be used in healthy and overweight individuals with an unrestrained diet and higher energy requirements while sustaining satiety.36. However, grapefruit juice, a potent CYP3A4 inhibitor was actually shown clinically to reduce endogenous serum Estrogen levels in Postmenopausal Women [3]. A 2003 study found that GSE could prevent estrogen formation [1]. Now I assume Men & Women metabolise Estrogen in the same manner, therefore one can extrapolate and assume a similar outcome for serum Estrogen … More related to green tea catechins than to resveratrol mechanistically. Small amounts of estrogen levels are really required for a male body. #3. The valuable compound in grape seed extract is a phenol known as procyanidin. The recommended dosage is 200 mg per day. Cancer Res. However, the research behind its effectiveness in boosting testosterone by acting as an aromatase inhibitor is somewhat limited. It can also be equated to five pills of highly-potent grape seed extract. Grape Seed Extract. Grape seed extract can also help to reduce inflammation in the kidneys, which can lead to better kidney function.