As a noun, grate means a fireplace or a framework of crossed bars. of much more than average size, volume, or extent 2.) "Grate" can be used both as a verb and as a noun, but "great" is neither of those. People have turned up in great numbers. "Great" is an adjective, often used as a prefix as well. skilled, expert 5.) As a verb, grate means to grind, scrape, or irritate. intense, distinguished, imposing 3.) Your advice is of great value. Grate : (noun) ( 1 ) Fire place. The adjective great means much more than average or ordinary in size, extent, volume, value, or importance. excellent 4.) the main or chief item. As you can see, the parts of speech these words represent never intersect - which makes it a major error to confuse them in any context. ( 2 ) Considerable. Great : (adjective) ( 1 ) Well above average in size, extent or quantity. Great means 1.) In the fourteenth century, grate also came to be used to mean scrape, scratch, from the Old French word grater. Put coals in the grate. He lives a great distance away.