For the certification itself, a legal entity of member states of the Eurasian Economic Union has to be the applicant in order to submit the application with all the necessary information as well as to provide samples for the testing of the products. It is sometimes the case that an importer in Russia ends up paying out much more in customs duties than was anticipated because he is lacking some knowledge or experience of the process, so vigilance and prior research here is key. E-mail: [email protected], Vilniaus m.sav. Advantages include: »»No representatives are required at the customs terminal; »»Goods located at any border can be declared from a local customs office; »» Logistics don’t depend on the location of declaration; »» The likelihood of delays associated with paperwork are reduced. For this purpose, we prepare the necessary delivery documents in the local language in advance. Imports to Russia are associated with high requirements regarding the preparation of delivery and transport documents, as for a smooth import process it is essential to provide accurate documentation which is compliant with local requirements and Russian import regulations. Our manager will contact you shortly! Additionally, their activities are insured. Shampoo, for example, requires a certificate of State registration. The Europiir Logistics company provides services of customs clearance of import and export cargoes of various types and nomenclature in the Russian Federation. All relevant documentation is sent to this centre, and is usually presented in electronic format. It is important to note that a customer can only receive a particular purchase from abroad customs duty-free in the case that the total value of online purchases received by this customer during any one month does not exceed a limit of EUR 1000 (including cost, freight and insurance). Goods can move directly to these internal centres, but in such a case will require specific transit documents that allow them to cross into the territory without immediate clearance. They will examine values of like shipments on a database, as well as current market prices of goods. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In case of discrepancies in registration of shipping documents, there may be significant delays at the border, which leads to additional expenses. Duties for customs clearance. However, when goods are imported from abroad, a legal entity must pay VAT each time a shipment crosses Russian territory lines. Russia has been and remains the most challenging area for the successful implementation of the logistics procedures for many reasons. As the electronic age moves forward, this will likely become the predominant method of facilitating customs clearance. with us on the phone, please leave your name and phone number. Some goods are prohibited from shipment into Russia altogether, and there are some products that are always considered by Russian customs to be products for commercial – as opposed to personal – use, even when a consumer has stated otherwise. It does not matter whether goods are being imported from Germany or the United States – the professional coordination and effective communication between exporter, importer and transport companies are the basis of successful import processing. Customs clearance at all major customs checkpoints of North-Western region (St. Petersburg customs, Baltic customs, Ust-Luga customs, Kingisepp customs, Sebezh customs). Customs clearance in Russia and Asia Every time goods are exported or imported to Eastern Europe or Asia, customs duties need to be paid to the proper authorities. We will conduct customs clearance in Belarus and Russia, taking into account the specific aspects of processing applicable to your goods and enabling optimization of customs expenses. The standard set of the documents, which is required for customs clearance of goods in Russia, includes the customs value declaration, documents establishing the ownership of the goods, power of attorney for the declarant, various certificates and declarations of conformity, financial documents, passport of deal, invoice, a receipt for payment of customs duties, etc. A specific figure has yet to be publically disclosed, and opinions are divided, but it is anticipated that this new tax-free threshold will be around EUR 500. SCHNEIDER GROUP is your one-stop partner in Russian-speaking countries and Poland. Some companies have very good reputations and are awarded a ‘green channel’. Customers who purchase in excess of 31 kgs per month (combined) will be charged a duty rate of EUR 4 per kg on any excess. Within B2C sales, customs payments are the responsibility of the end consumer, and in the event of a customs enquiry, it is the responsibility of the customer to explain the contents of a package. However, with Russia’s ascension into the Eurasian Economic Union, it seems likely that the issue of harmonised thresholds will be reconsidered as soon as economy is back on track. The first option is for all process and procedure to occur directly on the Russian border. Customs clearance of goods (the customs clearance service) is a procedure that must be carried out when importing goods or vehicles to the territory of the Customs Union: Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan. For this reason, all details of shipment should be agreed with experts in logistics and customs clearance just before being sent to Russia. In Russia, customs clearance is strictly exercised and always occurs before goods are released to a purchaser. If the shipment requires the payment of customs duties, a carrier will notify the customer regarding the payment of this duty. Phone. Customs clearance in Russia depends on the characteristics of the goods, their value as well as the shipping documents. This is an important consideration if a shipment contains goods from multiple buyers. We provide an optimal logistical chain, using a professional approach and taking into account all the needs and wishes of our customers. The third option when it comes to proceeding through Russian customs clearance necessitates the use of electronic declaration. Offer your trading partners turnkey deliveries - for this we don't just take over transport, but we also complete the processes associated with customs clearance in Eastern Europe, Russia and the European Union. These rates have decreased as a consequence of Russia entering the World Trade Organisation (WTO). For example, some goods can be carried only by commercial carriers, and some only by the Russian Post. Correspondingly, all associated duties and taxes need to be paid in full either before the product crosses into the country, or in advance of it leaving a designated warehouse. Usually this fee is a fixed fee in the range of 10-15 euros, but this can vary depending on your location in the EU. PREMIUM WEB HOSTING SOLUTIONS. When talking about the import of goods into Russia, we are referring to transactions between a foreign seller and a Russian buyer. Even if a licensed customs representative, better known as a customs broker, takes over the customs formalities, the clearing process will nevertheless be carried out in the name of the declarant. Some shipments through customs will be labelled ‘risk categories’, requiring additional inspection by authorities. electronic customs clearance for your Russian subsidiary. DHL EXPRESS FIVE GOLDEN RULES FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN RUSSIA 1. They hinge on the relationship between the retailer and the consumer, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to organise the process. If the total value of a particular purchase is less than EUR 1000 and the full weight does not exceed 31 kg, this purchase will be exempt from customs duties altogether. Submission of customs declaration from 100 EURO. Commercial customs brokers operate specifically in Russia to ensure that all documents are prepared correctly for the import or export of goods, and will present them to customs on a company’s behalf. Importantly, for all of these B2B customs clearance methods, a specially certified and equipped customs storage warehouse - or customs terminal - is required so goods awaiting customs clearance can be temporarily held, though the goods need not necessarily be unloaded from their transportation vehicle. This advance declaration dictates the procedure of Russian customs clearance; goods need to be cleared either on the Russian border or within specially designated Russian customs clearance centres. 11415 Tallinn, Estonia CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. If they do, this customer will be required to pay customs duties of 30% on the amount exceeding this limit. The average fee for such a shipment comes in at around RUB 4,000, or approximately USD 65. High-quality work of our professional staff and the help of reliable partners allow the customers to quickly perform import and … Customs clearance procedures for import shipments to Russia. 2020 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. These funds are allocated to the federal budget. Our services entail the complete handling of the logistic chain and product certification. Russia has been and remains the most challenging area for the successful implementation of the logistics proceduresRead More In this case the technical distributor purchases your goods, imports them in their own name and sells them to your client in EEU. +372 56 932 845 Transparent billing and flexible system of discounts for regular customers. If a shipment requires further inspection due to being labelled a weight risk, this can result in further costs for a purchaser. There are three broad methods of customs clearing goods bound for Russia that are to be received by businesses in the territory, all of which require preliminary customs notification. Preliminary analysis and advising clients on the required set of documents for customs clearance of goods: — Analysis and execution of documents on non-tariff regulation measures (Certificates, declarations of conformity, etc); — Services of customs clearance under the seal of the customs broker as well as under the seal of the client (EDS). • If the parcel is transported by a national carrier in the Russian Federation, i.e. We work with leading certification entities and offer the following services: Read more about product certification in the Eurasian Customs Union and the Ukraine. and the import declaration. If you want to save your time and money for dealing with the core issues, entrust the customs clearance of your goods to the professionals with long-time experience in this field. In this case, it is the carrier who has responsibility for presenting the relevant documentation at the customs clearance centre – including these transit documents - though it is the purchaser who must prepare this documentation and pay applicable duties for goods already within borders.