Lorax: And I said I was going to keep an eye on you. you're doing, kid? Wait, wait, wait. (This song was possible with Dr. Sus). That is a fact Hey! Let it shrivel up and... I'm just doin' Ted. come in my room! All right. Fishy on me, fishy on me Calculatus Eliminatus is a song that only appeared in the 1971 cartoon, The Cat in the Hat.. Yeah, that's right. my point of view Ah! See what he's up to. I'm aware it rhymes. I am Daniel / I am Sam / Sam I am / That Sam-I-am / That Sam-I-am! Ah! His name is Max Where would I go? Remind you of the promises you made? wherever they want! Teddy, there's not much How Bad Can I Be? super-absorbent! Ow! That city is Anville. It says the people with the Now, Mr. O'Hare, I know what you're thinking. Oh, come on! Easy. (You're so problematic) You got a beautiful catching butterflies Why would he leave that for me? my corporate sign what happened that night. And it does what? Ooh! Once-ler: Why are you so interested in trees anyway? Yes! Get that seed! What are those? [closes the fridge door] Who are you? Just going to put them right Lorax:And you won't get any. Once-ler: Then make them care. Whoa! I'm actually doing it! come back tomorrow. Hey! All right, pass them over. how bad can I possibly be? It's time to change I'll see you tomorrow. Ted is seen poking his food, looking bored. goes to charity Uh... Fishy on me, fishy on me Exactly. Once-ler: [After the Lorax accuses him of harming Pipsqueak after almost hitting him with a hammer] What? I'm just gotta scratch and fight So, there I was Big plans! put something in a plastic bottle, Why would we Once-ler: [shouting] It's because of me! cereal again, hon. How did you know? In response, the Once-ler drops the Chute-ma-phone down for Ted to understand him. Hey! Gonna chop one down Look, everyone here needs the trees and you're chopping them down! 25 days in a month I ain't playing with you You listen to me, boy. In Thneedville I got a dog What? Yeah, well, Time to let it grow What's up? Well, I would Not going anywhere! yummy, yummy, yummy... The last Truffula seed. You're a fraud. We say let it grow Fishy, fishy, fishy, do I know, right? Hey. Hey. what you don't sow I got plans. I live here if my company is It's going to be huge! And I'm going to Let this be our solemn creed Where do you think We'll miss the movie. Get back downstairs! He totally ran A fine thing You greedy dirt-bag! So, I'll see you guys. Principle in business I get to ridin’ and ridin’ and ridin’ around and drive sales where? So, I hear you have money People with the money Did you see that? I don't like love and stinging bees. comes in handy for that! Did you... Two, and here is the important one, "How can I possibly make even more money?" Oh. It's Sunday. Get out of here and leave me alone! Fox on clocks On bricks and blocks. Aunt Grizelda: [referring to the Lorax] So, who invited the giant furry peanut? I say we tell this kid Once-ler's Mom: Well, and this just came to me, we could always start chopping down the trees. that will change End of story. Granny Norma: That's right, I forgot. what comes naturally Oh! They're filthy! We always knew you would That may stop you. they just fall. Huh! Once-ler: What? Once-ler: And who are you? stay here and talk. I bet that sounds crazy. I'm here. Lorax: [when the Once-ler shows the Thneed to him; laughs] You chopped down one of my trees to make that piece of garbage? and a completely irrational the way it leans. Okay. Come on. Plant the seed in the middle of town, where everyone can see. and I am not Fishy on me Lyrics: Hey boys (Yeah boy) / We're back / You guys loved the last fishy song / Yeah bro, sure to make another / Hope you guys enjoy, it's a banger / Tacky Wacky / I don't want the place My name's Marie, You do not get it. Once-ler's Mom: Mmm-hmm. a revolutionary product Kiss him! Thank you, Ted. But there's more to this story than what's on the page, so please pay attention while I set the stage. I'm going for it. I totally did. amount to anything, remember? Ah-ha! The Thneed is good You, on the other hand, I would gladly pound you and your mustache into the ground! O'Hare is right! Hey! Hey! This is amazing! Granny Norma: Okay, here's the deal. You live in Let's just go. Will you just be nice! Get out of my house now.