When he got to Ba Prefecture, he placed Li Xian into a small room and forced him to commit suicide. We rounded the top 12 reasons why Li Xian would make an ideal boyfriend. As they argued, Emperor Zhongzong, in anger, remarked, "What would be wrong even if I gave the empire to Wei Xuanzhen? Discover the Power of Your Network with RelSci Premium Products. In 2017, he hosted the large-scale cultural and emotional feature program “Reading and Reading Beauty” created by Jiangsu Satellite TV. Li Xian Tries to Seduce His “Aunt”, Li Yitong, with His Side Swept Ponytail in “Sword Dynasty” What Does W ang Anyu Have in Common with Li Xian? This caused Empress Wei and her partisans to begin to become apprehensive. Later that year, due to a famine in the Guanzhong region (i.e., the region around the capital Chang'an), Emperor Gaozong took up residence at the eastern capital Luoyang, leaving Li Zhe in charge of Chang'an, assisted by the chancellors Liu Rengui, Pei Yan, and Xue Yuanchao. Empress Wei, who had failed to install her daughter Li Guo'er, the Princess Anle, as heir to Emperor Zhongzong, thought that Li Chongmao, born of Zhongzong and a concubine and who was only 16 years old, would be easy to control and allow her to preserve her power. In 684, after Emperor Gaozong's death, Li Zhe initially took the throne (as Emperor Zhongzong), but soon was deposed himself due to signs of disobedience to Empress Wu (now empress dowager), and Li Dan became emperor instead (as Emperor Ruizong), although Empress Dowager Wu retained all powers as regent. She, in fear, asked, "Who is disturbing me?" However, the two started getting busy with their respective careers. In 2015, it hosted Jiangsu Satellite TV's “The First World Top Super pk Show” – “Super Team”. Through innovative products, technology, and business model, the Company provides customers with safe, convenient, and cost-effective mobility solutions. In 2008, he starred in the first season of the TV series "Ugly Invincible" produced by Hunan Satellite TV; he played a small gangster Zhang Qiang who lived in a community with Lin Invincible. On July 3,[1] Li Xian was created crown prince to replace Li Hong. The Prince of Ying [(i.e., Li Xian's younger brother Li Zhe, later Emperor Zhongzong] has an appearance most similar to Emperor Taizong ([Emperor Gaozong's father])," and "The Prince of Xiang [(i.e., Li Xian's younger brother Li Dan, later Emperor Ruizong)] has the most honorable appearance.". In April 2016, a guest starred in the campus youth movie "Who's Youth Is Not Confused", playing a security guard. Volume 207 of the, According to Zhongzong's biography in the, His name reverted to Xian when he was reinstated as crown prince in October 698. At the same time, Empress Wu relieved his duties as head of many government decisions and changed all of Li Xian's previous policies. He was reinstated as crown prince in October 698, taking the place of his brother. As generals loyal to her physically removed Emperor Zhongzong from the throne, he struggled and asked, "What crime have I committed?" The scheme failed, however, when Princess Taiping, the sister of Emperor Zhongzong, launched a coup two weeks later with her nephew Li Longji (later Emperor Xuanzong), son of the abdicated Emperor Ruizong, and overthrew Empress Wei and the young emperor. Subsequently, the senior chancellor Wei Yuanzhong, whose son Wei Sheng (魏升) had been forced to join the rebellion, was exiled and killed in exile at the instigation of two chancellors aligned with Empress Wei and Li Guo'er, Zong Chuke and Ji Chuna. Thereafter, the chancellor Di Renjie often counseled Wu Zetian to recall Li Zhe, which fellow chancellors Wang Fangqing and Wang Jishan also agreed with. Announces Appointment of New Independent Director, Li Auto Inc. Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call.