It might end up becoming a good resource for addressing a wide range of social inequality. the rights, quality of life and opportunities of learning disabled people and Clare Pelham explains. As I create, I physically put myself in their place (wheelchair, etc. How the artist helped to change Chris Brazier’s life. network, [email protected] Click below to keep up to date with jobs listings, specialist content and the latest news & views from People Dancing. Artistry. Are they simply not as good? US-based integrated dance company, There was a live score too: the sounds of Sheppard and fellow dancer Laurel Lawson's bodies interacting with the surfaces beneath them. ‘In Cuba, my books fall apart and vanish’. Along with his company, his instructional method, Inclusive Flamenco, has been presented across the globe at flamenco's top dance festivals and events. Dance Maker Directory., Art Shape Candoco Dance Company Alice Sheppard photographed by Jayme Thornton for Dance Magazine. Photo by Jay Newman. based in Altanta, USA. More info in our privacy policy. and your listing will now be live on our website. Got it, David Toole with Hannah Sampson in "The Enormous Room". By reframing a misguided untruth with the truth, the Stopgap team realized that disabled people had just as much potential of being a great dancer as non-disabled people, and they began to develop a rigorous training framework more focused on perfecting individual talent. community dance theatre company, based in Penwith, Cornwall, and provides Syrian refugees with disabilities are often unable to get the care they need. By centralizing listings of these artists on our website, which receives heavy traffic from the NYC dance community, and promoting the directory to dance community members and audiences throughout the five boroughs, Dance/NYC aims to increase awareness about disability, dance, and artistry. Task Force, a key initiative of Dance/NYC that gathers resources and publishes research about disability equity in the arts. Independent Living carries a legacy worth defending, argues Andy Greene. and beyond. "You have a rehearsal process, and then a filming process, and a production process of putting it together," says assistant professor of practice Jennifer McQuiston Lott of the prerecorded and professionally edited festival. Onstage was a large architectural ramp with an assortment of peaks and planes. "You have a rehearsal process, and then a filming process, and a production process of putting it together," says assistant professor of practice Jennifer McQuiston Lott of the prerecorded and professionally edited festival. is an inclusive dance company for people with and without "Often for non-disabled audience members," she says, "the work isn't real until they see the chair." disability arts user led organisation, running arts projects across Shropshire dance. Alice Sheppard wants to lift the entire field for disabled artists. Alice Sheppard initially became a dancer to make good on a dare. 6) You will receive a message pop-up that reads "Success!" Oxfordshire. Young Practitioners Advisory Group (YPAG), Dance for Parkinson's Partnership UK (DfPP UK), People Dancing's International Conferences, Fact sheets and legal compliance information, Dance companies with community programmes. This list is divided into four different types of contact: Amici Dance Theatre Company Touchdown Dance is a dance company with a specialism in visual disability, based in Manchester. However, the proof is in the pudding and the company can be more confident than ever before to use hard evidence to instigate change. About a year after Avila died, she did—and shortly after resigned from academia. They were challenged by some of their blind audience members to think beyond current practice in access for nonvisual audience members. After performing with the UK's Candoco Dance Company from 2008 to 2014, she is now an in-demand freelancer, and a tall, striking presence in the works of contemporary choreographers Emanuel Gat and Ouramdane. Spain's José Galán challenges audiences to rethink how they perceive those who are disabled. YouTube Dance. performance and skills training opportunities for people of all ages and Para Dance UK Anjali Dance Company After leaving academia, Sheppard began exploring the techniques of dancing in a wheelchair and learning how disability can generate its own movement. company from Ely, Cambridgeshire, who work to integrate dancers with and without In the business of dance, the ability to use the body for expression is the most important capability a dancer needs, and the skillfulness in which a dancer uses his or her body for expression is quite often referred to as ‘virtuosity’. The movements do not represent the triumph over disability. organisation, which is a member of the Worldwide Disabled People's Movement, La Compagnie De L'oiseau-mouche As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, the dance world continues to be faced with unprecedented challenges, but USC Kaufman's faculty and BFA students haven't shied away from them.