The consensus states that the best way to use a razorwing jetfighter is to leave the oversized plane at home. He walked straight into the shrine, cutting his way through any guards who tried to stop him. One favorite tactic of the Dark Eldar is the so-called Splinter Raider Force. The Dark Eldar overcame their surprise quickly. Through the strange blend of alchemy and science practiced by the Haemonculi covens, the Cronos drains away not the physical constituents of its victims, but their life essence. Between the Humans and the Flood they have now a huge excess of material to work with, leading to the creation of tens of thousands of Grotesques (40k specifically for this tournament). Though similar to the extra-galactic Tyranids the parasitic Flood proved to be a hardier foe altogether. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. -Generic Lexicanum and Warhammer 40k wiki, -Path of the Renegade (both by Andy Chambers), --Treasures of Biel-Tanth, Night on the Streets of Knives, Bellathonis and the Shadow King, and Curse of Shaa-dom (Andy Chambers mostly), - Mistress Baeda's Gift by Braden Campbell  (Short Story), - Dark Eldar Campaign, Dawn of War Soulstorm, --Imperial Armour Second Edition Apocalypse. The entire Astartes fleet then passed through the still-yawning Webway portal above High Commorragh and escaped triumphantly into realspace. Captain Phoecus of the Salamanders ordered his ship deeper into the Desaderian Gulf. Vect's first move was to increase the frequency of these piratical raids tenfold. Vect is the type of man who plans brilliant and almost incomprehensible plans from afar, however he has less feats on the direct battlefield. The Scourges were driven back and Captain Phoecus seized his chance. Within only moments of the Drop Pod assault, the Space Marines had established a perimeter in the obsidian-paved streets of the Kraillach Quarter. The nobility were ultimately victorious. The Librarian Hestion summoned a psychic storm of his own, a raging inferno in the shape of a flaming drake that tore the Ravager gunships out of the sky one by one. The vast starship's engine blast flattened spires and starscrapers alike before the Space Marines made their escape. The three-year build up to a Dark Olympiad consists of a gruelling program of gladiatorial contests. So it was that the Kabal of the Black Heart rose to ascendancy over the Dark City in place of the old nobility and Archon Vect's new position as the Supreme Overlord of Commorragh and the Dark Eldar race was sealed. And I shall also restate some of those tactics that had already been mentioned above here: The best thing about this tactic is not only does it exploit physical weaknesses in armor, but it also allows the Ravager squad to IGNORE energy shields as well. For this tactic, involving Raiders and Reaver jetbikes, the Archon suddenly has his raiders appear among-st the enemy via his mastery of Webway portals  unleashing early volleys and screaming battle curses. He even defeated the legendary Space Wolf Lucas the Trickster and carved out one of his hearts, though Lukas lived and laughed about the encounter. They will spend hundreds of years crafting the perfect plot, planning the perfect real space raid,  or avenging grudges. This unit contains up to 3 Razorwing Flocks. Hi, While browsing the Dark City forum I came across a question on the best Razorwing loadout. In this formation the Dark Eldar move quickly through hidden webway portals into enemy lines, appearing to the screams of terror in the sky. The Raider is the Dark Eldar anti-gravity combat skimmer that is used as the primary troop transport for Dark Eldar Kabal raids into realspace from the Webway. --If Vect dies, the Kabalites collapse into civil war: If the head honcho of the Dark Eldar dies then its semblance of unity follows also. He fought tooth and nail every day of his life, and gradually more and more flocked to his banner. When some tried to remove him forcibly from the Incubi chambers he killed. Watch out for the poultrygeist! Without missing a beat Reapers quickly target and disable the ships that they can, while Tantalus vessels, carrying in addition to their own weaponry Kabalite Warriors armed with Splinter Cannons or Dark Lances, unleash havoc on the enemy. Razorfly drones deal 10 / 24 / 48 / 80 Slash damage per hit with an attack rate of 2, and have a 20% critical chance with a 200% critical multiplier and 10% status chance. Through their finesse, rapid assault, and unique battle doctrine, the Dark Eldar of this tournament managed to score a victory over Halo's Flood as determined by the voters. The ship's vox communications network had been shorted out by the Haywire field, but unknown to Xelian there remained a more pervasive method of communication available to the Astartes. Yet the Space Marines' objective had been achieved, for the Forgehammer was free. A site for gaming….and former class clowns. These schemes and plans are usually thought out to the smallest known detail, and though unknown factors always have a chance of mucking up the plan, in general these brilliant plots succeed over the so-called "lesser races". By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 16 or have consent from your parent or guardian to subscribe. --2 twin-linked splinter rifles which can optionally be switched out for a splinter cannon : -- 2 Dark Lances which can optionally be switched out for a disintegrator cannon : -Dark Eldar traits, particularly Night Vision. Though the Black Heart began as a flickering flame, it has since been fanned into a searing firestorm. Behind this portal lurked the pirate fleets of Commorragh, waiting for unwary prey. Razorwing Jetfighter Tactica The current 40k nerdities or celebrinerds or whatever you want to call them have all come to a consensus on razorwing jetfighter use. Hestion acted as a living beacon to the rest of the Salamanders Chapter, a beacon now trapped within the spires of Xelian's realm in the Dark City. The Dark Eldar's noble houses preyed upon Imperial shipping lanes only rarely in order to escape retribution; hence the missing ships were always considered acceptable losses or written off as bureaucratic errors of the Administratum. At their heart was the great Battle Barge Vulkan's Wrath, an immense spacecraft with broadside batteries that could flatten whole cities. Archons are cunning and far-reaching . As with the rest of these articles, the idea is not to give an exhaus… Another time he allowed a Imperial Governor to surrender only to butcher him and his entire congregation when they mispronounced either his name or one of his titles (he has about 100 of each). Before long, Vect found his Kabal's fleet in the Desaderian Gulf dwarfed by the armada of the Archon Lord Xelian. The Hierarch's self-assured superiority soon evaporated when his challenger blurred into action. Now he only exists to revel in depravity. Two dozen Strike Cruisers, each appearing like a chunk of Gothic architecture reshaped for war, hammered though the wide-open portal into the shadowy skies of the Dark City. My translator has clearly fouled on your primitive tongue, as it incessantly repeats some nonsense phrase about a "fair fight", whatever that is intended to mean.". This survival in the face of incalculable odds explains his razor-sharp mind and infinite talent for intrigue. One of the reasons the Imperium is inefficient in their battles is the tendency to lie and understate their enemies, as the red margins from a battle experienced Guardsmen notes.