No issues finding the route up the peak, no snow patches to navigate through. There is a somewhat hidden turn off for a switchback (right hand) around the 1.5 mile mark that so keep vigilant. The trail past Rogers to Heart Lake was also quite variable with snowpack as well as transitions to exposed ground. Adventures With B: Hermit Meadows in Rogers Pass. ", "Went for an overnight trip from Saturday to Sunday. Continue on the Rogers Pass Trail or scale adjacent slopes for aerial views over the double lake basin and Heart Lake's eponymous shape. Over the past 20 years, I”ve often used the trail as a quick up-and-down to get the blood flowing while driving from Canmore to Squamish. Group size is limited to 12 people or people and. The trail is marked with large blue dots spray painted on trees (in response to the comments about the switch back just before the trail split at the beginning of the hike). Moderate Backpackers should get an early start during peak season to secure space and avoid crowds: Follow signs right (north) of Moffat Tunnel to the South Boulder Creek Trail. 130809 balu pass glacier national park canada. Use established sites whenever possible to minimize. Very muddy hike home on Tuesday, back to the East Portal Trailhead after getting 7 hours of rain Monday afternoon and hiking in rain the entire way down from Heart Lake. Trail Map Difficulty: Difficult The name “Illecillewaet” is an Okanagan First Nations word for “big water” and referred to the river before being applied to the glacier. The hiking wasn't bad but finding the trail without a GPS was tough. - by Mwakoja, © Wikiloc. They occupy adjacent terraces in a large alpine basin just below the Continental Divide. Did you have any route finding issues up to Heart Lake? Our descent just two days later did not require snowshoes at all, and the snow on trail will likely be fully melted in another week. Temps were amazing, but didn't have the footwear. Moderate The views from both the top of Rogers Pass and James Peak are fantastic, looking down the Continental Divide. Be mindful of changing weather and get below treeline before storms develop. ", "Trail clear all the way, with some muddy sections to navigate. Rogers Pass is a high mountain pass through the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, but the term also includes the approaches used by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and the Trans-Canada Highway.In the heart of Glacier National Park, this tourism destination since 1886 is a National Historic Site. - by JOhnOrr, 7.74 miles - Will not show on comments list. Heart Lake sites are more exposed. Follow this footpath on a steep descent along Heart Lake's outlet back through treeline (.6 miles : 10,950'). There are no designated campsites in this travel zone. I didn’t put on sunscreen, but I should’ve, and I left the bear spray in the car because of how crowded the area was. Contact the Boulder Ranger District (303.541.2500) in advance for the latest updates and conditions. - by josep.gps, 7.03 miles - Highly recommend! Dispersed camping only. Most of my gear relates to technical climbing. One heavier set gentleman asked through a big exhale, “How much farther to some water?”. It's a narrow trail with some vertical drop on the sides. After some in-your-face switchbacks, you get your first glimpse of Mount Tupper and Mount Macdonald and then of the Illecillewaet Glacier. ", "Wonderful hike. The trail was shaded and fairly muddy with some snow, but nothing you can't get through. Easy Comments. It’s rare that I head into the alpine without climbing gear and a bigger objective, but Hermit Meadows is such a stunning area that I can’t help but stop the car and romp up when motoring between ranges. In 1907, the Illecillewaet Glacier was known as the “most visited glacier in the Americas” but was called the Great Glacier. Moderate it was slushy this afternoon, so an overnight freeze will make it slick. - by AnaMonica, 4.28 miles - Phone photos from an iPhone 11. Luckily for him, he wasn’t that far from a cascade where he surely dipped his head. Distance: 3 km Boulder Ranger District 2140 Yarmouth Avenue Boulder, CO 80301 303.541.2500, Sulphur Ranger District 9 Ten Mile Drive P.O. A clear path emerges heading east and down valley from it. Lots of rain during mid July. Rollins Pass Road is located 4.9 miles south of Nederland, Colorado. These mountains are popular for ski mountaineering, camping, hiking and mountain climbing. going to be a little slick (early) after about a mile in. Sir Donald. - by aladino01, near Rogers Pass, British Columbia (Canada), 8.42 miles - Just need snowshoes to continue past there. If this hike is on your to-do list this season, I would wait a few more weeks. we went to Roger's pass and started towards the rolly section behind that nice knife-edge on your left, but it was 8 - 12" of snow. Four miles into the trail, you can see Roger’s Pass Lake. ", "went in from moffat tunnel. Trail Photos Once you get eyes on the alpine, the trail mellows out and you start following more rocky terrain next to a low ridge. I’m not a gear nut so often just bring what I have in the van. After driving over Rogers Pass more times than I can count, we finally made it a point to stop and check out the Continental Divide Trail No. A sign .2 miles from the lake marks an overlook of Rogers Peak Lake. A fair amount of Columbine already blooming though. The roots of Canadian mountaineering can be traced to this area and I recommend doing some research on the history. The Heart Lake basin is open and easy to explore. We use cookies to provide you a better online experience. It’s an easy trailhead to find as it’s well signed and located directly on the Trans Canada Highway 79 kilometres west of Golden. The extra effort to climb up Rogers Pass is well worth it. Add your email to the Canadian gripped newsletter mailing list: Get the digital edition of Gripped for your chosen platform: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You can contact ProTrails directly through our Facebook or Instagram accounts. The trail here can often be difficult to discern, even when looking for the blue dots. Others saw one later in the day (as we were coming back down) maybe 1 mi from Rogers Pass Lake. On August 24th 2002, the federal government signed legislation designating 14,000 acres west of Rollinsville the. The hiking wasn't bad but finding the trail without a GPS was tough. Rogers Pass between Golden and Revelstoke in B.C. - by carosauriol, 3.42 miles - ", "Shane: Did it look like you could do the hike from Heart Lake up to the pass? - by Gert Piqueur, 8.49 miles - It has 5 named summits – Rogers, Grant, Fleming, Swiss and Truda. I’ve been adventuring all around Canada for over 30 years. Spent the night at Heart Lake then summited James Peak the next day. I stayed on the SBCT both ways. The trail is wet and we ran into some snow patches but it was very doable and camping is in full swing. Ignore turnoffs that climb toward the pass. These are popular backcountry destinations with limited campsites at each lake. Cold air dropping from the glacier is a welcomed reprieve from the scorching mid-summer temps as you hike up the final few hundred metres onto the meadows proper. And like most Glacier National Park hikes, Hermit Meadows is steep, but follows a distinct and well-used trail. FlatLanderGoneHigh - Boulder, CO - Date Posted: July 22, 2013 "Wonderful hike. There is a Visitor Information Centre here, which has a good display of stuffed wildlife and information about the history of the Pass. ", "The hike to Heart Lake would normally be quite accessible though this time of year often has conditions that are quite variable. Find the best Hiking trails in Rogers Pass, British Columbia (Canada).